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    Opening Night Ticket Sales

    True, two wrongs do not make a right. I truly do feel that MSG should have given the team some Whalers flavor. But I also believe MSG was not trying to be harsh, simply trying to turn the page. People were angry the Whalers left. They didn't use Rangers blue when they came here they used a navy. I am not trying to compare the Whalers fan base to the WolfPack fan base. When it comes to caring about the NHL, Whaler fans are far more superior. When it comes to caring about the AHL the WolfPack/Whale are far more superior. The problem with everything Whalers is we don't have the NHL we have the AHL. But why do you care you support crackport. They could play the Br***** Bonanza all night long at Whale games and your still a sound tiger fan, just like when it was the WolfPack. The rebrand didn't do anything for you. user name: hartfordyourmyhome. what a joke......
  2. Whale2WOLF

    Opening Night Ticket Sales

    Tonight we get to see if AEG will blend together Whaler tradition with WolfPack tradition. The way it should have been when Howard took over. Not all WolfPack, not all Whalers. Just a compromise to acknowledge both sides of the fan base. PS. Let's Go O's!
  3. I'm a little bit con**sed.....don't players have 2 way contracts so they won't have to clear waivers? Arn't the players with strictly NHL contracts the ones that have to clear? Regardless what would be a list of NYR's that you would expect to be in Hartford?
  4. Whale2WOLF

    CTWHALE website not found

    It was a joke. It looks like they have started work on the site and gave it a cover page. So you can't see it now unless you go to this site. Then scroll down to the CT Whale logo and click on details. http://www.carbonhouse.com/ They must have used carbon house before so that's why it looks that way.
  5. Whale2WOLF

    CTWHALE website not found

    I just noticed that myself, if you click on the available link and then go to details under CT Whale, it brings up the old Hartford WolfPack site. Could this be a preview of things we will see?
  6. hmmmm.....nothing about encouraging fans to continue to attend CT Whale games and to keep building the market. I'm sorry but saying nothing about that is basically like telling "Whaler fans" to not support it anymore cause he isn't running it.
  7. I really think a lot of you guys miss the point of AHL attendance and growing Hartford Hockey into a market that can bring the NHL back. You don't need one billionaire, you need people with money. But they have to believe in Hartford Hockey to invest in it......How???? Large p*****ionate crowds, that's how. Having a great AHL team with a huge p*****ionate following is a great 2nd prize if the NHL doesn't happen. But that's what Whaler fans can not come to terms with.
  8. 4WHA, You having memories of the WHA, probably would call me a young man. I fell in love with the Whalers when I was 9 and was heart broken at age 19 when they left Hartford. As a 19 year old I enjoyed going to Pack games, suddenly great seats at a reasonable price. Attended pretty much every game in the 1st season but missed what we didn't have. I was no longer just a Whaler fan, I was not a WolfPack fan yet, but I had truly developed a p*****ion for the sport of hockey. Finally, attending my 1st hockey playoff game, I was disappointed with the 3-0 score the Beast had over us at the end of 2. But after a 7 goal 3rd and a 7-4 win. I was all in for the WolfPack brand and never looked back. After watching my team win the Calder Cup in 2000. It hurt just as bad losing a brand as it did losing the Whalers. I lost the WolfPack brand because of a group that I used to be apart of that re**ses to turn the page. I knew that no matter how much my team is catered to their liking its not good enough for them. I am not saying all WolfPack fans are innocent in all this but, all most WolfPack/Whale fans want from Whaler fans is for them to acknowledge them as Hartford current hockey team and care about them the way we do. After that all is forgiven. Watching you video with Neely really makes me think about how much I used to hate the B's and Habs, and I really think that is the key. How do we get WolfPack/Whale/Whalers fans to all p*****ionately hate other AHL teams like the baby B's, Sound Tigers and Falcons?
  9. 4WHA-, I think you may have me con**sed with MarkH, he is the one that still lives at home. But in all seriousness. I didn't mean to be that harsh, but it is frustrating to watch people take 15 years to realize something when you sat next to them back then. There are so many people that feel now what you felt 14 years ago and there isn't anything that can change someone like Tackla. People sit here and say its the name its the league its the affiliation. But bottom line its people that don't want to work together and build with what we have now. If you mean something serious 4WHA, then convince the Hartford Whalers Booster Club to support the CT Whale as if it were the Hartford Whalers. Then your talking something that hasn't been done before. The HWBC sets up a table and doesn't even leave the concourse during play. Tell me how can that be productive for the **ture of Hartford hockey???
  10. Hartford hockey quit on us???? LOL Howard Baldwin quit on you once you invited him back and he did it again. You can make all the excuses you want for him but when it comes right down to it. His life style is much greater than most of the people on this board but did he put that in jeopardy? No he quit on you again.
  11. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ You realized that 15 years too late. It's people like you that will be to blame when we have no team at all, cause you quit on Hartford Hockey. I feel Hockey is the greatest sport in the world, it shouldn't matter what level of play the league is that your home town team plays in. I guess if we had a lot more people that thought like that we would have the NHL back already. But I seriously question how many people in the Hartford area have a huge p*****ion to the sport of hockey. Obviously not enough......
  12. It's ok, they just need more time. They thought they had a 3 year plan with a chance at an extension to properly **nd the company, not a two year plan.
  13. Whale2WOLF

    MSG vs AEG vs WSE

    Yes evo can add himself to the list cause he starts threads that have false information on them.
  14. Whale2WOLF

    MSG vs AEG vs WSE

    Now it all makes sense........you still live at home because you special needs. I truly do apologize, I had no idea...I take everything back I said bad about you. Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.