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  1. Evo I have some updated questions about the ice system / dashers being put in place 1. Did we ever find out if they are using metal piping instead of the pvc pipping like they originally were going to? (Which would be no good since that is the same system Barclays has and is woe**lly inefficient for NHL) 2. Will the dasher system (gl*****) include the rounded bit near the ends of the benches? 3. Will they actually (the XL Center/Spectrum) let fans hit the gl***** now that it's going to be new? I don't know of any other arena in the country that has the arena workers act like Nazis about banging on the gl*****, only in Hartford.
  2. And **rthermore can you tell me what harm Mark is doing if all his 'lies' take place on a message board that you claim is only read by 20 people? What you do is much, much different and again you know this because you are more or less a dedicated anti-Whaler martyr who tries to change his approach depending on the medium like a chameleon. I mean I literally see you doing this all the time it never fails. You go out of your way to spread misinformation and spin everything on pages with 8-10,000+ members, not to mention you're pretty much in the comment section of every minuet Whalers related story which are also seen by thousands. It's pretty absurd actually but it's an indictment on what type of person you are. I know how you operate and you know I know. You're not gonna out maneuver me bud, that's for damn sure. Don't even bother trying.
  3. Biggie1083 wrote: > I started posting on here when the page was dedicated to the Whale and > their games. There were topics dedicated to player movements, gamecasts, > and other things with hundreds of people posting. Now, there are only about > 20 people left posting on here, and when I stop posting on here people > start talking about me and I come back to defend myself. We have civil > discussions for a while, so I stick around. Then, I start getting attacked > and told that I'm wrong or am a liar. If one being wrong two or three times > means I'm a liar and don't know what I'm talking about, then what does that > make Mark who has been wrong so many times about the Wolf Pack leaving, the > Whale brand staying forever, the Islanders never moving to Brooklyn, or how > ever many teams that he's said were going to come to Hartford over the past > few years? Omitting is still a form of lying, liar. And you do your fair share of outright lies as well. Remember you tried to tell everyone here that after the $35M renovation to the XLC the capacity would shrink to 13,000? Remember that time you actually tried to twist yourself into a pretzel in attempt to say UConn only drew a little over 3,000 fans the 2014-15 season (when they actually drew 5,814)? Remember? HeII you just lied on the other thread saying the tournament was cancelled due to poor attendance when it was because Yale never joined the fray. It's all in the history books to look back up and that's just the tip of the iceberg but there is so much of your crap to keep up with it becomes tiring which comes to think of it, is probably your method. You are a man-child with very low integrity, if any at all.
  4. Biggie1083 wrote: > I didn't "purposely omit" anything. I even said "They played > at the XL Center but only got around 4,000 people a game. They might get > more now, but I don't know." You said the "Power brokers for the > programs really need to get that CT Tourney set up ASAP." I responded > by saying that they have tried but it never worked out. The last time the > held the tournament they were in Hockey East but they weren't played at the > XL Center and Quinnipiac bowed out. Those games were played in Bridgeport > and averaged about 3000 people. These tournaments had two or three of the > four CT teams but never got enough people to make it worth while. That's > why they stopped holding them. Yes, you did purposely omit the fact that UConn was still in Atlantic Hockey drawing under 1,000 fans per game at the time. And no, they stopped hosting them because Yale didn't ever hop on-board you liar and there was no point of staging a "CT Tourney" with a 4th team from NY or M***** so yes, QU subsequently bowed out too (All 3 teams tried hard to get Yale to come over). You honestly would've given Goebbels a run for his money if you lived in Nazi Germany in the 1930's. You're the biggest fibber there is. UConn as a program stopped playing in Bridgeport because attendance was poor there, a real tournament with the prestige of all 4 Connecticut teams vying for an actual trophy with real stakes on the line would be hosted in Hartford. And now that UConn as a program draws 5,500+ avg. at the XL Center it would be leaps and bounds more success**l not to mention QU had an impressive contingent last year for the game and most definitely would make the short trip. And I don't see why Yale if they ever stopped being d!cks (scheduling concerns be damned) wouldn't travel. They have great fans too.
  5. How sad of existence does one have to have to be the #3 or 4 most frequent poster on a message board of a team he loathes? And that's without delving into the creepiness of a 35 year-old fanboying over a team people stop caring about by the time they hit the age of 13..
  6. Biggie1083 wrote: > MarkH2919 wrote: > > All I said was "The CRDA can kick the Rangers out" > > > > you said they couldn't. > > > > you're wrong. > > > > shocking..... > > You made it sound like the CRDA could kick the Wolf Pack out for another AHL. They > can't do that. They can only do it if a NHL team decides to come. The writing is on the wall Biggie, enjoy the last days of the last days.
