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  1. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Atlanta back in the mix?

    Hey Troll Cat: Only you could continually call out people for showing excessive "nationalism" when they rarely do on this board, while perpetually yapping about a country you're not even from. And though you never stop trolling, it's my guess that I've attended more hockey games in Montreal than you have.
  2. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Atlanta back in the mix?

    New year, same troll.
  3. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Courant needs broader NHL coverage

    top cat wrote:"Easy to con**se the members of your group of angry obsessed Hab haters. So please name one of your merry group who is the least bit knowledgeable and objective JUST ONE!" No, it's not easy. Because there is no such group, & there is no "merry" band. There are only your stupid insults, nonsensical rants & delusional name-calling. Not only do I not dislike the Habs, as I showed, I'm the one who posted the Jean Beliveau tribute thread. Maybe if you gather a random sample of your own posts & submit them to whatever college you attended, perhaps they'll re**nd your tuition out of embarr*****ment.
  4. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Courant needs broader NHL coverage

    Actually, I was the one who posted this thread on December 3rd to honor Beliveau: "Canadiens Superstar Jean Beliveau P*****es Away" "Post by Hartfordyouremyhome » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:48 am" So please keep your delusions & tiresome, idiotic, nonsensical rambling insults to yourself. Maybe even consider taking a couple of weeks to see if it's possible to compose even one intellectual post, or at least one of relevance. If only to show that you actually can.
  5. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Courant needs broader NHL coverage

    The thing is, this isn't an online newspaper sports page; it's a newspaper message board on which members post whatever hockey threads they want. There is no "coverage". People post about the teams & topics that are of interest or they think others might care about. For instance, a couple weeks back I didn't bother to post a thread about the lowly Sabres sweeping a home-home series against the Canadiens, because few care about either team. Though I noticed you didn't post about that series either. In summary, you can't tell others what hockey threads to post. And if they don't want to post about the "glorious" Montreal Canadiens, who haven't been glorious in nearly 22 years, they're not going to.
  6. Hartfordyouremyhome

    QU vs. Princeton on ESPNU

    Remaining UConn hockey home schedule per www.uconnhuskies.com: 01/06/15 vs. Colorado College, Bridgeport- Webster Bank Arena 7:35 p.m. 01/10/15 vs. UM*****-Lowell, Hartford- XL Center 7:05 p.m. 01/18/15 vs. Notre Dame Bridgeport- Webster Bank Arena 12:05 p.m. 01/27/15 vs. Merrimack, Hartford- XL Center 7:05 p.m. 02/01/15 vs. Maine, Hartford- XL Center 2:05 p.m. 02/04/15 vs. Providence, Hartford - XL Center 7:05 p.m. 02/14/15 vs. Northeastern, Hartford- XL Center 3:35 p.m. 02/27/15 vs. M*****achusetts, Hartford- XL Center 7:05 p.m.
  7. Hartfordyouremyhome

    QU vs. Princeton on ESPNU

    p4277 wrote:"Quinnipiac and Princeton will play the second half of a home-and home series today at Princeton. The game will be carried live on ESPNU at 4 pm." Excellent. In fact, maybe we should put a thread on this board that contains the remaining schedules of of Quinnipiac, Yale & UConn with locations for the easy reference of board members.
  8. Hartfordyouremyhome


    A very Merry Christmas to all.
  9. Hartfordyouremyhome

    From the Courant

    Yeah, because our state paying one of the richest teams in hockey $1.4M to play in front of fewer fans than might attend a backyard badminton game, when the market would rather have it pay that $ just to get them to leave, is a great business decision Just once, anywhere, it'd be nice to read something from an ultra-liberal who doesn't sound almost exactly the few on this board.
  10. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Could this work?

    Or, this market can continue to make it's voice heard loud & clear by ignoring the Wolf Pack in droves, as it has been. And also continuing to support the other hockey we finally have here while making it known we want the NHL back. Or at the very least that we deserve another AHL affiliate, & this one gone. It's nice to see this whole market come together as one to show the Rangers & their 3 person "Wolf Pack Nation" that the Wolf Pack is not wanted here & will not be supported. It sure seems as if the Pack are hosting a whole lot of 'Come Dressed As An Empty Seat' nights.
  11. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Pack go out punching in shutout loss to Crunch

    2,700 fans for a Friday night game with $1 hot dogs & $2 brews? I wonder if that's the lowest Friday showing yet this season. Maybe the Giants & Patriots had games tonight.
  12. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Edmonton Abruptly Ends AHL Affiliation With OKC

    top cat wrote:"Time for choir practice HYMH. I still believe that you are not from Hartford. Don't like the language? Then jump on everybody else who uses it. When everyone else uses polite pallor language so will I. I can *****imilate to my environment quit easily. 1) I don't give a flying **ton what you believe. 2) Those people you mentioned who use that language with you do so because you are constantly referencing them in posts that have nothing to do with them while using your vulgar language, & clearly they're tired of it. That is why they don't use it with other people. There's a difference between the words they use in responding to your hate, & the hate & ignorance you spew all the time for no reason. 3) You are not *****imilating to an environment of degradation, you are creating it. Everyone else here can agree or disagree without resorting to using the garbage you do. Explain what the point of the offensive, blatantly racist statement at the end of your first post was, & why you keep making similar statements.
  13. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Edmonton Abruptly Ends AHL Affiliation With OKC

    It's unfortunate that you don't know how to keep anything on topic. You have some inexplicable need to derail almost every thread with ignorance &/or hate. It's piti**l that you can't see it, & embarr*****ing for the rest of us who unfortunately see it all too clearly.
  14. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Edmonton Abruptly Ends AHL Affiliation With OKC

    top cat wrote:"Preach to willie cmbeers et all Don't just pick me out. Hypocrite . Don't like me, great me you either. Play fair." Wrong. Nobody else on this board posts the garbage you continually do. If anyone at the Courant is reading this, when is enough enough? No one on any board should be subjected to reading the constant stream of hate & ignorance posted by this person.
  15. Hartfordyouremyhome

    Edmonton Abruptly Ends AHL Affiliation With OKC

    Couldn't you have simply written your post without tacking on that vulgar, completely racist statement?