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  1. Hartford Athletic soccer

    As much as I love this, Hartford's still a minor league city and don't see us getting a MLS franchise anytime soon or at all. Non major cities like Tulsa, Richmond, Frensno, all have USL teams and it fits
  2. Fraudie, how DARE you make these bogus statements saying that the Wolfpack is HARTFORD hockey. We all know here that it isn't.
  3. Don't think there's any haters in here, except Fraudie since they're not red and blue
  4. He needs to be CEO/President/GM/Head Coach of the new Whalers franchise destined to be the next expansion team in the NHL. **** let's name them the Hartford Markies, Biggie and Greg won't even be allowed in the arena. Only then will he support Hartford "professional" Hockey.
  5. http://www.courant.com/opinion/insight/hc-op-insight-flaherty-hartford-embrace-minor-league-20180530-story.html
  6. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Jesus christ you two are f'in annoying.
  7. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    you two have way too much time on your hands
  8. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    False, late November/early December the margin was about 1500. It's now down to about 800ish
  9. UConn's Hockey East Scenarios

    Have to say, the PA Announcer is horrible. On the 3rd Um***** goal, he announced it un*****isted to Hildenbrand who didn't even register a point on it.
  10. The Wolfpack had Latino heritage Night back in January.......
  11. Connecticut's Team?

    Nope Markie boy, Could give half a ***** who owns the Canes. The fact you're an internet bully, you never let anything die here, you let Franks trolling enrage you. You constantly have to be the big dog around here. it's pretty **n watching how pathetic it all is.
  12. Connecticut's Team?

    My point exactly, keep on keeping on.
  13. Connecticut's Team?

    Though whom disagree with Hartford's lord and savior MarkH2919 shall be subject to the harshest of names.
  14. They've been doing this for 20+ years. It's a Wednesday night and it's still Winter break on campus.....
  15. The Seatte Thunderbirds wore Whalers style jerseys and colors, still do. The Plymouth Whalers were named the Whalers Don't see you guys supporting that....
  16. Only reason the BC is going is because they're wearing Whalers 'style' jerseys. this game has nothing to do with the Whalers.
  17. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    Mark, you're bragging now on a message board that 15 people use because you feel you've won. Do you not realize how pathetic that sounds. No wonder everyone views you as a loser. Having no job and sitting at home in your little fantasy world where you're the biggest thing since sliced bread muse be so exciting. You must feel so pathetic about your life since you've accomplished nothing but being the king of a message board and eating at Friendly's once a month that you created an online persona here to ***** on other people opinions.
  18. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    @WhalerChad Try early 40's & once again he's threatening me to get in his face. Maybe I should report to the XL Center that he's threatening people, he could end up being a danger.
  19. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    Just wondering if you'll be able to get your big gut out of your seat.
  20. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    Oh wait, is there room at the table at Friendly's or are you taking up an entire booth?
  21. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    See ya January 2nd fatso. I'd say come say hi at a Wolfpack game, but you'd never go to one to start with.
  22. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    Mark, you're just as bad as KJ and Biggie no matter how much you deny it
  23. Pucky comes home?

    Gl*****on a caretaker.....yeah ok
  24. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    point is, even if I started a new thread, it'd somehow end up with you and THHF arguing over something retarded with you trying to prove your superiority per usual
  25. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    RIP Zarley Zalapski... would say post a new thread on it but you two mooks are busy arguing over retarded crap