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  1. It's 48/52 this morning
  2. Exactly Mark. I was so opposed to it, but after taking in the game last night which was near capacity, I went home and salt and peppered my feet and swallowed them whole. The Dunk makes New Britain Stadium look really dated and farcical in comparison. This new park is the gold standard for minor league stadiums much like New Britain's was nearly 25 years ago. I made a bad judgment call and I stand by it. The Yard Goats will work and I, for one, am super impressed.
  3. Took in my first Yard Goats game tonight. The Dunk is amazing. It's really a great place. For once, Hartford, despite the long to get there, has something to really be proud of. I was opposed to the move from New Britain but after being there tonight, want to admit that I was wrong and the move was a great idea.
  4. If the old fashioned, clueless, old white men morons who occupy the bulk of our legislation can't see the forest from the trees on this issue and fix that building, the entire state will become a destitute wasteland. No millennial will ever entertain the idea of staying here for a career, no industry would move here (unless we increased the deficit by giving some incentive laden "free ride"), and other young to middle age professionals like myself will probably pack up and hit the road. I love my home state but I am getting increasingly frustrated with the super conservative, no vision enabled government that keeps us all mired in knee deep mud. Think progressive.
  5. Well... http://fox61.com/2017/05/10/city-looking-for-law-firms-as-hartford-moves-closer-to-bankruptcy/
  6. That's an average of $274 per citizen in Hartford County as a one-time fee. If it opens up to statewide offer, it goes down to approximately $58 per citizen and if including Western M***** (Springfield area) it gets even lower. It'll never happen because it's too easy and makes to much sense. Nobody can see past their nose in this state.
  7. Joe Markley & my brother are against. That's all I've heard...
  8. Looking beyond the idea that every NHL team may relocate to the new XL Center (that was for WP98), the bigger idea is to save the UCONN basketball and football programs. Without a new arena, UCONN will never be asked to join a Power 5 conference and the program will steadily decline as recruiting becomes more and more difficult. We are seeing cracks in the foundation now. To keep UCONN hoops a mecca, they need a "real" facility. Said facility also allows for hosting a round of the NCAA Tourney and other higher profile events. All this dovetails into the football and hockey programs which can grow rather than tread water in the AAC. This will also generate ore than 2.1 million a year in revenue for those watching. So, NHL aspirations aside, this arena is a must for civic growth period. My 3 cents
  9. God. Damn. It.
  10. I think the Eastern League should now allow them to play all of their games at home this year to make up for living on buses all last season. HAHA
  11. Please. He's the best they can do in that conference.
  12. http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/12/08/vegas-golden-knights-trademark-re**sed-by-uspto/
  13. I was there. Crowd was sad...seriously maybe 600 there. Maybe.
  14. This should be an interesting reply from WP98 as he REPEATEDLY whined and screamed about how his beloved franchise was "stolen" from him and denied over and over that this was, in fact, the EXACT same franchise only re-branded. So what will he embrace? **zzy WolfPack math or stand by his statement that the CT Whale and Hartford WolfPack are two different teams? Buckle up. This should be hilarious.
  15. They Pack claimed last Friday a sellout, but there were plenty of good seats available.