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  1. MSG did that once in 2006, it was a top three all time Wolf Pack attended game. The last several Whaler nights were down by the Flyers Comcast Spectra people. MSG doesn't care about Hartford Hockey but I'm not surprised. I never expected them too.
  2. An XL Center ice sheet that kicks the pants off the one at the Barclays. Actually this ice sheet is good enough for any hockey team.
  3. It may be gone but I don't know if MSG did that or Northland, they still own the Atrium where it was displayed. But MSG ran the building until 2007
  4. It's hard for you guys to understand the board but realize there are thousands of offensive, evil, heinous things in addition to general spam posts that you never see. You couldnt have been able to factor that into your judgements on me. I hear your opinions but one thing I have noticed in all these years here. People get aw**lly offended when I treat them the way they have been treating me. its kinda like a slim Jim you get out what you put in. so Back to DD Park you know the topic of this "thread". find the Whaler logo on this Yard Goat opening day banner.
  5. No one mentioned the two Hartford Hockey connections to the Knights Packs - Oscar Lindberg Whale's - Jonathan Marchessault both were great to watch and we're producers
  6. I wouldn't release it either it really doesn't matter until we know if the budget p*****ed with the XL money which is 75m this year
  7. I'd love to switch places with you. Your new here so I understand your naiveté
  8. Still disagree no one wants to be alone in last place the Pack know what that was like but that's no ones fault but MSG
  9. Shanahan??? LoL I wouldn't pay attention to see him.
  10. Appears to be going well, CCMC is holding a meeting later this week about the Plates and promoting them. Well be talking to the Yard Goats this evening about possibly how to cross promote and Whaler Weekend is only a few weeks away. Anybody going to the Whaler Lincheon on the 15th?
  11. Yea none of that is going to happen. I don't use FB comments as an indicator of much of anything. We hit 15k views in 24 hours on the FTS interview. Does that mean people like us, Nope
  12. As you may have heard theWhaler Guys will be on FTS on Sunday at 11am. A good shout out for all us Whaler Fans also there has been a poll released.
  13. I never said they would throw money. But believe me the NHL is well aware. its statistical and like it or not it's an untapped market. No major league tenant. And believe me this org wants an NHL team for the area it helps keep talent local which is a huge problem.
  14. New England's Knowledge Corridor https://www.facebook.com/WhalersBrigade/posts/810346459130130 This area makes the population 2.3M with its biggest city Hartford. The NHL has to be aware of this too and maybe why they've poked around the last few years. Thus area goes from making us like Buffalo and Raliegh to comparable with cities like Denver and St. Louis. Its measurably better
  15. That's what's **nny, I haven't changed at all. Again, I'm the only media guy who goes consistently to all Hartford Hockey Events. Pack Uconn and any Whaler event. I've seen other people on this board change and change a lot. No one more neutral than I but I have my opinions, not asking you guys to like them though.
  16. Try clicking the website and you'll see they already have agreed to it. It's a bi-state initiative. You should do more research
  17. I agree pricey but it's for Charity so it's not a 100 dollars to see some Whalers that you see every day. If it was to make money for themselves it should have been cheaper.
  18. This sounds exactly like Biggie ive seen him post this before. It's in Ct so I hope it sells well
  19. They're are others But we've been lucky enough to avoid them thus far
  20. The Pack was the worst team in the league this year the Whalers weren't the worst team in 82-83 there was another team as bad. but feel free to use semantics if you want
  21. Clear this up for me is tied for last place the same as alone in last place? thanks
  22. Who? I have no idea who you are talking about. Never heard of him. That was easy
  23. I actually thought it was bad, or not so great but .... I looked at some of Dennis's other polls and in the few I saw he had barely 40 responses so 400 responses is good by that measuring stick. But Twitter is limited you are right
  24. Outside or inside? There's an Atrium and then an entrance to the arena from there but mostly it's just a couple sets of doors.