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  1. #UConn still a top dog draw in #HockeyEast matchups over their first three seasons. #XLCenter youtu.be/JVN8duawWQ0
  2. You might when your next potential employer runs an internet search and sees your....ah....mental stability
  3. Nailed It!!! LoL "Hendrickson is Bettman " "Bettman is Hendrickson "
  4. It's because when Mark went to smooth things over with Greg, like 3 years ago. He still doesn't understand it was to talk to him to say we are all Hockey fans so no beef but unfortunately At that moment Greg didn't expect it and his first reaction was fear. Obviously never had someone confront him on his muscly keyboard posts. He decided to start hating Whaler fans and he changed affiliation fandom again. I hope he returned all of Joannes clothes he was borrowing when they were two peas in a pod.
  5. Huge concrete pour tomorrow for the XL ice sheet. Miles and miles of piping has been put in and set up. Now with NHL ready ice Hartford has much more bargaining power. Because they have an arena now that can be used while updated over next three Summers. Well looks like were getting a little closer to getting our team back True Hartford Hockey Fan. Good news!
  6. This was on the Jumbotron at the Goats this past weekend.
  7. Well as the XL gets upgraded so does Hartfords transportation options.
  8. Tough loss for the Pack best offensive threat last season for sure, maybe last two seasons.
  9. http://www.howlings.net/#article/54837 unconfirmed offer notes increase to 1.6M on second year of two year deal.
  10. We're taking a look @UConnMHOC & @WolfPackAHL upcoming 2017-2018 #HartfordHockey seasons @XLCenter.
  11. https://www.sportsblog.com/greaterhartfordhockey/xl-center-gets-nhl-ready-ice-sheet-2/
  12. I agree it makes sense but changing state borders would have to happen. We'd have more luck finding a three legged ballerina
  13. Here is the press release: MEDIA ADVISORY: Stanley Cup Returns To Avon Old Farms Date: Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017 Press Conference: 10:15 – 10:30 a.m. Location: Brown Student Center Commons Room Stanley Cup On Display: Time: 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Location: Field House $10 Per Person Admission Address To Use: �500 Old Farms Rd, Avon, CT 06001 The media are invited to attend the Stanley Cup event at Avon Old Farms School. Bonino will be available for a press conference from 10:15 to 10:30 p.m. in the Brown Student Center. Media must RSVP so parking can be reserved at the school’s ice hockey rink and press p*****es can be provided. Press without a press p***** will not be allowed into restricted areas, include the press conference. All media inquiries should be direct to Jacqueline Sembor, senior communications project manager at Avon Old Farms, email:semborj@avonoldfarms.com, direct line: 860.404.4381. For updates, visit http://www.avonoldfarms.com/athletics/stanley-cup-visits. Stanley Cup Returns To Avon Old Farms AVON, Conn. – On Sunday, August 20, 2017, the Stanley Cup will be making a second public appearance at Avon Old Farms School, in Avon, courtesy of NHL player and Avon alumnus Nick Bonino '07. Bonino, who grew up in Farmington, played high school hockey at Avon Old Farms under coach John Gardner. While at Avon Old Farms, Bonino captained a New England Championship hockey team his senior year. He went on to play in college for Boston University, during which he helped lead the team to a NCAA National Championship. Before joining the Penguins, Bonino also played for the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks. Most recently, Bonino signed a 4-year contract with the Nashville Predators. The 2017 Championship was the Penguins’ fifth Stanley Cup win. As a member of the cup winner, Bonino was given the chance to have the cup for a day — an NHL custom that plays out year after year. To raise money for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, this year Bonino will be charging $10 per person (regardless of age) for admission - cash only, and is limited the showing to the first 3,000 people. Showing will begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. and will end at 12:30 p.m. Bonino will be visiting the Center immediately after the event at Avon Old Farms. Avon Old Farms Hockey Program Overview The Avon Old Farms Hockey Program has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the years. As the premier prep school hockey program in New England, it has demonstrated the consistent ability to produce winning teams and develop success**l collegiate players as well as some outstanding professional athletes. As the list of Avon distinguished alumni continues to grow, what they have achieved is unsurp*****ed. Eight New England Division I championships and nine Founder’s League championships in the last twenty-five years is far and away the standard that other schools strive to reach. 8/07/17
  14. Thanks I think there is two guys that run that page. I am one of them. I have posted that stat a lot in response to idiots who tell me the team wasn't supported. This stat tat is **nny as a retort because it shows that the Bruins weren't supported that much better than the Whalers and Boston is many times more a bigger market than Greater Hartford. mismanagement has always been why the Whale ended up moving.
  15. Bridgeport avg less than the Pack last year I thought that was surprising
  16. The ice and boards are "NHL Ready" as of the start of the AHL season.
  17. So we can wrap up this thread Whalers most popular UConn Pack whos fourth Qunnipiac or Sound Tigers?
  18. It's a Whalers Message Board by name. But doesn't everyone think it would be silly not to talk about Hockey games in Hartford regardless of league. Everyone knows I don't love the Brand, and I certainly never root for the Rangers but without the AHL in Hartford the last 20 years we'd be even farther from the NHL. AHL keeps Hartford relatively relevant, NHL execs are always here because of the AHL and the XL work. I always say it would be far worse for Hartford if it had no AHL team.
  19. Disagree if you want but I'm pretty unbiased, at least compared to anyone else here. Only guy who goes to all of Hartford Hockey. If there are others here then please say so. The biggest problem with Hartford Hockey fans is the majority don't love all of Hartford Hockey. Id love to enforce some rules two problems one the Courant can't or won't stop people from posting. Anyone can register under any made up email address, as we've seen. two in the past I have asked we set some ground rules and I abide by and enforce them. You can see how far #2 went. It also is very time consuming to watch each and every post this board would need 8 moderators I think.
  20. The Wolf Pack losing money is tricky but it's true that they are a burden on the XL, but only because they're 24th in attendance. The XL lost 700k last year if you take away the Wolf Pack's 1.5M then the XL would be profitable but with 38-41 less event nights.