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  1. http://www.hartfordwolfpack.com/news/detail/renewal-of-wolf-pack-agreement-announced
  2. Seattle will never be allowed to use a Whale name. The first team to protest that will be Seattle's closest rival. Vancouver. Besides they're going with something abstract like Seattle Metropolitans or something.
  3. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    I don't ever think they'll play a HE game in Storrs at least not while the XL is open.
  4. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    I agree with almost everything you are saying. In fact this was AEGs thought in 2013 and why they lost the contract in my opinion. 10 concerts say they all sell out 155000 people The 38 WP games still draw 20k(avg) more than that and having some people buy parking concessions 38 times probably does about the same at 15k going in 10x 150 dates at the XL 38 of those Pack, I just don't think the state wants the building dark that many nights
  5. #BringEMBack http://fox61.com/2018/02/18/meet-the-whaler-guys/
  6. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Msg not paying squat they're getting paid to play here. That's what the affiliate fee is all about. 1.4m or 1.5m. Spectra makes money off the tickets and we pay the affiliate fee. The state
  7. Tonight at 10pm

  8. Tonight at 10pm

    Yea you spelled his name wrong genius. When you can back up your attacks with any PROOF, let me know and I'll throw that bucket of water on you again. Most of what you have posted has been nothing but your opinion. Which is nice but doesn't mean jack. Carolina outdrew the Whalers 11 times but not last year not even close, and the Whalers were never last in the NHL, Carolina is on a least attended team streak lol. Never happened to the Whalers. Someday you will own up to these facts that you'll have to live with forever.
  9. Tonight at 10pm

    I even have that number today the 75M would be 108M. Vince you can check this one punch in 75m and use and inflation calculator. Vince doesn't believe it, that's fine but the burden of proof lies squarely on his shoulders. Prove, HCC, WFSB and NYT wrong, go ahead I dare you.
  10. Tonight at 10pm

    Vince if for a second I thought you'd care about the report Id show it to you. But you've always been kind of **ll of it, so if you are really interested stop being lazy and go find something anything that proves me wrong. I already know you can't but at least put in a modi***** of effort. You think you are something but you've been more wrong than right here. Winnipeg not coming back - wrong Whaler Guys won't be around long- wrong 75M wasn't lost in 97 - wrong
  11. http://www.hartfordwolfpack.com/news/detail/renewal-of-wolf-pack-agreement-announced
  12. Tonight at 10pm

    It's everywhere, Vince has never been gracious when he is wrong. WFSB, Hartford City Council, NYTimes.... not good enough? Lol If I was given the chance to disprove a "fraud" I'd jump at the chance. Your keyboard always speaks louder than your actions Vince. "About 97 percent of Whalers fans live outside the city, according to a report by the Hartford Downtown Council, and the games accounted for 16 percent of the visits to the city for arts and entertainment events. The Whalers pumped $73 million a year into the city's economy, the report said." https://www.nytimes.com/1997/03/27/nyregion/another-blow-to-hartford-whalers-to-leave-rejecting-arena-offer.html
  13. Tonight at 10pm

    Oh you mean back up what I say AGAIN. You thought I didn't have any proof. Oh wait.... You know if Markely had a "Hate the XL" show and he dared me to come on. I'm going. No matter what, and true facts about HH would get heard no matter what Markley said. Vince you took a huge step today proving you live in a your chaperones basement. Maybe it's you who like the Bruins, they have yellow too.
  14. Tonight at 10pm

    Hey Vince, This will show you for the BS artist you are Open invite to come on the Whaler Guys show. Discredit me in person, comon mister know it all let's hear it. Contact me anytime to let me know what Wednesday you can make it PhIndle19@gmail.com I'll wait but I'll know you don't bleedgreen because you'll be yellow and make an excuse. You are as easy to read as a book buddy.
  15. 7,372

    Don't forget UConn publicly said that Wtic political slant factored in why they are leaving. Now I personal think doing that for that reason is total BS. Sounds like they wouldn't have minded if the station was politically slanted the other way. Joe D is gone I think and I don't mind he's been a jerk since 84 when I first met him.
  16. Tonight at 10pm

    You've been out of the game for awhile. Good Luck getting back up to speed. No one is arguing that a bigger market had some great years when they were handed a cup post a play stoppage. I'll let you know when you get warm or colder. You wouldn't have any idea if teams were looking or not, let's be real. Ive never said the NHL is coming back, only you deal in absolutes which is why your credibility is Zero
  17. Tonight at 10pm

