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    ... RockCats new name?

    Whalerdude11086 wrote: > Mr. Br***** Bonanza wrote: > > > And Biggie doesn't waste an opportunity to make an @ss out of himself. > > He wants the baseball team to look like the WP/Rangers. Keep dreaming Josh Why the Enfield Pizza Hut chef gets so much credibility on this board from some people I will never understand.
  2. tmoneyinBoston

    A Quick Civility Request/Suggestion, Please

    top cat wrote: > Hey tmoney, you a new guy? Don't recall you posting. Well > 'hartfordi'mnotfromthere" your new handle is now miss manners. > "despicable, repulsive, irrelevant" REALLY??? Let's play What's > My Line. I'm guessing you're a defrocked nun or priest. I'm I right? > Don't you think the use of the word "troll" is a bit over used > and has out lived itself? What exactly does it mean. Oh, I forgot you have > difficult with vocabulary. Hey tmoney, PBRs aren't worth sipping. Try a > Headytopper, Shed, Otter Creek, or a Switchback. Them is sipping brewskies. Defrocked? That's right. I tried to make a go of it in CT but the jobs weren't there. No I have no interest in working insurance or Sikorsky. Things happen and you end up places. I cringe at the site of the Bruins. I wear Whalers gear wherever I go. I do the best I can with the deck of cards I was dealt to support Hartford Hockey. (Which involves going to a game in CT or seeing them play in Worcester or Manchester). Its nothing compared to people like Whalepack or Evo but in my mind its something. (Bless them). I rather walk into a bar in CT and see people cheering for the Jets Giants and Pats then see everyone brainwashed into think Tom Brady is god. I hate being amongst a sea of Red Sox fans and pink hats. I liked it better when I was the minority. But enough of my rant. The negativity from a few people on this board is aw**l. Does someone wake up every day in Quebec and think how do I ruin the dream? Topcat & Frank, you will get *** cancer and die. PS PBR won a blue ribbon. To someone it was an award winner
  3. tmoneyinBoston

    A Quick Civility Request/Suggestion, Please

    WolfpackFan1998 wrote: > I agree 100%. > > Things need to be civil, the name-calling and insulting words do not belong > on here along with the vulgarities. > > This should be a forum for those who support Hartford hockey, who get down > to Hartford hockey games routinely, who support Hartford, who support the > team this city has and who supports the upcoming generation of Hartford > hockey fans - the youth such as Biggie1083, PackFan5580, KarmanosIsGod and > the rest of the young guys who are coming up and supporting Hartford > hockey. > > I have noticed that as things became more tense here over the years, we saw > less and less of Biggie1083, PackFan5580, and KarmanosIsGod, which is > unfortunate. Wolfie (Frank) Why do you put these guys on a silver platter? Hartford Hockey (Wolfpack, Whalers, or Uconn) needs young PBR sipping fans. The lower 10% of Southington High School cl***** of 2009 is not the **ture.
  4. tmoneyinBoston

    State Surplus Gone!?!

    Hey Biggie, How is that new garlic parmesan crust at Pizza Hut? Is it worth trying?
  5. tmoneyinBoston

    Previous Arena Attempt

    Why does this board let a pizza cook have so much credibility? Scram little buddy. If you have to bash the NHL in Hartford you probably couldnt afford it anyways..
  6. tmoneyinBoston

    Hartford Hellcats

    One day arena football will make a triumphant return!
  7. Through my travels on the internet I stumbled on this website: http://www.******cats-connecticut-coyotes/ Being born in the mid 80's I remember being very young and seeing clips of the ****cats playing in the cavernous Civic Center on the Fox 61 news. According to this article, the team offered stock to the public to generate working capital. Very interesting concept and I am surprised this occurred in Hartford. Does anyone remember the stock sale and know who bought stock? Also, is Brian Foley, the owner of CT Pride still around CT? Here is a little refresher on him: The man willingly took on Hartford's CBA franchise knowing it would lose money for the good of the community. Is he still championing any other causes in CT these days? (return of the NHL...) Hope all is well and this throwback of a topic keeps you on your toes on this cloudy Sunday. T$
  8. tmoneyinBoston

