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  1. Actually hearing that the Penguins might bring him in. Jim Rutherford loves him.
  2. But he'll still be happy to pocket the cash from selling Captain Ron Whalers jerseys in the Hurricanes Pro Shop.
  3. 8-0. How did your 1st rd predictions go?

    Not so good with my west coast predictions...
  4. I've got to take some time and get mine...
  5. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    I won't be able to go until the 2nd home stand. I'm leaving for the west coast Wednesday
  6. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    I'm a newly minted partial plan 'Goats season ticket holder. I love the environment. I'd never considered season tix to a minor league baseball team before but last year's experience up there made it an easy choice
  7. Tonight at 10pm

    I'd love to see those numbers based on 20 years of inflation....
  8. Not sorry I missed this then. Leave it to the Rags organization to f*u*c*k it all up. Leave town please
  9. That cement head? I doubt he's innocent. He earned contracts punching and getting punched in the head. Nobody sane does that
  10. Which is it? 24 or 95?
  11. You can even get it at Yard Goats BASEBALL games, but not anywhere near a Wolf Pack game which is why I re**se to support them. I'll get aboard if they leave town and a new affiliate comes in
  12. For once, WC isn't wrong; https://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/21/millennials-trump-paying-for-news-244001
  13. Dunkin led to one thing: long lines for coffee to keep you awake through these dread**l games with spartan crowds