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  1. Did he cite his references? I know in QC the people who actually built a new arena (not just an ice sheet) had real people in the light of day that got that built. In vegas i think the guy who paid the expansion fee wasn't hiding in the Govenors office hiding his name too.
  2. Very solid sources here. Random twitter post and a shot in the dark conjecture that something is happening in the dark. Game set match.
  3. Yet again this is where non make believe up front investment/ownership groups would actually help the city and the state. While nothing has p*****ed yet if a ownership group would actually put up money to help **nd the XL upgrades it could encourage the state to actually invest a little (rather than nothing) into saving the XL.
  4. I would kill to have a pro team back in Connecticut and like i have always said i would sign up day 1 for a season ticket plan. But the reality is this state is a pit stop for most people and as quickly as people come they tend to leave. Again i am in my late 20's and am seeing the next generation of adults mostly leave the state. From my church and hometown and current town I have seen many new families and single adults move into the state for grad school or for a nice paying job. Many within a few years take experience from ESPN or Aetna or Pratt and Whitney and move to a different state. The for sale signs right now across the state are crazy. And when it comes to true movements with sports shifting ownership groups pre move/expansion are active putting money up and taking in public to politicians. That is not happening in Hartford. It needs to and i would love to have a Q&A and or public forum to talk to these make believe rich guys to tell them how they can help change the tide. Vegas got a new arena that was hockey friendly (unlike MGM) and someone put up the expansion fee. Seattle while not success**l had a public ownership group that was exploring hockey and basketball coming back. Quebec city built a new arena even though there was no promise of a pro team. All we have right now is broken budgets and Malloy (on his way out) and Bronin (mayor of a city near bankrupcy).
  5. The Mayor and Governor are both in situations where city and state budgets are in peril and cannot **nd a new arena **lly at the moment. Those "reported" rich guys have not spoke up or put any money up period. Who is paying the expansion fee? Who is buying the team. who is going to **nd an arena restoration project to get an arena looking like the toyota center or better. The amount of hockey fans in this market is not growing. Youth hockey numbers are down. The younger demographic of 20 somethings and 30 somethings are declining in the state. Towns that use to be **ll of hockey fans are now combining with other towns to field a high school team. An above all these factors there are more Eastern Conference teams than they are western conference teams.Tell one of these rich guys with money to show their face and put capitol up now in 2017 to help the cause in Hartford. The NHL most likely wont go to Houston but at least someone with money spoke in public and expressed interest.
  6. Please tell me the names and or public comments of these rumored investors in Hartford. I would love to tell them to put their money where their invisible mouths are to save the XL and or help a new arena be built. Also the toyota center has had hockey games and looks 10 times nicer than the XL. Can you imagine that a city invested in building a new arena before it was too late! Not to mention Hartford is losing hockey fans every month who are selling their CT property and Houston actually has an influx of Northerners. I know a few people that have moved down there in recent years.
  7. They have a new arena and an owner who publicly discussed an interest in the NHL. Much more than any invisible Hartford ownership group. Maybe it is just talk to talk but still much more than anything we have here lol.
  8. If hockey can work in Dallas and Nashville it can work in Houston. As a matter of fact Hockey in Houston would fair better than Arizona. I was in Houston last year and the city limits contains one of the most diverse populations of any city i have been to. In the actual City limits some people don't even have southern accents. The city is also **ll of colleges that offer the young target market of millenials (something Hartford doesn't have). The **nny thing is here is a rich power**l owner who actually wants a team in Houston but no rich power**l owner has talked about Hartford in real life. Now a team would have to be halfway decent to draw well. But when southern hockey teams do well fans support them see Dallas and Nashville. Not to mention Houston is just a bigger Dallas 3 hours south. At least Houston has a state of the art arena and Texas has a budget.
  9. The invisible ownership group can actually make themselves public I can go and support local events in Hartford as a do a few times a month giving the venues and businesses revenue to stay afloat We can support hockey in this market which again i do I can be realistic about the actual problems in the state so that hope**lly they can be addressed with honesty not a bunch of "game set match" posts on a message board I can stay in this state pay taxes in this state to help the local economy and raise my **ture family here (which i plan to do)
  10. So someone like me that supports the city of hartford with my business, goes to uconn hockey games, and will easily sign up for any season ticket deposit (if a team comes) is why we won't get the NHL? Stop it if conditions out of my control change so will my mind. I am merely being realistic and honest about what needs to be changed. Actually the only reason we might not ever get the NHL is due to the financial peril of our state (not my fault), ownership groups that won't show their faces (not my fault), and people of all ages leaving the state (i still live here). I love Connecticut and in my late 20s still believe in Hartford county. I go to various events in the City of Hartford because i want the businesses and entertainment venues to succeed.
  11. Millenials are the biggest growing demographic for new hockey fans. And if Millenials are leaving the state and their parents are leaving the state who demographic is actually moving to the city/going to be increasing the hockey base here? The city is broken, the budget is in limbo and all age groups are leaving Connecticut. On top of all that the alleged ownership group hides in the dark.
  12. I would love the NHL to come. However millenials are already exiting the state and in many ways it is too late unless these invisible ownership groups actually do work in the light. ESPN can't get millenials to work in Bristol. Other insurance companies are hearing from twenty and 30 somethings in their company that they want to work out of new york or boston instead of hartford. The NHL has to be seeing this current situation and the exodus of 20 somethings from CT and frown upon this market for any hockey consideration. Mind you the 20 the 30 year old demo is the fastest growing base of new hockey fans.
  13. It's an opinion piece but it has actual facts. The fact is millenials are leaving this state and being one who is here and wants hockey back i see this daily. Their parents are also selling their houses. These aren't opinions but actual realities. They did a study sure but since that study the **nding for the XL has now been put in limbo. Since that study as someone who actually lives in CT i am seeing more and more people leave the state. Before the study people were already leaving the state.
  14. I have been trying to say this on this board for the last 2 years. Millennials are leaving the state and their parents are selling their houses. Growing up playing hockey i am seeing this with many hockey parents and their kids i played with between 1998-2008. Some of these families were whalers season ticket holders as well. When kids move out and their parents move out it hurts the hockey community in this state.,amp.html "Connecticut is exporting some of its best young minds and innovators. They're not planning on coming back. According to a 2016 study from The Connecticut Mirror, the Hartford area retains the fewest four-year graduates of any metro region in the country. Among recent departing graduates, 60 percent cited jobs as the reason. And it's not just millennials, their parents are jumping ship too. Just last week on Facebook, I saw another friend wave goodbye to his childhood home. Numerous headlines and studies over the past few years have highlighted the exodus of baby boomers and their *****ets from the state."
  15. Lol stop this foolishness. Seattle has a much better chance to get a team than Hartford at this point. Both cities still a longshot however. 1. Seattle and the northwest in general has a growing young population that love niche sports like soccer and hockey 2. The city of seattle and the state of washington is in a much better financial state than hartford. 3. There are more teams in the East than the west. The coyotes or canes or panthers would fair much better in Seattle than the sad state Hartford is in. We still don't have the XL center money lol. 4. The group that wanted a team in Seattle actually was real and not in the dark.