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  1. Coach who gets the market goes a long way
  2. I have to be totally, absolutely frank and blunt about this....and I know many of you have issues and concerns with Malloy for a variety of reasons, respect that. HOWEVER, I think Malloy did a FANTASTIC job during this press conference, told the absolute truth and many media didn't want to hear it. Couldn't internalize the core of the issues, how vital this all is to Hartford. Hartford matters. It's all connected.
  3. will5059 wrote: > Jersey is mad that people don't agree with him completely. He doesn't want > to debate are allow everyone to have their own opinion. > "Non-believers", "anti-hartford", give me a break. > Every opinion that doesn't match his own is met with a retarded nickname. Anyone who doesn't support the NHL or at least the XL renovation IS by *****ociation with what will then occur to the city "ANTI HARTFORD" It's that important to the city's **ture. Oh and yeah there are probably only 20 of us who think about this topic, but mark my words (no pun intended LOL) everyone and their cousin will claim to have been it's biggest proponent if the NHL comes back.
  4. WhalerChad wrote: > Reality is almost nobody is talking about John Gale piece in Courant. > Almost nobody is talking about Nhl coming back to Hartford since stupid > Gale opinion piece ran in Courant. Less then 20 people have posted on these > boards in 6 days since Gale's dopey opinion piece ran. And I am willing to > bet that more then half of those posts are from you and Whalevolution and > TimmyfromBoosters. And this is message board dedicated to talking about > Whalers! There is very small group of people interested in talking and > posting about this **** and the same people are just talking and posting > back and forth at each other over and over and over again. NHL coming back > to Hartford is not nearly as interesting and important a topic to the > majority of Ct residents as you, me, Whalevolution, and 20 or so regulars > on this message board like to think that it is. Sad and disappointing and > frustrating, but true. There are 3.5 million people in state of Ct and a > message board dedicated to hartford Whalers is lucky if it can get 20 > people to post on it in any regular kind of way. That is ******* sad and > pathetic and frustrating! Yes. The only place in the whole wide world you have to sneak the NHL under the noses of the "citizenry" under cover of women's basketball and **nding 12 dollars over 36 fiscal years LMAO
  5. will5059 wrote: > Chad's probably right on this one. Gales idea, which we can all agree is > impossible, most likely inflames the crowd that is against taxpayers > building arenas for millionaire sports teams that uniting the people who > would favor such a thing. Just because someone is a lawyer and a politician > doesn't necessarily mean they're smart. Being a lawyer means you went to > more years of school and being a politician means your a good-bull-*****ter. > There's at least a reasonable chance Gale is just a moron. Yes true, but equally to more likely his asinine idea totally distracted attention of the idiots away from attacking the whole "private investment will save this renovation" concept. The Republican response to the private investors idea was by the Rep. Simpleton Davis from Ellington who simply said "well that's the ONLY scenario I can see holding nose and reluctantly supporting (private investment) and I wish they'd gone down this road so much's the only hope XL has" By the way, Go Geno A the other day with his plain spoken "renovate or we're not going to keep winning a damn thing" lecture to the attending pols and bigshots attending his talk.
  6. WhalerChad wrote: > canadawhale wrote: Nothing material is going to come of it because it's > rather meant to be a talking point than something that is actually viable. > If you ask me, talking point that isn't actually remotely viable seems like > complete waste of breath or complete waste of page it is printed on. I mean > if completel impossibilities qualify as talking points, then why stop at 38 > cities and towns of greater Hartford buying the Carolina Hurricanes. While > they're at it, they should by and relocate the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland > Cavaliers, New England Patriots and Real Madrid too. I mean, if greater > Hartford is going to go for it with pro sports, let's REALLY go for it! > AMEN
  7. canadawhale wrote: > WhalerChad wrote: > > What John Gale or the mayors of the 38 cities and towns think of the idea > > doesn't even matter. The NHL wouldn't allow it. NHL doesn't want every part > > of a franchise's books open to public view. If 38 cities and towns were > > investing public $$$ into owning and running a new Whalers NHL franchise, a > > Ct Freedom of Information act request form could be filed to get the team > > to open its books to the public. Plus, the NHL doesn't want the headache > > and blackeye that would come if a $$$ losing, publicly owned NHL franchise > > started getting blamed for being a drag on city and town budgets. Proposal > > is ridiculous. > Nothing material is going to come of it because it's rather meant to be a talking > point than something that is actually viable. Well said
  8. MarkH2919 wrote: > There is no chance the 38 towns would agree to it. I'm friends with the > mayor of a couple of these towns, and when I asked them about this > proposal, after they stopped laughing, they told me, and I quote "no > f---ing chance". > > Gale's column was to get people talking about the Whalers. No more, no > less. The proposal itself, is ridiculous, regardless of what Forbes is > guessing the Hurricanes are worth. It's of course discouraging that Will can't understand simple math of why Hartford can't just ala Greenwich magically fix its books by being wildly rich and "responsible" but let's just leave that. The point of why rest of state has to be in same boat with Hartford is that the whole region goes down economically without a strong CENTRAL CITY. It's not possible to ride the 169 little fiefdoms model anymore, world is all connected. NOW that said, that idea is asinine and will never happen for about 169 reasons LOL ranging from league would never allow it to it was just designed to keep Whalers news and momentum alive. It is pretty brilliant in that it MAY have been introduced for the sole public relations purpose of making the private investment idea proposed just days later seem less "wahhh it can't happen" and more sensible. Which of course it is.
