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  1. All aHL numbers are pretty much BS. Saimlarly true in the NHL but if you went to those games there was always more people and much more enthusiasm. You can take the Whalers out of Hartford but you can’t take Whaler fans out of the market. Business wise if you want their dollar you have to cater to them rather than repeated attempts to force feed them. youll understand this February for sure.
  2. That is true during the summer befoee the 2010-2011 season the AHL offices contacted WSE and asked them how they were garnering so many new season ticket holders and the answer was because the branding finally fit the market. True story! But limiting losses became more important than trying to build the market and therefore back to the Moribund brand we went and we’ve have been stagnate since.
  3. They’d love it as an expansion spot but I guarantee they won’t block Houston owner if he bid on Hurricanes that would be stupid if they did.
  4. NHL probably will do whatever Houston wants to do. At #4 market in the country it’s got to be at top of NHLs wish list they have: #1 NY, #2 LA, #3 Chicago Seattle is #10, Atlanta is #9 Hartford is #30
  5. Hey this is the place for conspiracy theories so put on your tin hat for this one. recently Bport reps sunk the budget due to money towards XL. Now Malloy has bought them by giving them a look into casinos. To bring back the NHL baby Rangers have to go somewhere, and they have always wanted to leave Hartford for Bport. Side note BlueFish bail, and now suddenly Bport is fighting with Sound a tigers over using the field for concerts. Islanders and Bport break lease this summer over concerns, Rangers move in and use MSG to power HYA and Blue fish Stadium for events. Then Hartford can concentrate on UConn and NHL renovations without having to spend money on Rangers. **nny how there still is no deal for Rangers and once 2018 is here both can pursue other options. Crazier things have happened
  6. Ok there’s no excuse 🙄 Do you have an excuse for the lower than average Pack numbers? 6k for an opener is not a good number at all comparitively with the past. Its not that I don’t like that you are pro-Ranger and kinda anti Hartford in my opinion, it’s that your posts are kind of phony. You pretend to be a Hartford Hockey fan but all in all you really on care about the Rangers. Thats fine with me but you can totally drop the charade of caring about Hartford, the Whale or UConn. It’s just evident you don’t. The most frustrating thing is the Wolf Pack we’re drawing terribly no one mentioned it here even though it’s been warranted for 6 seasons now and even maybe 5 seasons pre-CtWhale although it’s still happening. Then UConn gets 3674, which is only unusual for a HE matchup but not an unusual number for a UConn opener in Oct. You said zero about the horrendous Pack numbers but jump on UConns attendance for one game? Com’on Dude, this is exactly why everyone calls you Biggie, the disingenuous posts are just brutal. I’d have so much more appreciation if you just shoot straight with everyone here. Im always thank**l that the Rangers gave in for once because nothing was better than AHL hockey with the Ct Whale, remember their opener? 13k
  7. This Rangers are drooling for over ten years to move to HYA They must be watching this closely to see if a vacancy develops. Especially since they have no contract with Hartford for next season.
  8. It was Home Coming weekend, The Rent had a game, at Storrs UConn played UCF. over 3K is remarkable for attd when the fan base is split three ways. It was Much higher than the under 3K the Pack had on Friday against Toronto. I wonder why Pack attendance continues to drop? They still should go back to the Whale when they had a 36% increase. Now I saw a ton of Whaler gear what I never ever see is any Pack gear. I never understand why wolf Pack fans only care about NYR and that’s it?
  9. They’re not going to publicize it. In fact the first Plan didn’t have any money to XL then there was an appropriation made for 115m over 2 years and that’s when Bport flipped. The Republican Plan failed because it had no money to the XL. I’ll put it this way if there is no money for XL you can kiss the Pack and anything else you see at XL a sweet goodbye. And that is not my opinion, the building would be closed and then anyone who didn’t want money going to XL will become a pariah.
  10. Sure would love to hear his thoughts, but my speciality is not politics it’s the market and the XL.
  11. You mean the Texas baseball owner guy? I thought that was all kicking tires?
  12. Yup! It’s called life. We have people who do not have children pay taxes for people who have children? I appreciate your tax contribution to our collective ice cream stand. I just finished buying your kid a new gym. 😂🤣😂🤣
  13. I’m an independent sad that I have to clarify that to make this point. I was stunned at how dumb the Repub budget was. If you own an an ice cream stand and you are broke the way to change your luck isn’t destroying the ice cream stand. Not sure how much more simplistic that can be.