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  1. Really all Whaler fans pulled their pants up and signed on the dotted line. Now lets all all work together to get this damn team back. I hope when all us Whaler Plate holders p***** each other on the road we can wave and beep out some BB. Im getting two for sure as well
  2. https://www.sportsblog.com/greaterhartfordhockey/the-true-story-of-how-the-hartford-whaler-license-plate-bill-became-a-reality/
  3. Money in the bank I bank. It's usually one jealous minor league lover who can't stand that the Whalers are Connecticuts most popular team.
  4. No if their such big boys it's easy to register. Besides maybe its was just just you all along?
  5. Some Wolf Pack fans still can't handle the fact that the Ct Whale brand brought Hockey back to life in Hartford. It's been five seasons and the "moribund brand" (Jeff Jacobs words not mine)still hasn't sniffed the numbers CT Whale drew. I can see by your posts the bitterness, it's eating your minor league ***** alive. Acceptance would be so much easier for you. But continue to struggle with it if you must. How those Wolf Pack plates coming? 🤡
  6. Name one thing me or Jerry have gotten wrong? I realize that I will have to wait centuries for you to even make something up. Guess the news? You LOSE! 😂
  7. Jealous Jack enjoy those sour grapes
  8. Thats a little aggressive. Quebec is totally ready except for two big things that Hartford actually has. 1. No lucrative TV market in Quebec Hartford is 30th largest in US. 2. No one anywhere is going to put in a dollar and get back 75 cents and be happy. If the dollar bounces back the NHL should take a shot it's a heck of a better market than Glendale or Raleigh.
  9. Ok so what's your guess? How many plates get sold?
  10. That was some **nny stuff.
  11. These photos will be released at the CRDA meeting this Thursday. Ys Whaler fans got an early sneak peek. It's good that the State wants plenty of attention on the XL even now. It means were not dead in terms of the NHL
  12. An XL Center ice sheet that kicks the pants off the one at the Barclays. Actually this ice sheet is good enough for any hockey team.
  13. There really out of options and the public doesn't want to finance a new arena ASU kicked them to curb on new arena suns said emphatically, no thanks to a new arena in Phoenix. Where they gonna play? Sadona? FlagStaff? Those markets are too small. What options do they have left? Can't be much