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    I was at the game, they were nowhere to be seen. They were replaced with banners of UConn's AAC and Hockey East opponents.
  2. The only problem with this is the proposed renovations on N*****au. Will the arena be usable during the renovation?
  3. tiscipa165

    Attendance 2012-2013

    I was one who felt a year or two with no hockey may do this market good. Turns out, thanks to WP Nation not going to games, we're getting that in an indirect way.
  4. Um, the Pack is Back alright... https://twitter.com/HindlePete/status/391339519704072192/photo/1
  5. tiscipa165

    Opening Night Attendance

    I thought Wolf Pack Nation was bringing back crowds of 13,000-plus and reliving the glory days of 2000 when their beloved development team won some sort of cup.
  6. If the Rangers really thought they were wanted here, along with their precious WolfPack brand, they would have had a big press conference for the announcement, along with a band and giveaways from the fans. But they know the deal, leading to the Pat Riley-leaving-the-Knicks-like press release. Pathetic.
  7. tiscipa165

    the new baby rangers website is up

    Yankees are selling $5 tix tonight for CC vs. Felix Hernandez. I know, different sport, but still...
  8. tiscipa165

    the new baby rangers website is up

    To be honest, I always felt the $7 Whale tix were overpriced. Personally, I value AHL games, at best, at $2.00-$3.00 per game. The product is just weak.
  9. Was disappointed to see the Rangers lost by only one yesterday. Hope**lly, they'll take a bigger beating at home in Game 3.
  10. tiscipa165

    It's all over.

    We have truly entered the dark ages of Hartford hockey. Being stuck with the AHL, the XL Center, the Rangers and the 27 members of Wolf Pack county, and being happy about it, shows what this state and city are all about.
  11. tiscipa165

    The Bully Board

    Just look at the amount of views per thread. I'm sure The Courant views this board as a success and it's not going anywhere. All about business.
  12. to no commericials, a weak social media presence and an organization on the ice that many despise (and I'm not talking the Flyers), over 6,000 (a legit number) showed up to the XL Center to watch minor league hockey in Hartford. Any smart businessman would realize the potential we have here to be a good hockey market if the proper work is down. I read a post the other day asking if a change back to the Wolf*Pack name with the Br***** Bonanza would be a good compromise. It nearly made me vomit. The only compromise, in my mind, is a new logo and new uniforms done by a professional sports graphic design firm (what up BJ). It's time to move forward, not back to 2009, where hockey game broke out before 2,000 fans and young kids acting as if they were at Chuck E Cheese.
  13. tiscipa165

    Decision Day is here

    The whiteout marketing push, in my mind, was a complete last-ditch effort to show they could put people in the seats.