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    Rock Cats deal in trouble?

    Whalerdude11086 wrote: >> Tigers held a Whalers night back in 2010 while the Rock Cats would never > think to have something like that. The Rock Cats had a Whalers night back in 2007. There was a pre-game ceremony recognizing the Whalers, and advertisements showing the mascot, Rocky, wearing a Whalers jersey.
  2. I just looked it up -- I guess it wasn't.
  3. Wasn't the old New Haven Arena an open-air rink? With chicken wire fence instead of gl*****? Oh, well, maybe that doesn't count as 'outdoors'.
  4. Mistake, typo, whatever. It definitely isn't anything that will "answers the haters!" or whatever you were trying to portray it as (although I realize that you were just being tongue-in-cheek). It's just some writer being sloppy. Like I said, this has happened a number of times before -- even with Carolina showing up in articles as "Hartford Whalers".
  5. So someone made a typo. It used to happen occasionally when the team was still the Wolf Pack, too.
  6. The one thing it did for the last lockout was it got MSG to show some Wolf Pack games on the big channel, since they didn't have Rangers games to air. Not sure if that would happen again this time, since the mgmt/marketing set up is different...
  7. Oh no, don't tell me -- "WhaleCowbell1222" = DrWolfPack1222, the "more cowbell" guy....
  8. Dunkin' Donuts should just give away their donuts for free. Don't they WANT people to come back? Not giving away their donuts is a really bad business decision. Screw Dunkin' Donuts and their 'rules', I say.
  9. Although.... (now that I read closer)... playing a neutral 'home' game in Bridgeport... that WOULD be new.
  10. This always happens, it's the circus. Every year. Nothing new.
  11. Brushback

    RUMOR from Bridgeport

    Okay, I google'd some Courant articles. It says that Baldwin begged his way in, making repeated calls to Glen Sather long before the final months-long negotiations happened. My guess is that Baldwin pursued this on his own, partly as a way to return to the scene of former glory, as it were-- and also as another business opportunity and a source of income, since he is an entrepreneur after all. I'm only guessing that Baldwin privately projected a revenue stream that was overly positive, and based on that he negotiated some kind of deal where he'd split some of the expenses in order to keep some of the profits. Then, when the attendance, season ticket, and advertising revenue that he'd counted on came up way short, he was left holding the bag on a bad business deal. I haven't found anything yet about 'the team was definitely leaving in 2010', or anything like that. I'm presuming what happens now is that Baldwin licks his wounds and heads off into the sunset within a year, and the Rangers continue to operate their farm team out of Hartford with someone other than Baldwin heading up the marketing. That's just my guess, though.
  12. Brushback

    RUMOR from Bridgeport

    Did the Rangers/MSG really beg Baldwin to come in and fix things? Or did Baldwin ask to come in, and the Rangers said "sure, why not, give it your best shot" Has any of that ever really been do*****ented how Baldwin took over the marketing, or are we all just guessing how it happened? I don't remember reading the specifics. I mean, there's still people who think that Baldwin actually owns the team now, so the story is a little hazy I guess.
  13. Mikekat wrote : > I'm hearing some pretty loud rumors that Howard is out after this season > and that MSG comes back in with the return of the Wolf Pack name. I'm > hoping it's wrong but apparently Howard is in real rough shape financially. > Worse than we think... I've been hearing this, too.
  14. Brushback

    Playoff ticket info...

    Somehow I get the sense that attendance would still be a popular topic around here if the numbers were a lot higher.
  15. Brushback

    Playoff ticket info...

    I got that part. What I'm wondering is, even if the tickets aren't claimed-- called ahead 48 hours by the season ticket holder-- if they'll show up in the box score as "attendance" anyway.