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  1. The Voice of the Whalers

    p4277 wrote: > Which MLB team are the Yard Goats affiliated with? AA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies
  2. AMEN

    Sure I want our Whalers back and I would be overjoyed if it actually happened. But realistically, I will settle for just getting the Rangers the he11 out of Hartford and bringing in a new affiliate. Finally "Repeal and Replace" the Rangers infestation of our Capital City and "Make Hartford Hockey Great Again"!
  3. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    TeenWhalersFan wrote: > top cat wrote: > > You are a nice guy Whalers4 sorry for any caustic remarks that I may have > > made. > > Top Cat, kudos to you. You are one of the best here. You disagree without being > rude... I hope the Whalers will come back, but I got my Lightning.... Lighting is ok too, as I have family in Tampa as well
  4. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    top cat wrote: > WeeWee moves a wee bit slow. It took him 10 years to move on??? As for > whalers4 being a team booster and not a sports booster let me remind him > that his team doesn't exist and hasn't for 21years. I'm guessing you might > go with LV because there's no toxic memories. It's all a fresh start. I get > it, but what about the distance unless you go to LV a few times a yr. the > distance would be *****bersome would it not? Any way if you move on you > should ck out this site out on a regular bases it's chuck **ll of giggles I have family in Vegas, but I don't get there that often. But with no black out rules I could catch all their games here in CT on NHL season p***** if I wanted. I'm always on this site TC, I just don't always comment.
  5. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    will5059 wrote: > Great. I hope you enjoy watching the Golden Knights. Like I said earlier > you'll be able to listen and view every game daily just as you did with the > Whalers. Hope**lly it helps you get over 30 year old beefs and create some > new ones that are actually relevant. Word on the street is Claude Julien is > at the top of their list. Hope**lly them hiring a guy who coached the > Bruins for 10 years isn't a deal breaker. Not at all. Like I said, I haven't even really followed the NHL for the last 20 years, except to check in now and then and route for the Rangers and Bruins to do poorly. Because of the Wolf Pack and MSG's infestation of Hartford my hate for the Rangers exceeds that of the Bruins. If and when I do get out to Vegas I will try to time my visit so that the Rangers are in town playing the Knights. Because that's the game I would really most like to see.
  6. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    will5059 wrote: > That's all well and good. I think that in today's world, with things like > Gamecenterlive, apple tv and every teams play by play on XM it's easier > than ever to hitch on to any of the 30 other teams. All that being said who > am I or anyone to tell you to like anything. I will say the NHL is still > great even though it no longer includes the Whalers. I can't tell you to > adopt a new team, I can only highly recommended it. I really took me like > 10 years to get back into it so I understand your thought process. Now that > is different than holding a grudge against a franchise over something that > happened 30 years ago to a team that hasn't existed in 20. That line of > reasoning is both unhealthy and irrational. Actually my rational is an unwillingness to latch onto "Someone else's" team with their own history that I was never a part of or witnessed. Which is why I'm giving serious consideration of becoming a Las Vegas Knights fan starting next season. That way I'm there from the beginning, just like my Whalers. Plus I have family out there and could be an interesting trip to visit and take in a game. Not to mention no black out rules here in CT to watch them. With that being said, yes. I do hold grudges.....for a very long time.
  7. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    top cat wrote: > whalers4 and markie are poster boys for "What was will be > forever" That's a slogan that's used by politicians and religious > zealots. Take some courses in psychology and Philosophy or a more expedient > way to see the light find a good psychologist or psychiatrist How old is > whalers 4? That would be the day that I'd wait forever for a team to come > back after over 20yrs. and No indication of it returning. Remember my posts > comparing a person who sits by the window waiting for a return of their > love one? That's you guys! Yes it took me a couple of years to get over the > Whaler loss but it's a game nothing more. And I had some reasonable choices > to fill the hole. I really believe you guys need counseling I'm under no illusion, I don't suffer from some psychosis. I know that The Whalers returning is a long $hot to say the least. But just because I've never chosen to follow another NHL team does not make me crazy. I'm a "Team Fan" more than a "Sports Fan". Meaning I don't "love" a sport for the sake of the sport itself. I love watching "MY" team play that given sport, understand? I'm that way with every sport, not just hockey. I enjoy all sports, but if my team is not playing my interest is casual at best. I lost my hockey team in 1997, I also lost interest in the NHL the same time. If that makes me crazy, so be it.
