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  1. I remember a time where this site featured wild speculations and rumors. I want that site back. I like the rumors and speculations. That is **n.
  2. As Yoda also said, "Mine! Mine!"
  3. The censorship is terrible. P*****. Shirt. Short. Was **ll censored? This post is a test. Could've sworn I saw shirt and short censored... still, p-a-s-s!? Guess p*****ing a puck is a no-no bad word. F-u-l-l? HA!
  4. Oooo. New! Must mean the Whalers are coming back right?
  5. I'm sorry I ever doubted Timmy. Seems like he knows what he's talking about. Still, I'll believe it when it happens.
  6. Oh I'm dumb lol
  7. This doesn't make sense at all.
  8. Hey, he ain't lying.
  9. And where are you hearing this Timmy? Hope it's all true, but you sound like the Yin to wolfpack1998's Yang. Same craziness level, different sides of an argument.
  10. This Timmy guy is a wacko. It's been a hand**l of games right? Wtf are you getting at the season barely started? Lol you're delusional with everything you say. Sorry.
  11. Who is this Timmy guy? Like I don't post much, but he pops up out of nowhere and spouts this stuff? Like I pray you're 100% but I've smelled crap and wad told it was gold too many times to be hope**ll.
  12. Whalerdude11086 wrote: > TimmyFromBoosters wrote: > "From rumors I have heard..." > > Stop right there. The last thing this board needs is more bs rumors. Come > back when you actually have facts to report with reputable sources. Agreed
  13. Timmy where are getting this info?
  14. Well I misread what you wrote! Oops!