  9. Whalevolution wrote: > will5059 wrote: > > Whalevolution wrote: > > > will5059 wrote: > > > > The city of Bridgeport owns Webster bank arena. > > > > > > That's nice and I am sure the city can handle a 15M dollar upgrade with > minimal > > state > > > *****istance. but this topic isn't relative to anything I said in the > previous > > post. > > > > > > > > > Timmy said all this Bport stuff, so you ARE taking him seriously now? > > No. You said you couldn't support the state spending money on a building that > isn't > > publicly owned and I am just informing you that Webster Bank Arena is publicly > owned. > > No big deal. BTW the city put out RFD's for the ballpark so there is no reason > to > > believe any **ture project won't be at least primarily privately **nded. The > arena in > > Bridgeport is turning 20 soon and seeing as how the state just spent $40 > million on > > the XL Center and will most likely spend a fair amount more throwing Bridgeport > a > > bone is not out of line. > > No I totally agree but Bridgeport owning the the arena was not related to P4277 > scenario were public money would be used to build a brand new arena in NH. > > That I would not support, they had an arena they blew it. Here's what I wonder as I didn't live here at the time....I'm *****uming that the NH Coliseum was still up and semi running when Bridgeport built the midget ballpark and wannabe Fleetcenter correct? Why wasn't the harboryard thing built in New Haven instead, a longtime hockey market with a great tradition? Seems silly of NH to let Bridgeport (a true ****hole) take much of it business away, etc.
  10. MarkH2919 wrote: > Chris Powell is right about John Gale's proposal. He's also right about > this... > > "Maybe, but state government long has "invested" in Hartford > by reimbursing half the city's budget and the city is failing badly, not > thriving, being largely incompetent and even corrupt. That's why the XL > Center, while still nominally owned by the city, is operated by a state > agency -- because city government lacks the competence and integrity to > keep the place from being stripped and sold for parts when nobody is > looking, which, in Hartford, is most of the time." Chris "Grand Wizard" Powell's point seems reasonable until you google him and discover a good 89-90% of all his JI editorials over last 10 years focus entirely on "thinly veiled to completely David Duke obvious style" racist rants on Hartford (even if most people here silently agree w him at least they don't blast it out daily like it was 1964)
  11. This Ganim creep has a hard on for malloy because Malloy has gone out of his way to ensure that this prick doesn't get any public financing for his campaign. Due to his record of absolute honesty and integrity that Mark was mentioning a moment ago.
  12. TheWhaleGuy123

    Hartford Bankruptcy

    Literally over HALF of Hartford's properties within the very incredibly small city area (most cities footprint includes miles of land that here are separate towns) are NOT TAXABLE because they belong to the state or a religious group or a college or some other non-profit that cannot be taxed. So despite what the accounting and business finance geniuses from "East Granby" babble about Hartford needing to fix it's own mistakes, it's much easier to do that when you're Simsbury and everyone has a law degree LOL as opposed to an incredibly poor city. Bottom line? If Hartford "cut" like the burbs want, it would STILL DIE OFF because it's a vicious cycle that results from no more services, followed by no more investment, followed by increased beyond even now crime rates, et al. No easy solutions obviously, well except bringing the NHL back, redeveloping XL, bringing in more young people, the OBVIOUS SOLUTIONS
  13. Is it possible they could just re-add any money cut during year 1 or year 2 within year 3 and back up to 250 million? IF it ends up, in my view, that they truly reduce the XL all that money while no private partners emerge then......THEN I start to worry they've slithered snake like into typical CT kick the ball down the road approach "just enough to save face and maintain UConn as is" with no improvement that attracts NHL in **ture.
  14. Myself being a Boston and M*****achusetts guy (what happened at Fenway was disgrace**l) who has on occasion attempted to get CT suburban people to see reason they do not wish to understand while myself being guilty of elitist background, I'd have to agree with Chad that Ravosa being from M***** (a place half of CT never ever goes to) does NOT HELP in his quest to put the casino in East Hartford with it's taxes helping the XL renovations. It's just a fact, people like those similar to them. Now on the other end, the state is another 200 million in the hole every day and a half...I understand that. It's all well and good. It's not going to magically get better in Hartford or CT just because they cut everything to bone and suddenly have no arena. I *****ure you that approach is a terrible idea.