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  1. Bravo. Finally hearing some of the right stuff out of leadership in Hartford. If that arena isn't saved, you can kiss all three of those insurance HQ's goodbye and release the tumbleweed convoy in Hartford. I think Mayor Bronin's acknowledgement of not competing with the two tier 1 cities to our north and south, but to compete with 2nd and 3rd tier cities. "To thyself be true"
  2. The best city in America came in #1. That's all that matters
  3. All 50 pairs. HAHAHA
  4. Yeah...I was sorting my socks
  5. Looks like 600 to me...
  6. jimmytheidiotboy

    Scaled Down Plans for XL Center

    It's not even great for UCONN. There goes any chance of getting into a Power 5 Conference.
  7. jimmytheidiotboy

    Scaled Down Plans for XL Center

    Such a travesty.
  8. jimmytheidiotboy

    Yardgoat's continue to succeed

    They're going to need a bigger boat : D
  9. But Mark, MSG and the Rags are not able to afford such things. They are a struggling team in a small market with a bad TV deal...BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA
  10. You mean like those 2 and 3k attendance announcements by the Wolfpack when there are clearly about 900 people there? BWAHAHAHA
  11. Bet they wouldn't be bottom feeding in attendance if they paid the stipend to WSE to keep it the Whale...just sayin'...
  12. Maybe...not change back to the stupid and "moribund" baby Rags branded WolfPack?
  13. You just gotta love how the professional baseball team in town does a better job remembering the legacy of the Whalers than the professional hockey team in town does.