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  1. Now that I think about it, if you could only do 3000 for a season opener in the capital city when you are surrounded by major interstate highways, you probably will do about 1800 to 2000 for a season opener way out in the boons of Storrs, so I imagine that is how big the new UConn Hockey arena in Storrs needs to be for your high school/college level games. Also, it is after 5pm now and I am heading home and I won't be here this weekend, so I will see you back here on Monday morning Markie, where I get to once again correct your false information and pipe-dream rumors that never end up coming through. I want you to know that you're a good guy Markie, every time I have seen you at a game over the past 10-years, you were always well dressed (not dressed as well as Petey however), you are always clean cut looking, and it's great to see that Jeff Jacobs and you and myself are all on the same page requesting a renovated arena for our city's hockey team.
  2. After a home opener of 3,000, a small arena up in Storrs will be more than adequate for your high school/college level hockey. We'll keep the arena in Hartford for professional championship hockey, we've done 14,115 in attendance in our prime.
  3. MarkH2919 wrote: > to have 30 events a year in the building. As usual, I have to correct you MarkieBoy. The WolfPack have more events than that every year in Hartford. That arena is OURS, there is a reason why when we let you guys skate on our ice, you will notice a big WOLF painted at center ice, that is OUR arena. There is also a reason why you are most likely getting a new SMALLER arena up in CowTown, we no longer want to share our ice with you, that is our HOME ARENA, please try to keep up with the developments being reported by WFSB and The Hartford Courant.
  4. p4277 wrote: > By "non-existent dollars", I mean money we don't have. What part > of that don't you understand? The state has a $1.7 billion deficit and $8 > billion debt. Once again, if we don't "have" the money, then where did the $140 million for UConn Downtown come from, the $90 million for UConn Football stadium, the $20 million for the new UConn Waterbury building, the $325 million Uconn Health tower in Farmington, the $55 Million UConn Training facility in Storrs.... we're pumping in millions for new rail up to Springfield and now we're gonna add a lane on I-95, we are investing in Connecticut and you have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this p4277 and to support the WolfPack and our new upgraded arena, it's going to be the Crown Jewel of the AHL, new concourse, new premium boxes, new restrooms, new bay doors for equipment, new lighting, we have a new ice making system.... let's put it to you this way, when players get transferred "up" to Madison Square Gardens, it will actually be a downgrade for them as they will be going to an inferior arena.
  5. p4277 wrote: > Instead of spending a quarter of a billion non-existent dollars on a redundant facility, maybe > they should tear it down and put up low-income housing that you seem so fond of. I am not sure what you mean by "non-existent dollars", $250 million dollars is only about $12 million a year when spread over 20 years, or about the same salary as just one player on the Celtics team per year, it is a very small amount for a state to absorb. We will go ahead with the renovations, no matter what the negative nagging folks say, we have put 20 years of strong work on the ice and we have made a long-term commitment to that building, the least the State can do for us is provide us with upgrades. You don't need to worry about the money, we have spent $140 million alone on the new UConn campus downtown, now we are going to spend probably another $30 million on new stadiums in Storrs, we spent $90 Million on the football stadium in East Hartford, we have the money as evident by big projects we have taken on.
  6. MarkH2919 wrote: > > 4. I don't really give two craps what Chad's father says. Yes, because his father has real connections to real people in Hartford, his father is a businessman with real contacts..... while you have a Nacho Guy and a Pizza Guy and a track record of being wrong on everything for 5+ years. I will continue to rely on Chad for news and sources, if I need to hear about nacho sales at games - then I will ask for your input.
  7. MarkH2919 wrote: > > By the way, the UConn article mentions baseball, softball, and soccer. > Nothing about hockey. WRONG, as usual, MarkieBoy. The Hartford Courant mentioned UCONN HOCKEY numerous times in their article on Friday, February 10 (today). from Hartford Courant story, on February 10th: "The recent $120,000 feasibility study done by Populous, a global architectural firm, provides possible design details on the project, as well as making recommendations for a separate proposal to renovate the hockey rink for $25 to $35 million or replace it." "Benedict said it's unclear at this point which direction UConn might take on the hockey rink."