  8. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    will5059 wrote: > Good grief that was like 30 years ago. Let it go. Never, like the names says ....Whalers4ever. I was there for all of it, lived through every season. I can never see myself supporting a team that my Whalers actually played. Especially a regional foe. Just not going to happen, but that's just me. I would never tell anyone they are wrong if they chose to support an Islanders team should they come to Hartford. Just saying I won't.
  9. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    MarkH2919 wrote: > Really, W4E. In my opinion, it would be a horrible business decision to > not name any Hartford NHL entry the Whalers, but if the Islanders did move > here and decided to keep their nickname, fine. I'd go anyway. > > It's the NHL. Simple as that. I couldn't do it, not for another New York Team in Hartford, even if it's NHL level hockey. No thanks. I was there the night Bryan Trottier cross checked Mark Howe into the net, I remember the games against the Islanders, I could never support them.
  10. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    MarkH2919 wrote: > While I think it would be absolutely ludicrous to not call a Hartford NHL > team the Whalers, I'd support the NHL regardless of name, colors, etc. > > Would make zero difference. Because they'd be OUR team. Really Mark? Even if the Islanders just move into Hartford without a name or brand change?
  11. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    WolfpackFan1998 wrote: > Whalers4Ever wrote: > > My concern would be the lack of support an Islander team would receive in > > such a situation > > > Why do you fear a "lack of support" ??? > > Is it because of failures in Hartford such as: > - CT Whale (failed twice) > - Hartford Colonials football > - Connecticut Pride > - Connecticut Coyotes arena football > - Hartford ****cats basketball > - New England Seawolves arena football > - Hartford Bicentennials soccer > - New England Blizzard basketball > - Hartford ****ions soccer > - Connecticut Crush football > - Hartford FoxForce tennis > > > Or, you could simply just support the CHAMPIONSHIP team which has worked for the past > 20 years and support real Hartford Hockey... as opposed to supporting the Islanders As I stated, neither would be OUR team. Your beloved Wolf Pack is nothing more than a minor league team OWNED by the New York Rangers. IF the Islanders came here and played AS the Islanders, they would be the New York Islanders, playing in Hartford, both clearly NOT our team. Pay attention and try to keep up.
  12. WhalePack, see my other post on this topic. After some reflection, I amended my thoughts on the matter. But I still would not support an Islanders named team in Hartford, sorry.
  13. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    For all of us that would embrace a Whalers team, there is probably one fan that would walk away. I'm not sure Hartford could afford a "push" as far as attendance and support goes. Maybe the best thing for everyone would be to find a balance where we're not alienating a portion of the fan base. Whalers colors, sure. Neutral name and goal song, check. Start a new "state wide" inclusive NHL tradition while still honoring our past, yes. The Whalers will always be part of us and our history. For those of us old enough to have witnessed it, we will always have those memories. But I feel if we are to have an actual chance a succeeding long term with an NHL team in Hartford, we have to hit the reset button. Honor the past, but blaze a new **ture. One we all can accept and get behind and support. And that's not the Islanders (unless they rebrand themselves), and it's definitely NOT the Wolf Pack. Could it be the Connecticut Coyotes? I guess we'll see.........
  14. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    A green and blue clad Coyotes team should satisfy the Whalers faith**l (and also match the Yard Goats ) The Connecticut name would make all fans in the state feel included and that this was "their" team with a desire to come and see them play, watch them on TV or listen on the radio etc. Point being, a focal point for all to rally around and support. Obviously Bruins and Rangers fans are not going to give up their loyalties, but their butts will fill the seats of the XL, especially when their team is in town. I now feel that we could alienate significant portions of a potential fan base if the city were to once again call an NHL, Hartford based team the Whalers. Hard for me to admit, I know, it hurts but reality is they've been gone for 20 years. An entire generation has grown up never knowing Whalers hockey or even caring about it. It could prove unwise to try and force a Whalers team down every fans throat.
  15. If the NHL returns to Hartford

    Perhaps the best thing to have happen would be a reset of sorts. Let's use the struggling Coyotes for a good example. Say they were to agree to come to Hartford to play in our newly re**rbished and retrofitted XL Center. Changed their name to the "Connecticut Coyotes" which would give it some history tied to Hartford as we had a Arena football team by that name for two seasons downtown. It would also be "inclusive" for the entire state, not just the city of Hartford. They would be Connecticut's team, as well as Hartford's. For a "tip of the hat" to Hartford's hockey heritage the Coyotes change their team colors to Green and blue. (Br***** Bonanza remains with UConn and forever with our Whalers)