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  1. For once, WC isn't wrong; https://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/21/millennials-trump-paying-for-news-244001
  2. Dunkin led to one thing: long lines for coffee to keep you awake through these dread**l games with spartan crowds
  3. Yeah...not so sure about that. If the Isles come here on a temporary basis, and we all know it, are you that confident that a state **ll of fickle front-running fans will plunk down NHL level cash for a team that's leaving in 30-36 months anyway? I'm not sure that it'll be the instant sell-out we'd all hope for. The ONLY way it could even come close to working is if it is marketed as our opportunity to show the NHL that we want our Whalers back. It has to be sold that way and beaten to death or forget ever seeing the NHL here again.
  4. Yup. I felt 100% the same as you Evo. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore the fact that it is electric in that ballyard and the stadium takes AA baseball to whole new level. If anything it serves as notice to Hartford that with a little perseverance and holding onto your vision for something grand, that it can happen and the public will respond. If they can figure out a way to sell and save the XL with a major refit and then connect the venues Hartford can slowly rebuild a sagging sports and entertainment environment.
  5. So by doubling that number Mark, the Pack would, (in theory) rank 58th out of 60 if the odds were evened up. BWAHAHAHAHA
  6. I was one of them. I think I took no more than 20 steps into that stadium, grabbed some salt & pepper and promptly ate my foot. It's amazing. The environment is electric. I went to about 10 games from Father's Day to the last game and will be buying a mini-plan this year. I was wrong and I admit it.
  7. Amen. That is all.
  8. Lack. Of. Advertising.
  9. I've gone to three Goats games and hardly sit down. The park is awesome. Tons of fans are in the shop, the fan zone, the Bears BBQ Pit, etc...there are so many great places to just lean out over the wall and watch. It's better than sitting, so I think these photos can be misleading from that standpoint. All three games I've been to have been SRO at the gate. So, the tickets are sold. I'm sure corporate seats go unfilled on alot of nights, and then the amount of people standing is astounding. Don't knock this. It works.
  10. It's true though. The Yard Goats have tailgaters man. TAILGATERS! The colors, the look, the state of the art park...all if it smokes what the Pack does year in and out at the XL. The last time the XL had any type of energy was when Baldwin came back and re-branded them as the CT Whale. Crowds weren't huge, but they were friggin' LOUD
  11. And by being the Rangers b-i-t-c-h-e-s for 20 years, they would be well to do to repay us for it.
  12. Da-da-da..dadada!
  13. It's 48/52 this morning
  14. Exactly Mark. I was so opposed to it, but after taking in the game last night which was near capacity, I went home and salt and peppered my feet and swallowed them whole. The Dunk makes New Britain Stadium look really dated and farcical in comparison. This new park is the gold standard for minor league stadiums much like New Britain's was nearly 25 years ago. I made a bad judgment call and I stand by it. The Yard Goats will work and I, for one, am super impressed.