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  1. medium_ball_of_hate


    I wrote that article. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use it to make a retarded anti-Hartford argument. Worst case scenario, they wait a season longer than planned. Still less than the Whalers spent in Springfield. Still a m*****ively success**l brand that builds on Hartford's heritage, still a great location downtown, still better baseball than the garbage being played in New Britain with ugly Bruins colors. If anyone goes first it will be the Bees, who have a run-down stadium, more overhead, and very weak attendance for a team that is in such a supposedly great baseball town. Second to last in the league as of this writing... jimmytheidiotboy wrote: > Dumpster Fire Park may not be ready for 2017 either. This is awesome. > Such a ***** show. This will go down as one of the biggest travesties in > the history of the city. **rther proof that Hartford may NEVER get it. > I've given up on it. They will never--ever be a "real" and > progressive city. > > > > Who wants to bet that the Yard Goats relocate before they EVER play a game > in Hartford?
  2. medium_ball_of_hate

    Disrespecting the "Jr. Rangers".

    Comparable attendance, LOL. Black Wolves pull crowds between 3-5k.
  3. They aren't necessarily spending it in CT, and almost certainly not in Hartford proper. Even if it's just a matter of shifting a portion of the economic activity from scattered sites in the suburbs into one central location in Hartford, the overall levels of activity might be the same but now it's centralized in a way that allows Hartford to attract things like major league teams and large corporations which then subsequently increase the overall economic activity and bring wealth here. p4277 wrote: > Another thing to remember about the economic impact is that a new sports > arena/team may attract money, but that is money that won't be spent > elsewhere. People have only so much disposable income for entertainment, > so if they are buying hockey tickets, they are not going to as many movies, > restaurants, concerts, etc.
  4. medium_ball_of_hate

    Whaler Guys going into your XL Center next week

    We all want the NHL back, but saying it's a waste of money to build this facility for UConn is stupid and reeks of anti-UConn bitterness. The revenue it would generate, with the **ll commitment of UConn dates which is contingent on this plan getting **nded, would put the XL Center in the black. It's not in the black now and it won't be without this plan. It's certainly key for UConn to commit to Hartford and keep elevating it's programs and get into a better conference, but that's always been central to these renovations.
  5. medium_ball_of_hate

    Called it: Tucson not as done of a deal as it seemed

    Yeah I wasn't gonna dig through all of that mess, lol. Arizona is dead, I see no way forward. It's not a question of if but when to me. What they do with the AHL team is as relevant as the fact that Karmanos spent money on a practice facility before moving the team. Whalevolution wrote: > Yes Brett posted it in the Falcons to Desert thread. Pg4, just if you want > to see the opinion posts there > > Just more proof how strange it is that they wanted to move that team 3000 > miles away. > > Most interesting quote for me. > > BeKozachik said. > > “But the fact that they are jumping ship from Springfield, that means they > can’t come in here with a straight face and say they are here for the long > haul.” > > > Boom! But he's just playing hard ball. Can't blame him they have budget > issues as well. It would be **nny if the Baby Yotes did leave in a year
  6. PR is just a platform for telling you what they want you to hear.
  7. medium_ball_of_hate

    Coyotes Glendale Financial Bloodbath

    A cheap temporary fix has been tentatively approved, work has not begun. The real fix involves public city money, and they aren't sold:
  8. Facts are great for fact-checking: Or you guys could argue with confirmed trolls and senile dudes from Vermont. Your choice.
  9. medium_ball_of_hate

    new britain bees home opener

    Very low energy. New Britain fans seem to put more energy into bashing Hartford on Facebook than actually attending games. Lots of bold talk about out-drawing Hartford, but that seems unlilkely as the Goats possess the best record in all of baseball and reality of weak independent baseball sinks in. I wish em the best, but the "rivalry" between the two fan bases is dumb as they are literally not in the same league.
  10. LOL it's in the CRDA meeting minutes. They bonded an amount far in excess of the $250 million. It just needs to be allocated to spend it. Why is there so much speculation and debate about things which are a matter of public record? WhalerChad wrote: > MarkH2919 wrote: > > The nacho guy told me the XL money is already bonded anyway. > i would feel more confident if it was some body more important then nacho guy telling > you this. but i guess we take what we can get until some thing is announced.
  11. medium_ball_of_hate

    Guess the news?

    We've all been saying this forever. Seattle would have been in years ago if they wanted it. THEY DON'T WANT IT.
  12. medium_ball_of_hate

    Coyotes Glendale Financial Bloodbath

    As we've discussed, the "slam dunk" relocation of the Falcons to Tucson isn't exactly a done deal yet. The team needs to begin play in a few months. There's no suitable rink in Tucson, and there city isn't exactly jumping up to spend taxpayer dollars to lure a team which might be gone in one year. There has been talk of a lame-duck season in Portland as AZ's affiliate, and unless the Coyotes pull an A-1 con job on the city of Tucson and get the rink **nded and done ASAP, they ain't playing in the desert next year. Glendale has made it crystal clear that they aren't chipping in, and the NHL BOG has to be mighty tired of subsidies having already chipped in $200+ million. There's a serious disconnect between all of this talk of staying in Glendale for many years and bringing the AHL to Tucson, and the reality of a team that's bleeding money, has no arena deal, and has Dave Tippett effectively doing three jobs rather than hiring real executives. The PR blurbs may say one thing, the math says another.
  13. medium_ball_of_hate

    Can Hartford metro area support 3 NHL teams ?

    In case anyone has forgotten, WP98 is a confirmed troll. He was caught in person. Not a Wolf Pack fan, just someone having a joke at the expense of anyone who takes the bait. Feed the troll at your own risk.
  14. medium_ball_of_hate

    Xl center

    I'm not done starry eyed optimist pitching a five year deadline based in sources. My only basis for real hope is the fact that the NHL is a very niche sport with a lot of problematic markets and very few solution markets. I really don't sweat the fact that Hartford isn't being mentioned in relocation rumor articles because they're also mentioning locations that are never happening like Portland and Hamilton. Bad company to be mentioned in and there's no basis other than speculation anyways. If a shovel went into the ground we'd be right in the conversation with QC overnight, but being talked about is irrelevant and it isn't helping them right now.
  15. medium_ball_of_hate

    Xl center

    It means nothing and that's it. The fate of major league sports franchises doesn't hinge on the location of fly by night farm teams. If they stay, the AHL team stays in Tucson. If the last ditch effort to share an arena in Phoenix fails, the falcons move again next year. Not even a little relevant. As far as the bond, there is no source. Read CRDA minutes. The money is sitting there bonded waiting to be appropriated. No one is willing to do so in the middle of a budget crisis, but it's there. Not conjecture, not what sources say, black and white. > > > > PlainvilleWhale wrote: > > > I don't see how anyone here can spin the Coyotes buying/moving their AHL to > > > Tuscan as anything but they're committed to the area. They're not coming to > > > Hartford > > So that means nothing and they're coming to Hartford?