    P Bruins 6 Pack 0

    Anyone care about the goalie fight?! I am glad I am up in M*****. Whole negative vibe on everything in CT. I feel like its always going to be "C-town on the rebound" until peoples attitudes change.
  9. Caught the game in Providence tonight. Pretty sloppy game for Pack. Not many shots on goals. Lots of fights. A big fight in the third period was topped off by both goalies going at it. Made for a good game. Final attendance was 9k. Probably more like 6-7k. Lots of groups, families, and Cub Scouts. The Dunk is a very dark venue as all the seats are black. Capacity wise, it is a more intimate then the XL. Parking at the Providence place mall is $2 pay when you leave. Due to the volume of people they opened the gates and let everyone out for free to prevent a traffic jam. FREE PARKING!!!!!! Beer was $8 bucks and was half the size at the Civic Center. Saw a couple of Pack fans. Maybe it was Whalers jersey or maybe it was my excited demeanor to see some CT people, but they were not to friendly. (Must be the same people who ran Dave Chapelle out of Hartford). T$
  10. Stuck at home on a nice cold day I thought I would throw this out there - Except for a few trolls on the board for the most part everyone likes the "Whale" name. I have never been a fan of the "Connecticut" part of the name. In my opinion what ever the team is called, Hartford should be in the name. (Hartford Whale is fine by me). It would be almost like a compromise with WP1998! He gets half of his former name! If you put the Hartford back in the name, I feel as if there is more opportunity for civic pride. Connecticut has always been divided state. I will be the first to say I don't consider Fairfield County part of the state. Trying to encomp***** everyone with the name Connecticut does not work. Are we due for a new logo this year? I hope there is substantial fan involvement. If we are changing logos it may be a good opportunity to tweak the name. Reminds me of two minor league teams as of late, the Connecticut Defenders and New Haven County Cutters. They changed their names to encomp***** more people from a geographic region. As you can see, it worked for neither team. Just my opinion. (Sorry if I offended anyone from Fairfield County...aka New York lite). Hope everyone is safe today. T$
  11. tmoneyinBoston

    Lisa Bagley

    Bagley is the accountant of the XL Center. I am sure she doesn't have much input on how things operate. (Speaking as a finance professional). I would like to use this thread to discuss the Hartford FoxForce and the big names they brought to the City. Since Pack brought them up in a previous thread please go first and discuss your memories of them.
  12. tmoneyinBoston

    Board Access

    Ill end my initial thread with a few thoughts. This board is filled with a lot of good people. In order for Hartford to move forward there needs to be a positive energy. I worked a few years in Hartford to start my career. The suit case city mind set needs to end. I always felt it was get your work done and go home attitude. Negative additudes like Mr. **dgepacks wont do anything except give you ***** cancer. Call me an out of towner all you want, but its old negative clowns like you that give Hartford a bad name and create incentive for my generation to move else where. I am proud to be a "johnny-come-lately hockey fans were busy just showing up in the past 72 hours." Kind of **nny how all of us who show up out of the blue support the Whale/Whalers. I do not think many have come out and support the Wolfpack Liberation Movement. I feel Pack is stuck in some sort of depression where the glory days of his life are over. Back in 87' i am sure your life was grand. Fast forward a couple of years and your swanky job in corporate accounts payable at Aetna is gone, your Camaro is beat up, the Southington High School prom queen you married is 300 pounds, and your jean jacket doesn't fit. I have a feeling your stuck at home all day ooogling photos of Kara Walters. Maybe Sonar if your feeling a little exotic. Gold medal? Who cares? I hope your children cry every night missing the Wolfpack just like I did when the Whalers left. T$
  13. tmoneyinBoston

    Board Access

    **dgePack (Packfan) 195 Posts to troll a message board. Pathetic. The Uconn Women beat Penn State 62-57 the other day. Must have been a nailbiter. Do you have a day job? Or do you just think about your next manifesto to post on this board? I bet you really wow the guys at work with your discussions on Kara Walters and Rebeacca Lobo or whatever tall beauty is leading Uconn these days. (If you even work.... Mr. Pack did write about why he loves Mr. Obama so much in a previous post). T$
  14. tmoneyinBoston

    Board Access

    Hi Everyone, Long time reader. This is my first post. I just wanted to let you guys know it took four times to register and countless e-mails to the Courant to gain access to the board. The person at the Courant told me if they did not monitor this board it would be overtaken by spammers. I just hope they are monitoring it for real people who want to join. I was born and raised in CT and currently live outside Boston. I come home for every Whale opener the last few years. I sat in those $2 beer lines with many of you. Saw the Whale play the Monarchs in Manchester the other week. Manchester is nice little arena. WIDE concourses, good game promotions. Only complaint is the seas of UGLY tan seats. I look forward to giving my input on this board. PS Anyone who trades hockey for Uconn Women's Basketball is a troll.