  8. MarkH2919 wrote: > the WolfPack are. Next year, at worst, is it. Deal with it. Oh yes, another "next year" prediction, this has been going on for over 5 years now. Sorry Markie, your Ottawa Senators are NOT coming here, even Jeff Jacobs doesn't believe your Islanders pipe-dream story, and we saw how Chad ripped through your "NHL Handpicked" bogus rumors a few days ago, you're definitely not having a good week - although it is humorous to watch.
  9. p4277 wrote: > And he basically said to ignore the possibility of the NHL returning. That is correct, p4277, and with Jeff saying to ignore the NHL, he is paving the way for us to be the sole occupant of the XL Center, especially with the Courant now reporting today (along with WFSB earlier in the week), that UConn Sports want to concentrate on putting more stadiums and arenas on campus up in Storrs, they want Storrs to be the focal point of their sports presence, leaving the XL Center to strictly cater to the needs of the WolfPack, we have committed 20 years already to Hartford and they know we are serious about staying here for a long time, and having Hartford as being in the top spot to supply the NY Rangers with well-trained talented young players.
  10. I just contacted Henri Martin, State Senator for my District 31, and informed him that we want the money appropriated for a renovated arena for our Calder Cup Champion WolfPack, and I also copied in the article this morning from Jeff Jacobs urging that money be spent on our arena. I will let you know if/when I get a response from the office.
  11. Good news from this morning's Hartford Courant, Jeff Jacobs is on board with the Hartford WolfPack getting a renovated arena, this is the biggest name yet in Connecticut sports to come out in favor of us getting a new arena, good things are happening in 2017.
  12. MarkH2919 wrote: > Joe Markley is a clown, Wolfie. If you're really going by everything he > says, you're dumber than I give you credit for. Oh yes, I forgot, NPR News is wrong, State Senator is wrong, Chad and his father are wrong.... everyone is wrong except for Markie and his Nacho Guy - who have combined for a 5-year prediction rate success of 0%. Markie, you are more delusional than ever. You had the Coyotes moving numerous times to different countries, you had Vegas not getting a team, you had the Wolf Pack moving to Glen Falls and Bridgeport, you had the WNBA Liberty moving to Long Island.... you are beyond bonkers, completely bonked out.
  13. WolfpackFan1998 wrote: > But Freimuth said the stadium is nowhere near NHL ready. > > Markley said there’s significant Republican opposition to the governor’s > proposal, which has to get legislative approval. Well folks, we now know for a fact that everything that Chad and his father have reported to us is FACT, the building isn't ready and there is significant opposition to the proposal, Chad is a young guy - he is only about 23 years old or so, but he is light years ahead some of the folks almost twice his age on the forum, **glances over at Markie**
  14. NPR News - February 8, 2017 - WNPR Governor Dannel Malloy has included $125 million in his capital budget as part of an effort to remake the XL Center in downtown Hartford. The state says this is half of what is needed to bring the stadium up to date, but the plan could face Republican opposition. Last week, Malloy made a splash when he wrote a letter to the NHL suggesting that the XL Center could be a home for the New York Islanders, who may be looking for a place to play. But Freimuth said the stadium is nowhere near NHL ready. “As the building sits and stands today, it will not meet the NHL standards," Freimuth said. "That is to say if the Islanders wanted to come up here, we’ve got some work to do.” But investment is exactly the problem for people like state Republican Sen. Joe Markley. "The state of Connecticut doesn’t have any money," Markley said. "That fact has to sink in with us. And we can’t afford to keep putting into projects like the XL Center." He also said it’s time for a reality check. "Cir*****stances have turned very much against that civic center," he said. "The Whalers are never coming back, and Elvis is never coming back." Markley said there’s significant Republican opposition to the governor’s proposal, which has to get legislative approval. -- end of article -- http://wnpr.org/post/gov-malloy-proposes-250-million-upgrade-xl-center
  15. WolfpackFan1998


    p4277 wrote: > We also get taxes from McDonald's in CT, but we don't pay them to be here. > Why should we pay a hockey team? And I'm willing to bet that more people > go to MickeyD's in CT each year than go to WolfPack games. There is a reason why the STATE also gives $1 Million to Coach Geno, it is because the State more than makes that money back. FACT: The Hartford WolfPack is a NET POSITIVE for the tax coffers of the State, the state comes out as the winner.