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  1. HI top TWAT!!!!!!! Just checking in with you!!!! Hope all is well in VT, be safe
  2. cmbeers21

    FYI .......... Yard Goats

    t Now that leaves at least 2 > more dis**nctional members: metoo and wackey willie. Of course there's the > nut job above all nuts cmbeers who only posts when a staff member of > Whiting Forensic let's him on a computer. That's info for the new guy. Hi buddy, the headmaster here allowed me to use the computer for a couple of minutes......How are you?????? Glad to see you are still thinking about me Take care.
  3. cmbeers21

    Play-offs anyone?

    For > your sake dude, your are a poster boy of a angry, white, middle aged super > nationalistic, super a $$hole join the 21st century. This hope**lly your > last wuppen form yours truly. Top Twat, everything that you write about everyone else on here is indicative of who you are.......YOu are such and angry person, i fell sorry for you, I hope you find peace in some facet of your life. I am embarr*****ed for you and feel sorry for you. So much anger and hate you spew. If the whalers do come back I hope you never step foot in the arena. YOU MY FRIEND ARE NOT WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! Typical wanna be hippie, act so liberal and open minded however you are the one who cast judgment on everyone and everything they do and say. GO F yourself you idiot. I look forward towards our conversation when the yard goats play their first game. ON a side note, rangers down 2-0, Stamkos may be the most unappreciated player in the league, year after year he just gets the job done. Bishop had one bad game but he is playing lights out. Ducks Vs Bolts I hope. Sick of seeing the hawks in it but they always pull it off. Two great teams going at it in the West. Just hope the Bolts continues as the third period is about to start. F the Habs, F the rangers, and F Gary Bettman. Go whale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. cmbeers21

    Play-offs anyone?

    WolfpackFan1998 wrote: > jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > > Oh you mean the brand that's comjng back by popular demand.. One of the top > > 5 sellers for the NHL.. > > > Son, the NHL doesn't hand out teams to cities based upon T-shirt Sale Revenue > numbers. > > You were given 2 chances and you failed miserably both times. There will be no 3rd > chance for you, sorry. Son, who the heck do you think you are? The Wolfpack are an AHL team.....nobody really cares about them. I am part of your lust buddies Biggies generation and I can *****ure you that 99.99% of this generation could give a rats a$$ about the AHL and the Wolfpack. Do you get off on posting to this website? As I type this I don't know why I am even responding to you because you are probably sitting behind the computer just laughing at all of us who respond to you as this is must be part of some huge joke you have with this board. By the way you still haven't answered Top Twats question yet? Top Twat, Ill make sure I behave when the Yard Goats season begins so that I can *****ure you I will be out here in the community. Love to have a civil conversation Anybody else noticing the BlackHawks are starting to stumble a bit. If I had to pick I would go with the Ducks to win the cup this year. Canadiens get knocked out in the first round by the Bruins...If they make it, and yes that is a big if Mr. Kitty Toodles
  5. cmbeers21

    Hartford Yard Goats

    top cat wrote: > Ps: He also mentioned that perhaps we could drive down to catch a > Binghamton Met/ Hartford game and check out the old neighborhoods. I'd be > very happy to post the date so a few of you could have the opportunity to > run your moths face to face. Now that's exciting!! Let me know when you will be in town.....I'd love to have a conversation with you face to face.
  6. cmbeers21


    top cat wrote: > HOW BOUT DEM HAS BEENS you nit wit. Again no chatter at all in North > America about hartford. Oh by the way I think the term "Troll" > has become a little over used. It seems that only you metoo still use it. > It also seems that you and evo are the only members who think the NHL in > Hartford is a done deal. For the record for the 20th time "ID like > nothing better than a NHL return however I don't think it likely as the > overwhelming members on this board don't think so either. SO this being a > "HOCKEY " site Currently the Habs are NO.1 in the East and we are > approaching the spring season. That my friend is very significant. All the > name calling is not going to change that. GO HABS GO!!!! You keep saying you would like nothing more than to see the NHL return to Hartford however your post clearly show the polar opposite. Hartford doesn't want you back and when we do get a team back you are not welcome into this stadium along with all of you other trolls out there. Go hang out on Peru St. Top Twat and smoke some weed with all of those loser as$ wanna be hippies up in Burlington. Hartford doesn't want you so stick with your new team, go post on a Habs site..... or do you not speak their native tongue. TOOL!!!
  7. cmbeers21

    A plausible theory

    Top cat...$uck the meat you old *****
  8. cmbeers21 Whalers article

    top cat wrote: > OK W4E, and I was doing so well. after all tis the season. So address the meat of the > post. No pun intended. And don't say "what meat>?" see playing nice is > most definitely a 2 way street. Top Twat talking about meat again. Hey Top Twat....The meat......**** IT!!!!!
  9. cmbeers21

    Current NHL #s

    Hi TOP TWAT, how are you? still a herb? you ***** stick
  10. Bout time you noticed you *****tard, and try not to steal a quote from good will hunting. P.S. GO ***** YOURSELF!!!
  11. By the way the huskies beat your team you herb
  12. You are a miserable person TOPCAT with nothing better to do with your time. Why don't you go enjoy the great outdoors of Vermont and spend less time on your computer arguing with everyone and telling us how great the Habs and catamounts are. FYI the Habs will not win another one for decades.
  13. cmbeers21

    Pre season roll

    You guys have gone on long enough with your B-$hit. Why don't the three of you go to another board or text each other you distaste for one another. It is really getting old and I feel that this board is a wast of time. All the talk on here is back and forth between who's &ick is bigger. Why don't all three of you grow a pair and finally meet up to solve this problem. NOw if you want to actively do something to bring the whalers back, attend meetings, games, contact local government, promote, and maybe attend the bus trip with us.... and yes top cat it was one measly little bus that went last time no where near to your 15 buses that you would arrange. An WP98 I hope the Sharks move to Hartford you herb!!!!!
  14. The details have finally been worked out. Time to show your true support for the Whalers by attending this game and showing the NHL that their is plenty of fans left in CT!!!! Follow the link for the details please. Please let me know if you have any questions.