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  1. They can practice at Fritas problem solved
  2. I would love QU to join and it's my understandiing HE wanted QU before UConn but QU does not seem to want to leave
  3. Now I wonder if this is a gag, Will they be called the Storrs Huskies when the campus HE arena is built?
  4. Only becuase They are the university of Connecticut. You guys are a scream
  5. Lol
  6. Not any of that is true but enjoy debating your self.
  7. See our interviews with #Whaler fans from Woodys in Downtown #Hartford. https://youtu.be/S5Qxoh7DeEg
  8. XL is still way better than N*****au More seats Better Ice And tons of less traffic http://bit.ly/2Dd7jgT
  9. Was going by last I heard they just repaired it which is good no need to build an arena for awhile http://www.norwichbulletin.com/article/20160427/NEWS/160429494
  10. They're so far from building a new arena. They even shot down repairs to Gampels roof which was only 10m
  11. It's crazy to say this but hear me out. The poor attendance was good fodder for negotiations with MSG. It's very hard pressed for them to ask for an increase in their affiliate fee when they do not help the XL make money. I have a feeling that the NYR will be the only original six team to take a cut in their last aff. Fee deal. Granted I expect that cut to be small but at least it wont go up.
  12. Too bad everyone of those publications is terribly biased. Headline should read Tons of Mileenials to be subjected to skewed coverage of news.
  13. That's perfect ban Pks team to finland
  14. Not as proud as you are of 30th place. People who treat other hockey fans the way you do are partly responsible for being 30th out of 30
  15. Business wise it's dumb but they don't care. I agree having the real sandwiches is what everyone wants anyways
  16. Everyones talking about it. I guess You'd have to be into Hartford Hockey to know about it. Maybe you should like some FB pages that deal with Hartford Hockey. Here are a few: Hartford Hockey The HWBC The Whalers Brigade I'm sure you'll keep us update on any Ranger stuff. By the Way the GH doll is part of the "event" weekend, as every year since 2014-2015 the Wolf Pack honor the Whalers.
  17. Imagine if 2011-2013 was marketed at all. We know 2012-13 was not and the season before was under financial duress. Not to mention when the Pack came close it was the year they went to the Conf finals. That was the best team they've had in 12 seasons.
  18. Keep in mind and you posted this. Howard Jr said freebies the first year but the next year he cut way back and the third year there were none because AEG ran the whale. The Wolf Pack have not eclipsed that third year or any year since going back to the same moribund brand. I'm glad you posted that because it's JR admitting to alot of freebies the first year and then almost none by the time the Whale leaves. You can't accept his word on the first year then call him a liar on the last two. I just wish you could be objective once. You don't have to blindly defend the Pack on everything. If going back to the Pack drew more than the Whalers, Whale, or huskies I would admit it but it's just not factually true. Your fandom kills alot of your debates, hard to defend a team with last in the league attendance and 2000 under the league average .
  19. Yoiu have sources but won't post them. Lol OK I'll play along. Good enough for me. Anyone can post whatever they want you obviously do. You call me a liar so please stop with the gl***** house defense Mark will be the first to tell you has been wrong before by the way. But as you can see he provided where he got the info. You are still unable to do that.
  20. And what did your nacho guy people from all over tell you about Basket ball moving back to their home campus in Storrs?
  21. Notice how that was quick. No farewell page no goodbye column.
  22. They start the season every year in Fritas and it's home to the Women as well, regardless UConn still has a satellite campus and the men's Hockey and Bball still play in the XL 3 blocks from the Times Building.
  23. Are they open for Sunday games?