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  1. Golden Knights also got some players and picks through transactions. From Anaheim Vegas got D Shea Theodore From Boston Vegas got a 5th round pick in 2017 draft From Buffalo Vegas got a 6th round pick in 2017 draft from Columbus Vegas got F David Clarkson, a 1st round pick in 2017 draft, and a 2nd round pick in 2019 draft Vegas traded its 4th round pick in 2018 draft to Florida for F Reilly Smith Vegas traded its 3rd round pick in 2017 draft or 2018 draft to Minnesota for F Alex Tuch From NY Islanders Vegas got F Mikhail Grabovski, D Jake Bischoff, a 1st round pick in 2017 draft, and a 2nd round pick in 2019 draft From Piitsburgh Vegas got a 2nd round pick in 2020 draft From Tampa Vegas got F Nikita Gusev, a 2nd round pick in 2017 draft, and 4th round pick in 2018 draft Vegas traded 1st round pick in 2017 draft that they got from Columbus to Winnipeg for 1st round pick in 2017 and 3rd round pick in 2019
  2. Vegas Golden Knights have started putting together the team roster through expansion draft. G Calvin Pickard from Colorado G Jean Francois Berube from NY Islanders G Marc Andre Fleury from Pittsburgh D Luca Sbisa from Vancouver D Jon Merrill from New jersey D Brayden McNabb from Los Angeles D Jason Garrison from Tampa D Deryk Egelland from Calgary D Colin Miller from Boston D Marc Methot from Ottawa D David Schlemko from San jose D Griffin Reinhart from Edmonton D Alexi Emelin from Montreal D Clayton Stoner from Anaheim D Trevor Van riemsdyk from Chicago D Nate Schmidt from washington F Teemu Pulkinen from Arizona F William Carrier from Buffalo F Tomas nosek from Detroit F Cody Eakin from Dallas F Jonathan Marchessault from Florida F Connor Brickley from carolina F Chris Thorburn from Winnipeg F Pierre Edouard Bellemare from Philly F James Neal from Nashville F Brendan Leipsic from Toronto F David Perron from St. Louis F Oscar Lindberg from NY Rangers F Erik Haula from Minnesota F William Karlson from Columbus
  3. My dad says that state of Ct is not going to sell authentic Ct DMV Whalers vehicle license plates blank because then someone could order a blank license plate and imprint it with what looks like a real license plate number and use it for illegal purposes. State of Ct making blank authentic Ct Dmv Whalers vehicle license plates available would be asking for trouble. Making any blank authentic Ct DMV license plates available would be asking for trouble.
  4. My dad doesn't think you can, jerseydiehardwhaler. He says Ct laws about license plates say that Ct Dmv commissioner can issue license plate with SAMPLE written on it. But he says that a SAMPLE plate can't be put on motor vehicle and can't be used as official registration. And he says he doesn't know how many SAMPLE plates can be made or even if Dmv commissioner will agree to make SAMPLE plates for people.
  5. I just don't let trolls on message boards I go to get to me. I don't give them satisfaction of getting what they want, which is to disrupt and derail threads and boards.
  6. How would you know if it doesn't help? You don't ignore them so you have no way of knowing if it helps or not. You respond to the trolls over and over and over and over again. You engage with the trolls over and over and over and over again. If you just can't control yourself from responding to them, then you set up your account on this board so that first hand you would never have to see what people you think are trolls are writing. You can do that. Their posts just won't appear to you. But you don't want to do that because you are too interested in getting in the last word and "winning" the flame war with them. But like every derailed thread on this board proves, NOBODY wins a flame war with trolls. We all end up losing. Probably a little bit of both of those things. PLUS they look at certain people going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with trolls and end up figuring that we deserve what we get out here because we won't ignore the trolls. The Courant isn't going to hold our hands and babysit us when they have already given us a way to set up our accounts to ignore the trolls. Not if we have some self control.
  7. Fingers crossed that some private investors step up with big $$$ to invest in renovating XL Center.
  8. If you really think they're trolls then what is pathetic is you "feeding" them by ALWAYS responding to them. But you will never ignore them because you ALWAYS have to get in last word. It is more important to you to get last word in then it is to ignore them. It is like you have pathological need to "win" an internet flame war. I have news for you. NOBODY "wins" internet flame war. Which is proven over and over and over and over again out here by all of the threads that end up becoming pissing contests. I go away on business for a while. When I come back the same old crap is going on. How surprising.
