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  1. This wasn't an issue with authentic Red Sox plates or authentic Penn State Alumni plates. Or a problem with any of the 50 plus plates. As Yoda said; "Always with you what cannot be done."
  2. No info is slow and very i detailed. But well keep keep trying to find out
  3. True, they'd have to do something like what would have to happen here and play in a building while it's being renovated. It's still a mess either way
  4. I would say yes. Seattle Key arena improvements jumped into high gear within the last year. They have a good shot if that arena can get reasonably renovated. A team would suffer through that arena restoration though before it would be profitiable
  5. 38% now that ain't so bad. No one can put a real number on it. ill let ya know if we can track purchases come Jan. I'll have two
  6. Oh and I might as well tell you guys this all these "guests" with **nny names and anonymous accounts it happens to be the same guy. You all know who it is. Ill delete any crap like that, Courant juiced me up due to that Pucky post. Thanks shaky leaf 👏 I've been dying to delete some of your cl*****less posts. All that time to make that stuff and poof gone, every time from now on too. Make a point and stick to it I won't touch your posts.
  7. Yes I Know if you refer to my earlier post I said 1/3 is fantastic. That's a big niche everyone else was complaining that it wasn't a 3/3 so I agree with your point totally but Not for I.
  8. This is honestly the most used and poorly thought out response to the Plates. They don't cost the state anything, no one worked harder to get it done than us Whaler fans to get it done, if you don't want one fine. We have a gd penn State plate were ya complaining then? But I bet ya are now. Makes Sense 🙄
  9. 1/3 is fantastic statewide that would be quite a boost for the CCMC. It takes quite a black tortured soul to root against charity for sick kids but hey we know who they are.
  10. As you may have heard theWhaler Guys will be on FTS on Sunday at 11am. A good shout out for all us Whaler Fans also there has been a poll released.
  11. Money in the bank I bank. It's usually one jealous minor league lover who can't stand that the Whalers are Connecticuts most popular team.
  12. No if their such big boys it's easy to register. Besides maybe its was just just you all along?
  13. Some Wolf Pack fans still can't handle the fact that the Ct Whale brand brought Hockey back to life in Hartford. It's been five seasons and the "moribund brand" (Jeff Jacobs words not mine)still hasn't sniffed the numbers CT Whale drew. I can see by your posts the bitterness, it's eating your minor league ***** alive. Acceptance would be so much easier for you. But continue to struggle with it if you must. How those Wolf Pack plates coming? 🤡
  14. Name one thing me or Jerry have gotten wrong? I realize that I will have to wait centuries for you to even make something up. Guess the news? You LOSE! 😂
  15. Ok so what's your guess? How many plates get sold?