  7. Biggie1083 wrote: > They tried to have a CT "Beanpot" a few times but Yale wouldn't > do it. UConn, Quinnipiac, and Sacred Heart would be in it and then they'd > invite someone else. I think one year they had UM***** and another year they > had Union (NY). They played at the XL Center but only got around 4,000 > people a game. They might get more now, but I don't know. It would be cool > to have it though. I think the last year they did it they held it in > Bridgeport. A 'CT Beanpot' without all 4 CT teams is not a CT Beanpot you jackwagon and you know that, but your MO is to obtuse as possible so it's par for the course with you. And they did hold a tournament at the XLC but what you conveniently left out (which you're definitely completely aware of but purposely omit; you know like you do a lot) is that that tournament in Hartford was held in 2013, a year before UConn made it transition to Hockey East; they were still a member of Atlantic Hockey and hadn't cultivated their following yet and once more Yale didn't participate. Again all things I'm sure you knew already.. Now that UConn draws 5,500+ and are on the conscience of HFD County hockey fans I personally cannot imagine a scenario where they would draw less than their avg. to a very prestigious tournament if the 4 CT schools set this up right and all participate. I know QU and Yale would be well represented and SHU, if they can grow a fanbase playing out of WBA could potentially have more fans willing to travel over the next few years.
  8. What do people think the attendance would be for a CT Beanpot? My thoughts are it obviously needs to be staged in Hartford because it's smack dab in the middle of the state and has the capacity you would need for this. If we were conservative I would say you at least 5,500 UConn fans, which is their avg. at the XLC for their first 2 seasons (no reason they would draw less especially if this was not an ordinary game). QU and Yale - 3,000 each? SHU - 1,000? QU and Yale fans would make up a sizable contingent I'd imagine maybe even more? I know QU had a good showing last season at the XL. So would 12,000 be a reasonable estimate? What does everyone not named Biggie or WP98 think?
  9. Biggie1083 wrote: > MarkH2919 wrote: > > But even with the parade (which, again, was more than the Pack had for their > title), > > the FHL title and the Calder Cup title are worth the same. Zilch. > > That's your opinion, it's not the majority of hockey fans opinion. The majority of hockey fans know AHL product is a joke and is only getting worse.
  10. I think the last game played between the 2 at Hamden, UConn lost 2-1 in OT? Last year's game would've been competitive down to the end but the Huskies exercised 0 discipline. Be interesting to see what happens this season. It should be a good game. Love that UConn plays Yale too (even though Masonius & Thompson might be unavailable). Power brokers for the programs really need to get that CT Tourney set up ASAP. Sacred Heart is now playing it's home games at Webster Bank Arena **ll time for at least the next 5 seasons, so they're committed to elevating the program. We have a great cache of D1 hockey schools especially if SHU gains a little momentum.
  11. Biggie1083 wrote: > Whaleofatime wrote: > > p4277 wrote: > > > MarkH2919 wrote: > > > > Speaking of UConn, they announced the January 12th game against Maine > will > > > > be at the Arena @ Harbor Yard in Bridgeport. XL is booked for Disney > on > > > > Ice. > > > > > > > > > UConn will be playing at Quinnipiac on Wednesday, Oct 19. Are any of you > guys > > going > > > to make the trip to Hamden for the game? > > > > I would've but the tickets sold out already. > > That always happens with QU games. I don't know how many times I've tried to get > tickets to a game down there, but they're always sold out. **lly aware. I knew when they went on sale but putz around instead of buying them right away.
  12. top cat wrote: > It's past frustrating. It's absurd. F&%# Betman and shame on the 6 > Canadian franchises. I think it's pretty much unanimous that this board > thinks Quebec should a team. That is except wee wee willie who hates Canada > and doesn't know $ h i t about the sport. JC even wolfie agrees. 7*
  13. p4277 wrote: > MarkH2919 wrote: > > Speaking of UConn, they announced the January 12th game against Maine will > > be at the Arena @ Harbor Yard in Bridgeport. XL is booked for Disney on > > Ice. > > > UConn will be playing at Quinnipiac on Wednesday, Oct 19. Are any of you guys going > to make the trip to Hamden for the game? I would've but the tickets sold out already.
  14. Biggie relax with you're lying that the players are on par with the YG's they're not or they'd be in MLB organizations. David Dahl is one of the better prospects in MLB and played for them. Almost 3/4 of the Rockies top 20 prospects played on the team. The Bees have players who aren't on anybody's radars except for maybe a pitcher here or there. It's too bad they failed hard year 1 and I don't have much faith they'll last many more years especially with competition on the horizon. It's a shame because the branding is better than the Rockcats but it is what it is. The attendance was bad.
  15. Whaleofatime

    HWBC elections tomorrow

    Does a booster club to be recognized by the NHL need to be called X X Boster Club? If not Evo you should just merge Whalers Brigade. I know for a fact if you and Jerry pushed for people to sign up under the Whalers Brigade banner people would respond. I'm just brainstorming but maybe an arrangement where you promote their memberships w/them and people who sign up are collectively called the Whalers Brigade? I know that people aren't likely to go to meetings but it would be good for sheer numbers, their scholarship award and people would go to events like the Bristol Blues Whaler Night **nctions. I'm just spitballing so take my suggestion with a grain of salt.