  9. What I want to know is when did Sean Bannon become president of hockey operations for the Calgary Flames? Geez, Brian Burke... get a haircut and eat a salad every once in a while.
  10. I just talked to my dad on the phone and he says that this press conference was not a good sign for Malloy and his Xl center plan. My dad says that it seems like Malloy is just treading water. My dad says he is hearing from political clients that there is no momentum growing in general *****embly to give Malloy entire bonding amount he wants. And my dad says that without something big like interested potential Nhl owner who is willing to step up & identify himself or without business people & companies willing to announce they will invest private money in Xl renovation, he doesn't think momentum is just going to appear out of nowhere. My dad also thinks it is not a good sign that CRDA is just now getting around to sending out RFPs and RFQs for private investment in Xl center reno. He is hearing from political clients that general *****embly members are grumbling that Malloy and CRDA should have been looking for private $$$ to partner with state on Xl center project right from the start because state economy is in such tough shape. My dad thinks that Malloy is going to need something really big to develop to get general *****embly on board with his Xl plan, but based on what he heard from Malloy today he doesn't think Malloy has anything big up his sleeve. It could be time to start praying for a miracle.
  11. Not going to lie. I was hoping for more. I mean, I wasn't expecting people from NHL headquarters to be there. I wasn't expecting possible NHL owner to be introduced. But I was hoping there would be new details to announce and talk about. Maybe news and details about talks with possible NHL owner at least going on. Maybe news and details about people or companies willing to invest private money into XL center renovation. Instead it was just rehashing of what we already know: governor supports renovation plan that he has already introduced and he wants Ct general *****embly to approve the bonding of amounts he has already asked for to renovate Xl center. Problem is that there is no word out there that indicates general *****embly members in Ct house and senate are as supportive of Xl center renovation plan as Malloy is. Problem is that there is no word out there that general *****embly members are supportive of bonding the amount of $$$ that Malloy has asked for for Xl center reno. Problem is that there is no word out there that Ct voters are gung ho for state government to bond the money that Malloy has asked for to reno XL center and no word out there that Ct voters are putting pressure on general *****embly members to back Malloy's plan for Xl center.
  12. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: Was iginla around Yep. Iginla's first **ll season in NHL was Whalers last season in Hartford. Iginla scored a goal against the Whalers in the Flames 3 to 2 win in Calgary in January. Whalers blanked Flames 2 to 0 in Hartford in March.
  13. Back and forth *****fests and pissing contests and flamewars out here make the US Congress look like a church social. When it comes to gridlock and character **********ination and dys**nction Democrats and Republicans have got nothing on us. Which is pathetic and frustrating when you realize most of us want same thing - for NHL to come back to Hartford.
  14. Reality is almost nobody is talking about John Gale piece in Courant. Almost nobody is talking about Nhl coming back to Hartford since stupid Gale opinion piece ran in Courant. Less then 20 people have posted on these boards in 6 days since Gale's dopey opinion piece ran. And I am willing to bet that more then half of those posts are from you and Whalevolution and TimmyfromBoosters. And this is message board dedicated to talking about Whalers! There is very small group of people interested in talking and posting about this **** and the same people are just talking and posting back and forth at each other over and over and over again. NHL coming back to Hartford is not nearly as interesting and important a topic to the majority of Ct residents as you, me, Whalevolution, and 20 or so regulars on this message board like to think that it is. Sad and disappointing and frustrating, but true. There are 3.5 million people in state of Ct and a message board dedicated to hartford Whalers is lucky if it can get 20 people to post on it in any regular kind of way. That is ******* sad and pathetic and frustrating!
  15. MarkH2919 wrote: You're something else. You go from "well, if the NHL is coming why aren't people talking about it, blah blah blah" to "if Gale was trying to get people talking about the NHL in Hartford, he did it in a stupid way" So now, people have to talk about it...and they have to talk about it in a way that meets your approval. Deep breath, Mark. Remember, "one of the many wonder**l things about America is that everybody has a right to their opinion". I'm just sharing mine. MarkH2919 wrote: Incredible, even by your standards. Whose standards should I be trying to meet? Yours? Thanks, but I'll stick to my standards. MarkH2919 wrote: But....it gets people talking about it....that's undeniable. Oh yeah, state of Ct is just buzzing about John Gale's editorial. About 30 or 35 people bothered to comment in Courant about his opinion piece.