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  1. I already knew about those jobs coming to new haven. But did Hartford make the finalist list for the HQ2? Cause that would be part of the great plan for the whalers to return in the **ture Amazon Arena in Hartford!
  2. Any update on Amazon recently? Asking for a friend.
  3. Sounds good just let me know.
  4. Just left a comment on the youtube vid. If you are looking for people to interview in the **ture I'd love to share my story of the whalers and post whalers hockey (had previously made a video on it a little on my page too)
  5. Give malloy 3 months he will find a way to force Atena to move their HQ
  6. The optics of a **ller house in uniondale would be a better pr look for the NHL. Now i get the biggest hurdles are the facilities under the stands for players and club options for popular owners. But you could easily flex in islander games on the NBC sunday games post football and it would be a great product until belmont opens. I also hope and pray that the islanders do have fair season ticket pricing at belmont otherwise it will be Little Caesars arena 2.0 as we have seen in Detroit. They can raise the prices for suites and gl***** seats. But those uppers and lower level seats need to be priced fairly for the hard working fans.
  7. The attendance was 5,000 for the entire game. Even during the game the upper ends behind the basket were empty. The team has not been good for years. However the students were still walking a quarter mile from dorms to fill up gampel at higher rates than this past year. While the XL has fairly empty upper decks the scrub games are still getting larger crowds in Hartford than the XL. I saw the men play stony brook this year which was worse than UCF and it was midweek like the UCF game. But more people were at that game than this in conference UCF game.
  8. So tonight the Uconn Men's Basketball team only got 5,000 people to show up on the on campus arena. Those numbers are pathetic to be a game played on campus. A few photos also were on the emptyseats twitter page showing practically nbody being there. Imagine if uconn hockey went back to storrs and this would be the same fate. The same game tonight being moved to hartford easily have gotten 5,000 people and maybe a 2 to 3K more just because of the families that have easier access to get downtown versus having to drive all the way out to Storrs. Sure it's UCF and wouldn't be a sellout but more people would have showed up. It appears the fair weather college campus fans are a much more inconsistent base than the fair weather adult/family base that would travel to xl games downtown. This is why uconn needs to investing in improving the XL center and not consider building a new on campus arena.
  9. That's why i never bought the idea that the NHL and the islanders would consider the XL over N*****au. Both the coliseum and XL have their flaws. But the Coliseum got a better makeover than the XL and is still at the heart of the fanbase. Also another thing nobody is talking about is the fact the XL Broadcast Camera setup is stuck in the 1980s where the bench side of the rink is on the bottom instead of the top.
  10. So the whalers had about 1,000 more people when the Islanders were self destructing their entire team in the 90s and had no success (just like the whalers). The Long Island Market is much bigger than the greater Hartford market hands down. Add to the fact that the Islanders have a small slip of fans in southern CT and points east of long island that also like the mets. Also the tv revenue from the islanders was much bigger than what the whalers ever could get from a CT deal. One of the reasons the islanders will never leave the nyc market and while the whalers are gone.
  11. Been to over 80 hockey games at the XL (and played a **ll youth hockey game twice there). I have also been to about 10 NHL games on long island. For hockey/concerts Na ss au has much better views and much better parking. Matter of fact going to flyers/isles games from 2011 to 2015 parking was usually around $7 to 10 as well. The upper bowl at the Coliseum has much better views than the XL's upper bowl. And any seat in the lower and mid tiers at the Coliseum have better sight lines than the narrow angled lower bowl XLC seats that have a weird angle. Last year i went to a concert at the coliseum and their bathrooms are better set up than the XL and maybe they have 1 or 2 less bathrooms but it's the same. There is less traffic at the XL because people are leaving the state and most events are getting a few thousand people. N*****au has more traffic because they have more people and a larger fanbase in a bigger TV Market. Also the Coliseum has a better traffic flow and more people out there than any XLC event. And the gates at the XL are more crowded than N*****au.
