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  1. VA Beach or Hartford is not getting a team in the near **ture. VA Beach is between the Hurricanes and DC Markets and is not a hockey Market. The same issues obviously have faced Hartford given no new arena and being very close to Boston and New York. And to top all this off is the uneven conferences that make outside quebec a new team coming east via expansion or relocation slim to none.
  2. What a joke of an article. Again when an ownership group get a team back to hartford i will be one of the first to buy a ticket plan. But this is laughable. The Canes are valued at the number given but the asking price would be much more than that. Just a Councilman looking for headlines creating a story to create short term buzz. I am all for true upgrades and or rebuilding the XL at an affordable price which is happening. But as far as getting a team back an Owner or Ownership group needs to front the money. Because politicians can hardly balance our state and local budgets let alone buying a team and managing it correctly.
  3. Interesting to look at this years later. I used to think going to games would bring the whalers back years ago. Reality is: 1. Arena is progressing hope**lly it looks great after the extreme makeover 2. We need a savior the Jesus Christ or John the Revelator that has money to buy a team and move them to Hartford Still not good odds a NHL team comes back but the majority of the leg work is out of the fans hands. It is up to an owner and or the league to make things happen.
  4. If a casino does not have an attached arena like Mohegan and the Springfield one having access to the M***** Mutual Center it will fail and or be in last place to the competition. Old people get older and younger people are going to concerts they aren't pissing away money at a Casino at the same rate. That is why mohegans model is working the best of all the Casinos. They get both old and young non gamblers to shows. Why people cannot see that in Hartford Country is beyond me.
  5. will5059 wrote: > The ncaa tournament is not what it was years ago. College basketball is way > over saturated on television and combine that with a million conference > tournament games that are all televised and you now have a play-in, 1st and > 2nd round that gets little ratings. For Christ's sake Dayton, Ohio hosts > 1st and 2nd round games in a under 13,000 seat building. Greensboro NC lost > their games last year because they re**sed to let Bruce Jenner sit down to > pee in the ladies room. Hosting the Final Four is a big deal. Same goes for > elite eight and sweet sixteen games. 1st and 2nd round are on a different > planet. It is a positive development but it's not as big of a deal as you > guys are making it to be. Agreed it isn't the sweet 16 weekend (just was at the KC midwest regional last month). But i think the lack of enthusiasm for the opening rounds will benefit Hartford getting a chance to get first and 2nd rounds.
  6. Recorded a video earlier today reflecting on the 20 years since the last whalers game. Also elaborated on what it was like growing up as a kid right after the Whalers left and what the **ture may hold. Link is below if you wanna check it out.
  7. Where is the part in this video where $250 million magically shows up? That would really prove the doubters i mean fiscally sound people think.
  8. p4277 wrote: > Whalevolution wrote: > > Evo: true it cannot be denied even though I feel it would be a last ditch > option. > > It's ready to go just not lucrative or at least potentially insustainable > > Unfortunately, I think that Hartford is also a last ditch option along with Quebec. > If the NHL really wanted to be in either market, they would have arranged to move the > Coyotes years ago. As I have said in the past, Quebec and Hartford are lifeboats for > the NHL in case they get into another situation like Atlanta. And as bad as things > are in some cities now, none of them are as critical as Atlanta was. I agree with this statement. The NHL also values spacing out hockey markets for tv contracts instead of just packing the northeast with teams. That's why the Coyotes can have empty seats all day and stay in AZ without NHL intervention. They have the whole state or Arizona for reach. Same thing with the Hurricanes. Empty seats everywhere but they have the entire carolinas for market size. Adding a team to QC or hartford clouds those tv markets with yet another team. QC being close to Montreal and Hartford being within 3 hours or the Devils, Islanders, Bruins, and Rangers. Our state post rangers pads and has added to specifically the bruins and rangers.
  9. will5059 wrote: > Well the only rational solution for them is to move to the XL Center then agreed the flames will play day games like the cubs and then the Islanders will play in the XL at night all financed by the super covert secret investment group
  10. TeenWhalersFan wrote: > Monizzle145 wrote: > > Malloy is no different than trump. Alternative Facts and imaginary > > investment groups with no names or specific people at the forefront. > > > > During this Raiders situation to go to vegas actual banks revealed their > > names and big name investors were mentioned in person. Since things have > > gotten worse actual names and actual banks were named and backed out of it. > > > > > > During malloys tenure everything has been hearsay and rumors. > > Don't compare my President to that moron who is running Connecticut into the ground. > Malloy is a tax and spend liberal... And Trump is a liberal who became a conservative when it was cool to be one then decided to spend money on walls and healthcare. Trump is a spend and reduce tax moderate which is worse. True fiscal conservatives reject his healthcare bill as well as the numbers on the cost for the wall and infastructure improvements.
  11. haha i justed started checking out the empy seats twitter handle. unfortunately Hartford was in it all this past weekend with the AAC tournament.
  12. Malloy is no different than trump. Alternative Facts and imaginary investment groups with no names or specific people at the forefront. During this Raiders situation to go to vegas actual banks revealed their names and big name investors were mentioned in person. Since things have gotten worse actual names and actual banks were named and backed out of it. During malloys tenure everything has been hearsay and rumors.
  13. brettg1313 wrote: > Malloy needs to take advantage of this opportunity and really pitch Hartford as a > destination for them, and how the Islanders that they will have a whole market to > themselves!!!! > > > Whalevolution wrote: > > Just heard Islanders owners will be meeting with Malloy this week. > > > > I'm sure it's a weighing options moment for the Isles but they at least are > > taking Hartford seriously. The issue is If malloy doesn't have an extra 100 million minimum in his pocket as bribe money whatever he said will be ignored. The amount of money the Islanders could lose just by opting out of their MSG deal would be enough for them not to take it seriously.
  14. The issue that is unfortunate with the Islanders is the new coliseum was built too quick without expanding it to be a 21st century hockey venue with a suite level. If they could have somehow could have figured out a way to knock down the coliseum for that mall or knock it down for got and rebuild a new venue on long island it would have made things better for this situation. But due to them rushing the new coliseum to just hold concerts (which the area needed many artists are booking big shows (roger waters, j cole, billy joel) in this venue for this summer and fall to not have to worry about conflicts with msg. But the fact they want to still build another arena shows the power of the TV money making people keep the isles in nyc. If they built another venue in the nyc area the venue that would suffer the most is the Prudential Center in Newark. Despite all these new arenas the barclays still gets many concerts and the nets and MSG is MSG. Now the new coliseum is still getting big named acts who can't book MSG due to other shows or sporting events. Anything on the wrong side of the GW bridge (from an arena not a stadium perspective) is bound to fail. They will find events for anything in the actual city north of the bridge/long island.
  15. Robert Kraft was here too did the patriots come? Everything being done here is behind closed doors and or potential ownership groups that are rumored but no actual faces attached to it. Until there are actual pro Hartford statements from Bettman or an actual ownership group with faces and a good reputation everything is a pipedream.