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  1. So you are basing your information of family and friends when i am an actual 20 something that lives in this area and over half of my friends from high school and college don't live in the state when i met them in college in CT or grew up with them in CT. And how can you call anyone still living in this state anti hartford when they still live here? I support local teams here, pay taxes here, mentor kids from both the city and suburbs here and go to many concerts and festivals in Hartford. The reality is the best talent from out states great schools have no desire/can't afford to stay in Hartford or the state. That is why a **ture of having hockey here is in huge limbo. If i was 6 at the last whalers game and now at 26 half my friends (And many of their parents) are moving out of the state why would an investor consider moving a team here? The die hard fans that supported a losing team with p*****ion is getting older. Someone like me that only remembers games from the last year are almost 30 or a littler past 30. Many things have to change before our city is looked at positively and more appealing for someone to move a team here.
  2. Clearly you don't live in Connecticut anymore. DD Park is a small bright spot in a city and region that none of the 20 somethings want to live in. ESPN is having trouble having talent live and report to bristol. Aetna was told by bright young talent in the company that hartford was horrible to live in and they preferred NYC or boston. StubHub had a huge customer service headquarters that will be gone by early 2018 as they are breaking the lease for the East Granby. Hartford is still in an uphill battle and when young and hardworking talent doesn't want to stay in Hartford County you can't say "Hartford is fine".
  3. The Knights will never go to the east because 1. There are already too many eastern conference teams 2. Ticket sales in vegas will always be near sell out numbers because of the many business that could purchase tickets (even if they don't show up to the game) 3. We will never have an arena as nice as the T mobile Arena Tampa is fine in florida and the Thrashers went to the western conference. Getting Florida and or the Canes to move here would require an owner who wanted to bring an NHL team into a city where even insurance companies are moving out of.
  4. We shouldn't be making **n of New Jersey politics they actually have a new arena and new football stadium that was built.......meanwhile in hartford we have a football stadium half the size of metlife and still no new arena....
  5. Negotiations tend to be private but ownership groups are public. So are public politicans bills as well as committees that want to get a team back. The deals to get the Raiders to Vegas are case in point. Jerry Jones and other owners in private had to get the votes and changes done. But in public the city p*****ed hotel taxes and other legislation to get the money and location. Also with the vegas knights they had a new arena that actually was almost done and a group that put up the expansion fee. Hartford's alleged ownership group is in the dark. The money is slowly being approved but no short term changes are being started at the XL. Add to that companies are leaving this state as well as people who can't afford to live here. For a city at such a market and financial disadvantage in contrast to Vegas or LA with recent football moves we need more than rumors or Jersey saying " I know some things and i will leave it at that". Especially when this state is coveted both for rangers tv viewership in the south and bruins viewership in the north. Politically within the owners voting that is yet another hurdle.
  6. A Plan has organized phases and steps that are clearly defined. Along with that are key focal people consistently giving their objectives and strategies. Sure parts of plans are done behind closed doors and details are kept private to preserve negotiations. But when 99% of the actions are private it is not a plan it is a conpsiracy theory. Jersey you claim the new ice sheet is not for uconn of the wolfpack right. Well where is the proof and article? I agree that certain NHL officials may have visited the XL; where is the proof it was anywhere close to leading to something coming to Hartford? Sure wolfpackstan97 is trolling we get that. But as far as truehfdhockeyfan and I we are not trolling. We are pointing out how much of the information people cling too are either hearsay or rumors not actual confirmed facts. When defined phases for bringing the nhl back to Hartford come to light i will believe again. But for now it's all hearsay and rumors without solid facts.
  7. Agreed there is no bigger plan when 99% of the plan is based on rumors and the rumored owners are 100% not revealing anything about them. This is a much needed upgrade to an arena that has stone age infrastructure.
  8. The AHL doesn't have the same impact as it did in 97 because the new car feel wore off and more NHL talent is going straight to the NHL. Shoot watching the hockey east top tier games uconn plays you can see guys who while not as good as the wolfpack players just yet have the raw skills and excitement missing from most wolf pack games. As far as the yard goats i wish them nothing but success. However lets just chill on the popularity of the park given the first season is just about to end. Yankee Stadium and Citi Field were huge gate draws the first year because of the new luxuries and feel of the venues. Now both teams have cut prices since 09 and the demand has gone down. Time will tell how popular the yard goats will be but the stadium is a nice addition to Hartford.
  9. Yeah definitely an ironic situation since spectra came into the XL a few years ago. They have done a great job in South Philly between the day of game experience at the Wells Fargo to the recently built fan zone by the venue.
  10. May go to a wolf pack game to see the baby flyers. Tempted to go to a uconn away game either Um***** Amherst or Sacred Heart. Certainly will try to work a 5 pack of games for the XL home games as well.
  11. No maybe he is right. Me at age 26 seeing tons of childhood friends and their parents moving out of the state doesn't mean anything. Simply because i was too young to remember the whalers haha.
  12. Merchandise and fans that still live in the Hartford area are 2 different things. A large part of the merch are local people who wear the hats and shirts for style or to be hip. The logo is part of the culture of the city. And people who can't afford to live in CT can purchase the merch to rep hartford in the new state they live in with lower taxes lol. Yes the whalers sold out Dunkin Donuts park for a weekend with 10 to 15 dollar tickets and nostalgia. Yes during a holiday where green is the primary color many people rock whalers gear. But those logos that are part of our cities history don't tell the entire story about the **ture of hockey here and the amount of actual hockey fans still left in the state.
  13. Yeah back in the mid 2000s I played against both Newington and Manchester when they were stand alone teams. Manchester has had 2 different co-op forms and Newington had to combine in the current co-op due to decreasing numbers.
  14. The reason hockey is working in nashville is because a influx of young people (huge market to convert new hockey fans) and older northerners are moving to the Nashville area embracing a new sport. You can't grow the Hockey base in Connecticut if young people my age and younger are leaving the state after college. You can't grow the fanbase of hockey when older people can afford to stay here in retirement despite their love for the whalers and the sport of hockey. Don't tell me about youth hockey participation decline when i lived through the decline and you most likely didn't have kids or were playing in the last 10 years when the youth hockey numbers declined. The #1 reason of this decline is economics. That is the present issue. People can't afford to live in this expensive state and still let their kids play hockey. This is the same with taking them to live games. Peoples entertainment money for a **ture NHL team here is going to property taxes car taxes that continue to rise. Stop trying to marginalize me for not being old during the heyday of the Whalers because those days are long gone. Those days have nothing to do with the current reality of this market you childishly ignore and pretend doesn't exist.
  15. Also i was in Kansas City this year for the Sweet 16 on a business trip. The Sprint center is one of the nicest venues i have been to for a mid sized city like KC. I sat upper deck for one session and lower level for the elite 8 and both views were great. . While not a traditional hockey market the city has 10 times as many things for young people to do. They have sold out preseason games and i think for a western market it would fair better than Arizona if they needed to move and or a Florida Panthers needed to move. Talking to locals some have migrated to live in KC from the the hockey midwest states like Michigan and Minnesota and Michigan as they went to KU 40 minutes from the city and got jobs in Kansas City. The market loves the mls as well and hockey and soccer go hand in hand as far as young fans who grow to like both niche sports if it is in their city. There is no reason why a team in KC wouldn't be set up better (and have a cheaper cost of living) than Hartford.