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  1. Wolf Pack drew an all time franchise low. A third lowest mark since re-rebranding in 2013 1367
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1068915989935791&id=100004521990781
  3. Whalevolution

    Yardgoat's continue to succeed

    Kinda..... The Blues fired their GM and he was the guy that helped us arrange all those Whaler Day Games. The Goats just picked up on a winning promotion. The owner of the Blues is kind of a douche anyway.
  4. Whalevolution

    Scaled Down Plans for XL Center

    True that Larry Gottsdeiner said he wanted to bring back the Whalers in 2006. He had a half a billion dollars in Hartford real estate at the time. Now fast forward to 2018 June and now Gottsdeiner is the sole reason why the NHL isn't coming back. He refused to sell the Atrium, even after two third party estimates of its value. He doesn't have to sell but at the same time he has neglected the Atrium for over a decade. Broken escalators, aging elevators and zero retail rented space, along with infamously un cleaned bathrooms. This guy is right up there on the evil list with Karnanos and Rowland. I hope he gets what he deserves There is zero chance of the NHL returning without the atrium which is needed to make the XL NHL ready.
  5. This has nothing to do with the Whalers it's all about a different green. Chuck Kaiton is probably more expensive than what they are going to do. Chuck never believed the Whalers could come back and while he is great and a Whaler icon you wonder what he must feel like knowing **** never be broadcasting NHL again.
  6. I would try writing to them. Nothing I could find on Youtube
  7. Whalevolution

    UConn 2018/2019 Schedule

    Pretty standard I don't know what to expect out of the freshman cl***** but it sounds great
  8. I was blown away but he was totally down and loves his team playing in Hfd. Even received an email from him saying he'd like to come on the show.
  9. Coach Cavanaugh chat at the TPC He told me he'd love a Whaker night where UConn wears the Whalers colors. I was like wow this coach totally gets the market. Pay your respects at the door and the market loves ya. We have examples to either side as well.
  10. Remember when that parking lot where the stadium is now won back to back best parking lot honors? Neither do I
  11. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=592055884498300&id=137451063292120
  12. Chicago called about the return of the Whale So we answered @GoodSeatsStillAvailable http://goodseatsstillavailable.com/listen/2018/5/19/episode-62-the-whaler-guys
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    Feel bad for Peg But that team is just getting started they will be back.
  14. Whalevolution


    I feel like Vegas has them but well see
  15. Whaler Guys will be at Pralines in July to help promote the CCMC and let fans know the latest on the Whalers return to Hartford.
  16. The **ll interview with CRDA Executive Director Michael Friemuth. Notes: A look at the amazingly high occupancy rates of CRDA *****isted residentials. Proving there is a demand for living in Downtown Hartford. A look at the venues under the CRDA including the new USL team to play at Dillon Stadium and it's renovation plan. And of course the XL Center with RFP's due by June 29th. More than one group has interest in acquiring or luring an NHL franchise after the XL is properly renovated. https://youtu.be/0CVTDbHn8Mw
  17. Thus cracks me up All the millions of posts condescending, snarky and pompous. Now with four investors bidding for XL and two clearly interested in returning the NHL where are all those posters? Hmmmm
  18. Whalevolution

    AHL Conference Realignment

    Lol, that would be hilarious but the 7 or so times they made the playoffs they never would or had to budge for the circus. NHL has that written in their contract. But you prove my point. No circus move for NHL but for AHL it happens every year and shows that even the league knows these are just glorified exhibition games.
  19. Whalevolution

    AHL Conference Realignment

    I know it blows my mind how the AHL wants you to take them seriously but they manipulate their playoffs whether it be the West Coast mess or allowing teams to move their home playoff games, for a circus show. That 2012 mess really ruined momentum and the fan experience
  20. He won't be the only one moving out of Carolina just a matter of time and money.
  21. Executive Director of the CRDA responsible for the XL, Rent, Convention Center and the Tennis Center in New Haven Talking about the request for proposals on making the XL "NHL Ready" And Dillon Stadium A special hour long show on Hpatv.org live stream or FB live @Whalersbrigade
  22. How did your #NHL first round predictions go? Jets Predators Sharks Knights Bruins Lightning Capitals Penguins https://youtu.be/fKUL7V**CLQ
  23. How did your #NHL first round predictions go? Jets Predators Sharks Knights Bruins Lightning Capitals Penguins
  24. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/politics/spin-cycle/belmont-park-development-environmental-concerns-1.1810017300