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  1. Most of the names I heard were 90's Whalers, but I'm sure they have some from 70s 80s players. Add in the bobble head and you have a recipe for the largest attended game of the season. As we've always said the Pack draw well when they use the Whale
  2. Yea it's been a choppy start for sure First I heard delayed tying up lose ends with NHL Now I think they may need 400 pre orders to begin production I'll know something at the PC tuesday
  3. NHL isn't considering it. They just registered domains. Anyone can register anything at any time with any name In 2013 Bridgeport registered the Bridgeport Rangers, we all were sure it meant the Pack was leaving but it didn't happen
  4. Same for all this whole board is just opinions lol Yea it was a different draft for LV but I'm still surprised
  5. You guys remember what you thought when he said this in 93? I was like yuck If they were here today I'd be like yuck Not that I wouldn't take it, I'd take any name.
  6. Yea Logo must be prominent and same size on the ice as other logos .now knowing this THHF maybe right they may get kicked out before they play NH. Gasp!!! 😲
  7. You can hold an adult conversation about Hockey, so I never thought you were a dual THHF or Greg account. I'm always conflicted about Gordon he made the worst trades in sports and picked the worst partner but considering what a disaster PK is Gordon at least had some care for Hartford.
  8. I wonder if you even realoze that HC does play some games at the DCU center which by the way is not on their campus, but its ok for them because they arent UConn who you hate. All in all Still irrelevant but thanks for putting something hockey in this ridiculous thread Holy Cross isn't joining HE because they'd get their doors blown off every night. But you can't say that so you say stuff like. "Look how strict these rules are!!!" Meanwhile more than half of the teams don't follow all "rules" including UConn So Commissioner THHF please tell us with your infinite wisdom when will UConn be kicked out of HE, do tell oh great one Get yer popcorn ready, lol
  9. Nothing to do with Hockey at all Maybe you guys should look for an Amazon fan board 😆
  10. I just heard that Amazon is buying the Pack and then shooting them into space. Just as likely
  11. Who the Dirty H? Pretty sure it's not Greg but if you mean THHF well maybe. It's true that no one hates Hartford and is more combative or rude on this board right now than TFFH. He definitely fits the Greg Troll mode. Not to mention he was the only person crazy enough to defend Greg's behavior
  12. Talk about threads that need to die. Amazon was never coming here
  13. True and **rther realized when Baldwin used Connecticut Whale. Hartford Whale gave the NHL the heepie jeepies so they sold it as a more inclusive brand regionally. Connecticut Whalers wouldn't have sold one extra seat in my opinion though