    I remember that but wasn't my point my point is that it was Boston. They didn't sell out those years regardless of the smaller size. They could have made it look better but we don't rake Boston over the coals as we do Hartford. Remember this is the land where comped tickets are a sports fans felony and every where else it's a fact of life
  18. Tonight at 10pm

    Not to mention that Hartford is outdrawing the bigger market. When you are the bigger market you don't brag about outdrawing a smaller market SOMETIMES. Just like Boston who was out drawn by the Whalers 4x in the 80's I don't give a crap about the comparison as much as it beheads VCT whole position. If Hartford is smaller but 20 years later still outdrawing bigger NHL markets it just means that Hartford is a viable NHL relocation spot. Boom!
  19. Tonight at 10pm

    I didn't correct anything because I just easily showed you it's all true. If Mayor Mike and The city council isnt good enough for you im sorry that's been good for everyone else I've spoken to. But I'm flattered that you watched us on Fox and care**lly watched our show following the appearance. Let me know if you need anytjing else? Thanks
  20. Tonight at 10pm

    You know in 2011 Vinny may have been able to make an argument but now, real Whaler fans know so much more than him on anything Hartford or NHL related that it would be very difficult for him to even try and catch up. I wish there was a Whaler detractor that had actual facts to back up their argument but I have never found one.
  21. Tonight at 10pm

    Hi Vince, Thanks for watching it sounds like you watched that clip A LOT. I wonder what it would be like for me to turn on the news and see You? Well thats never hapoening anyway. A little background before I blow everything out of the water above. After 7 years of battling to #BringEMBack one constant has remained. VinceCT has been wrong about everything he says here. After the first Whaler Guy show in August of 2011 VInceCt posted here - "Your Whaler Guy show will never amount to anything." 😂 As for our performance on Fox61 for their all star sportscaster week. First off, Jerry is reading a prompter as am I and nothing we said that was on the prompter was written by us. We were handed a prewritten script with no rehearsal and had to read it on the spot. You'd know that if you knew anything about the news. I agree with you on the Bruins but many Whaler fans do that. How can one move from Whalers to Rangers or even Whalers to Carolina???? It happens, I couldn't do it but it is preference. I myself tend to root for the Flyers and always have as a second team. Remember when you were caught in the XL Center embracing Islander apparel??? Second - here's the study. I have been peddling this for 7 years. How could you possible not have seen this????? With inflation 108M for Ct. Economic impact each year. You just said "there is no such study" (WRONG!) again! Thirdly- This has also been in the news lately and it's not the first time. The Whalers in their final season outdrew Carolina season total last year by over 2000 people. I said it on Fox61 and it's the absolute truth. Vincect is so enamored with trying to catch me that he doesn't even realize that Hartford the 30th largest market is still outdrawing the 23rd largest Market in the USA. VinceCt only has this forum that's it, after all this time you are still wrong. I do wish you had some real challenges for me but it never happens. That's why you disappear so often after having your points disproved so badly. And knowing that, see ya later Vinny. When you are invited on two of the States top network affiliated political shows give me a call but until then if you don't have any facts to back up your discontent then SHUT YER BLOWHOLE! }3 }3 }3
  22. https://www.facebook.com/carolyn.suzedelis/posts/10204232405607551
  23. I'm glad it said deposits so many news sites incorrectly reported that season tickets were sold but in fact it's 25k deposits many many will put up but it's not 25k season tickets sold.
  24. Hey guys the Wolf Pack partnered with PAL PAL recruited the Whalers and everything. The Pack did Gordie Bobleheads which are the highest quality bobble head I've seen in a decade. PAL is a charity, you weren't going to see Mike Liut and Ron Francis. The Whalers you saw were local and could make it, many couldn't but verbalize interest next year. Corriveau literally hadn't skated in over 20 years. He looked good though. Even if the Pack were involved with the recruiting for the Alumni game remember how bizarre this situation is. The Rangers sell the marketing of the Pack to the Flyers who manage the XL and have a deal to run the Pack on a subsidized **nd from the tax payer. So understand why the XL needs to get done so event like this will have some money making power behind it. You may not believe in Trickle Down economics but the XL now will never produce the revenue that a re**rbished XL would. Less power bills and more amenities and options will make just about any event bigger and better. So just ease off the Wolf Pack, the Flyers XL management because they really do the very best they can on a shoe string budget in a building nearly half a century old.
  25. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2188876874713951/permalink/2234937810107857/