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  1. If there was private investor willing to pay 62% of $250 million Xl Center renovation cost, why would governor malloy and crda keep that a secret? Why would malloy still be trying to get Ct general *****embly to approve public bonding of whole $250 million Xl center renovation plan if there was a private investor willing to pay $156.1 million of the $250 million? I mean if there was private investor willing to pay 62% of cost of Xl center reno in Hartford the way a publicly known private investor is willing to pay 62% of cost of new arena in detroit, then malloy would only need to convince Ct general *****embly to publicly bond $93.9 million. Why would malloy want Ct state budget approving process to drag on and on and on and on, including possible approval of bonding of money for XL center renovation, if there was a private investor willing to pay 62% of the reno cost for Xl center? Use your head. It does not make any sense. And planned Xl center renovation only costing $250 million compared to $862.9 million price for new arena in Detroit is so much more favorable that Malloy hasn't been able to get Ct general *****embly to even approve the public bonding of the $250 million, but the $862.9 million new arena in Detroit is opening this September. Wow! The cheaper reno price for Xl center is so "much more favorable" that we still don't know if Malloy will even be able to get Ct general *****embly to agree to publicly bond the money. Meanwhile Detroit is opening a $862.9 million arena in just over a month and got a private investor to pay $538.8 million of the price tag.
  2. And his point was that in Detroit a private investor that is known to the public and already owns NHL and MLB teams in city of Detroit is paying $538.8 million of $862.9 million price of building the new arena, which is 62% of new arena cost. In Hartford, governor Malloy wants general *****embly to publicly bond $250 million renovation of Xl Center. In Hartford there is no publicly known private investor who has publicly committed to paying for any of $250 million Xl center renovation. Only one private investor is publicly know to have even made expression of interest in Xl center reno project. And that company didn't even make a specific proposal, just said it was interested in exploring options. If there was publicly known private investor willing to pay $156.1 million of the cost of governor Malloy's proposed $250 million renovation of Xl Center, then Hartford situation would be like situation in Detroit. If there was publicly know private investor who could guarantee that a NHL team was committed and approved to play in renovated Xl center, then Hartford situation would be like situation in Detroit.
  3. You cannot say that for every team on attendance sheet. That is not true. Maine and UM***** Lowell and Providence all saw average home attendance go up in 2016-2017. So UConn was not trending like Maine and Lowell and Providence. Can you not read or do you just ignore things that do not agree with your opinion?
  4. We also go to see Trinity games. Outside of Hartford we'll get to a few Sound Tigers and Titans and Whale games. Plus we also try and check out a hand**l of other college teams like Quinnipiac, Yale, Sacred Heart, Fairfield, Connecticut College. Prep schools too sometimes.
  5. Excuse me. I meant that until a Hartford Nhl team is on the ice at Xl center, then Malloy and House are just talking.
  6. It is not "proof". It is talk. Talk is not proof. Talk is cheap. My Dad says he remembers Governor John Rowland saying Bob Kraft was a "partner" in renewal of downtown Hartford and that when it came to New England Patriots moving to Hartford stadium that "failure is not an option". The Krafts supposedly wanted to move a NFL team to Hartford. Dennis House and Jeffrey Cole and Eric Clemons and Joe Tessitore all interviewed Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft about moving the Patriots to Hartford on a Eyewitness News TV special. I hope you are right about a Nhl team coming back to Hartford. But until that team is actually skating on Xl center ice I won't be convinced. The "proof" I want is a Hartford Nhl team on the ice at Xl center. Until that happens, Rowland and House are just talking.
  7. I wish this supposed ownership group wanted to own a team in Hartford so much that it would put up at least half the $$$ needed to get major XL center renovations done. Then maybe we wouldn't have to wait "a year or two until Hartford is done with major renovations" to get a Nhl team back. If supposed ownership group that wants to own Nhl team in Hartford wanted the team so much that it was willing to put big money into major XL center renovations, then maybe major renovations could have started already. That would be really, really great news.
  8. Traffic aside? My cousin moved to LA a liitle over 5 months ago and he would tell you that unless it is 3:30 in the morning there's no such thing as "traffic aside" when it comes to driving in greater los Angeles. Most direct route from Staples Center to Honda center is going to be around 31 miles. That's going to easily take you an hour and a half to drive - mimimum - around the times that a fan would most likely be driving to a Nhl game. Probably closer to a hour and 45 minutes.
  9. As Yoda also said, "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack." Also, "You must unlearn what you have learned."
  10. Golden Knights also got some players and picks through transactions. From Anaheim Vegas got D Shea Theodore From Boston Vegas got a 5th round pick in 2017 draft From Buffalo Vegas got a 6th round pick in 2017 draft from Columbus Vegas got F David Clarkson, a 1st round pick in 2017 draft, and a 2nd round pick in 2019 draft Vegas traded its 4th round pick in 2018 draft to Florida for F Reilly Smith Vegas traded its 3rd round pick in 2017 draft or 2018 draft to Minnesota for F Alex Tuch From NY Islanders Vegas got F Mikhail Grabovski, D Jake Bischoff, a 1st round pick in 2017 draft, and a 2nd round pick in 2019 draft From Piitsburgh Vegas got a 2nd round pick in 2020 draft From Tampa Vegas got F Nikita Gusev, a 2nd round pick in 2017 draft, and 4th round pick in 2018 draft Vegas traded 1st round pick in 2017 draft that they got from Columbus to Winnipeg for 1st round pick in 2017 and 3rd round pick in 2019
  11. Vegas Golden Knights have started putting together the team roster through expansion draft. G Calvin Pickard from Colorado G Jean Francois Berube from NY Islanders G Marc Andre Fleury from Pittsburgh D Luca Sbisa from Vancouver D Jon Merrill from New jersey D Brayden McNabb from Los Angeles D Jason Garrison from Tampa D Deryk Egelland from Calgary D Colin Miller from Boston D Marc Methot from Ottawa D David Schlemko from San jose D Griffin Reinhart from Edmonton D Alexi Emelin from Montreal D Clayton Stoner from Anaheim D Trevor Van riemsdyk from Chicago D Nate Schmidt from washington F Teemu Pulkinen from Arizona F William Carrier from Buffalo F Tomas nosek from Detroit F Cody Eakin from Dallas F Jonathan Marchessault from Florida F Connor Brickley from carolina F Chris Thorburn from Winnipeg F Pierre Edouard Bellemare from Philly F James Neal from Nashville F Brendan Leipsic from Toronto F David Perron from St. Louis F Oscar Lindberg from NY Rangers F Erik Haula from Minnesota F William Karlson from Columbus
  12. My dad says that state of Ct is not going to sell authentic Ct DMV Whalers vehicle license plates blank because then someone could order a blank license plate and imprint it with what looks like a real license plate number and use it for illegal purposes. State of Ct making blank authentic Ct Dmv Whalers vehicle license plates available would be asking for trouble. Making any blank authentic Ct DMV license plates available would be asking for trouble.
  13. My dad doesn't think you can, jerseydiehardwhaler. He says Ct laws about license plates say that Ct Dmv commissioner can issue license plate with SAMPLE written on it. But he says that a SAMPLE plate can't be put on motor vehicle and can't be used as official registration. And he says he doesn't know how many SAMPLE plates can be made or even if Dmv commissioner will agree to make SAMPLE plates for people.
  14. I just don't let trolls on message boards I go to get to me. I don't give them satisfaction of getting what they want, which is to disrupt and derail threads and boards.