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  1. Because seattle has movie producers behind it's machine and we have invisible made up investors. Quick side note tho. The Mariners are hustling seattle right now as they just asked for over $100 million in tax dollars to maintain an venue (safeco field) that nobody shows up to. They talked down the mariners a little after they tried to add in expensive furniture and microwaves into the initial asking price lol. I think they could have talked the mariners down even more tho.
  2. Monizzle145

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    After the last go around of expansion it was clear we just aren't on the short list. But honestly the MLS has a huge issue with overpriced venues, taxpayers footing the bill and the the fans not showing up due to outrageous prices. Just like the Yard Goats and Uconn hockey cheap prices and a smaller league soccer team with affordable prices may be the way to go.
  3. Uconn hockey and basketball need Hartford games period. 100% on campus won't draw as well. At the same time its amazing they can't make a multipurpose modern arena that can house both basketball/hockey. Many of the other hockey east schools have this abillity from BU/BC/UNH/UM*****. And for a state school like Um***** they aren't getting NCAA mens basketball or American football revenue but still have it. They really need a modern looking 12,000 seat on campus arena to house both hockey and basketball and then most of the schedule at the XLC for basketball and hockey.
  4. AHL BOG just approved these new conferences. Springfield, Hartford, and Bridgeport all still in the same division.
  5. Monizzle145

    Are you surprised by this?

    That is most likely from retired snowbirds and the growing southwestern bolts fanbase
  6. Monizzle145

    Are you surprised by this?

    Not with the amount of Bruins fans in Hartford in the 18 to 30 year old demographic. There are so many people that in the last 5 years in my late 20s that are going to bruins games than they did 10 years ago when we were seniors in high school. The bruins are the new red sox to kids in central and eastern Ct. kids care less about regular season baseball and hockey is all the rage for fair weather boston sports lovers. Also the young/middle age female market for actually watching and going to bruins games is up. Girls are more into hockey than i have seen in my 27 years of living especially being into the individual players.
  7. Still to early to determine if it will be a novelty or fad. However i think it's great the team is seeing higher ticket sales. For people like me that have lived in Northern Hartford county it's nice to have an option here downtown as getting to bristol for the rock cats was a pain during rush hour. Whereas even with backroads there are ways to get to to Hartford and leave Hartford much quicker than taking the **rther drive down to NB.
  8. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    They aren't seeling 4,000 tickets per game to non STH. Even with those tickets given away for free there are tons of games this year that were below 4,000 attendance wise.
  9. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Using your dropping attendance = lower profit margins argument the wolf back must be having an even harder time bringing in revenue when they have much steeper attendance drops than Uconn hockey and they have over 30 games a year which is more costly than the amount uconn hockey has at the XL.
  10. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Would have never said that 20 years but yeah. I used to go to 10 plus AHL games a year in the middle of a loaded youth hockey season back in the day. But as an adult i have 0 interest to go to AHL games unless i see the baby flyers from Leigh Valley. Despite being a critic of the level of play in college hockey during uconns first XL season i started going to more and more games and have a connection/rooting interest in a team everyone can root for (uconn men's hockey). I would rather have 17 or so hockey dates downtown and have the entire market rally around most of those games than 30 something AHL games and 17 or so uconn games. Across the board attendance is dropping for the pack and leveling off for Uconn hockey. That said the loudest and most crowd heavy games downtown nowadays are uconn hockey games. I know this won't happen anytime soon. And in some ways 36ish home ahl games helps parking lots and a select amount of business more than it hurts. But I am all about having Quality events that generate more profit at the XL. And Quantity of events which is why the venue is losing money.
  11. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    By taking on the entire wolf pack season the venue is already in the red. That means something is happening where those pack games are not profitable. Because the concerts are doing well and most of the kids shows get decent draws as well as the Wrestling. The pack are more of a liability to pay the bills for staff and facilities than they are an *****et. As far as uconn hockey unless i see money truly going toward the Ice Forumn i will see it to believe it. The home ice advantage is much greater downtown for big games than it would be on campus. The games downtown bring in the community in good numbers for the bigger scale opponents. And that is something Uconn could use to compete. BU (home game 2), UNH, and BC had large crowds and the team played better than most games with those big crowds. UNH was the most agressive/physical i had seen the team all year.
  12. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Where are these figures coming from regarding revenue for Wolf Pack Games? I could say the same concept concession wise with the pack if they are selling 2 dollar beers and 1 dollar hot dogs on friday's that revenue is going down. On top of all that the operational costs for games and practices for the wolf pack easily can outweigh the profit coming into the city. The hockey culture in hartford doesn't depend on AHL or NHL hockey being downtown. There are more hockey viewers i know now (that didn't grow up playing the sport) than there was 10 years ago when i was in high school. This is due to the success of both the Bruins and Rangers and kids that never saw one of my high school games 10 years ago (when we were #1 in the state for a month) but go to hockey games in Boston and New York often or watch on TV/NHL apps. And from an energy perspective the top uconn hockey games at the XL > the top wolf pack games The pack even on scout night or opening night aren't nearly as loud as the BC, BU, and UNH games. I would rather have the community rally around just Uconn hockey than a rangers affiliate.
  13. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Honestly if we just had uconn hockey downtown the market would be fine. There are less games putting emphasis on every home game. If they could fill up just Uconn hockey games and get higher concessions and ticket sales for less dates i think the balance sheet finance wise would be better. Now i think EVO has a point that overall losing the 38 dates may hurt local parking and wages for workers at the XL. But clearly given the low turnout for the pack the cost to play those games only going up and the ticket and concession revenue going down it is a big factor for profitability for the venue.
  14. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    In 2018 the Rangers benefit much more from this deal than Hartford and the XLC. In the first 5 years of the pack the venue was filled up and it drove much more people downtown. For youth hockey players like me it was a pipeline to see players who were going to the NHL very soon and were going to be 2nd or 3rd line pieces toward playoff runs after development. Now the crowds are very thin, more prospects are starting in the NHL from day 1, and even with cheap beer and hot dogs they don't draw well. If they cut the entire wolf pack season and the XL could host 8 to 10 more concerts/comedians/kid shows instead of nearly 40 pack games the city and XL would be better off. Concerts were getting 3 to 4 times as many people down to Hartford than a wolf pack game. And opening up all those dates for concerts would be better. Bands most likely go to Mohegan over Hartford just because of the wolf pack games getting in the way.
  15. Monizzle145

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    I wonder what the terms are to the agreement. Especially the part on if the Rangers are actually paying the Spectra/XL or not.