  12. Just got back from the Uconn game which was a tough loss but great game. But during the 1st intermission go over to the new Chick Fill A stand and they only have wraps and sandwiches! No fries or nuggets (which are the best things to order). I go back to read the facebook announcement and realized i totally didn't read it right last week and they said it was wraps and sandwiches only. Oh well. They need to knock down one of those unused concessions and make a chick fill a express like the Dunkin Stand.
  13. I am still looking for this new resturant hahaha. What is the name of it again and how many square feet is it? If the answer is 2 square feet and chick fill a express stand that doesn't count.
  14. Right i respect the fact that they are being true to their beliefs and sacrificing millions of dollars of revenue a year to practice what they literally preach on the religious front. And the one time they have served on a Sunday was a few weeks ago when Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport lost power and they gave out free food to those stranded p*****engers.
  15. No even at the Falcons new Venue (Mercedes Benz Stadium) they are closed for sundays). They are sticking to their principles of being closed even in arena locations.
  16. There isn't much difference between hockey east and non hockey east teams. QU is out of conference and will draw better than the majority of HE games. Vermont and Merrimack and Um***** are bottom feeder opponents and they got the same ballpark as BU for the first home game. And you could still schedule a few HE teams if you left the conference.
  17. Right the concessions may be out of date to allow for chain restaurants to have the ability to serve. To me i think the #1 thing is profitability. Venues Mercedes-Benz Stadium has year round mega concerts, mls soccer, college football bowls/neutral site games which is why chick fill a is there. Those events bring in more fans. And same with the nearby NHL venues like TD Garden that has chains within the concessions. They have 82 Bruins/Celtics games then concerts and various events. The biggest thing hurting the growth of the XL is the teams playing **ll seasons there are bringing crowds mostly under 10K minus a few college b ball games. That's why if a new owner or SPECTRA can continue to get a few more concerts per year at the XL that would spur upgrades and development.
  18. In that case Uconn would be better testing what Hockey East enforces because Uconn hockey is a great thing to have downtown than on campus. The XL is much easier for a 20 something like me to get to than driving out to Storrs which is **rther and i would be late to leaving from work. Hockey isn't a big on campus sport for most colleges which is why these venues are built so small and most time the tickets are free for students. Hockey East has limited TV coverage in a niche college sport. If they want to cut Uconn due to the venue by all means they can lol. I will still go to games.
  19. The whole playing downtown thing is a joke of an argument. Many college football and basketball teams play off campus due to land issues.
  20. Uconn is connecticut's college hockey team. That's why they can play home games in Hartford and Bridgeport and get crowds. Hockey fans of QU and Yale are alumni or people that have family ties to those schools. Someone like me who grew up in Hartford county went to college at ECSU and love hockey tie to Uconn hockey because they are the flagship public university people cheer for. Uconn may pull as many fans from Fairfield and New Haven counties for hockey. But the majority of people around CT identify with uconn athletics (including hockey) over any other school.
  21. Right a "brand new resturant" as he said haha. I be the NHL is sending people to check out this new "resturant" and the wraps this weekend too. It's happening!
  22. Right i don't think the volume of the average XL center event is worth it for them to have a **ll time space. Even at the 2 packed concerts (Roger Waters and Dead and Co) people would eat whatever they put out so there is no incentive to set up and work out a deal for chick fill a when they can just outsource the generic foot and order for 2 to 8K crowds (for uconn BB, uconn hockey, wolf pack).
  23. So what did people jump to gate just to see a wolfpack game. It's laughable that for uconn games you think the numbers are cooked like accounting books at Enron. But then with the wolf pack magically it seem like there were more people.
  24. Right. Can you guys all let this go? The whale are no more and the entire time it was a rangers minor league team and still is. Baldwin is gone every investor to bring an NHL team is as real as Santa until proven otherwise. We have 2 options for hockey Uconn and Wolfpack and that is at the end of the day all that matters. Support the team or teams you want and keep it moving. No back in the whale day stores and no "omg look at the failing uconn hockey attendance" bs.