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  1. XL Center gets 40m for one year

    I think they should have done something with the hotel tax and use that for the XL Center. Las Vegas is doing something like that to build the Raiders stadium
  2. Apparently there is a no competition clause in the teams operating deal with the city!!
  3. Today the CT house and Senate have reached an agreement on a new budget with the Governor's approval. the vote will most likely be Tomorrow Sept 15th. In this budget they have set aside $115 million for XL renovations Guys this the day we have hoping for. Our XL Center is going to get the upgrades it desperately needs and now we are showing the NHL we mean business when it comes to wanting to be taken seriously bout the NHL!!!!
  4. has anyone heard anything about the private f u n d I n g? I saw it was on the CRDA meeting agenda for this past Thursday night
  5. I agree Mark this new feature makes it so easy for them to troll. this feature needs to go!!!
  6. Barroway is now the sole owner of the coyotes " has learned that there is interest from at least two groups in either buying a portion of the team, or all of it from Barroway."
  7. nope not yet,checked the CRDA website late Friday and nothing was posted
  8. The Xl center private **nding responses are due tomorrow at 3pm. Tomorrow is an important day lets hope we get some responses cause who knows about our legislature They received 35 questions from potential investors.
  9. and the RFQ (private **nding responses) for the XL Center are due June 9th.
  10. In my travels around the net came across this!!! "Presently, the Golden Knights are in talks for a media rights deal and are only attracting offers of slightly more than $10 million a year, two sources said. That would be among the lowest contracts in the league" pretty pathetic if you ask me!!!!
  11. Looks like they are really determined to get enough money to do this. now they are looking at private investors to help along side the public **nding to renovate the XL Center
  12. Whalevolution wrote: There's something potentially huge for Hartford regarding a Whaler planned return I am believe this is what is happening I have seen many clues over the past few months that something happening quietly. The letter, Bettman and lawyers visiting, the mayors tweet to Carolina. None of us knew Atlanta was moving to Winnipeg until they did. Our leaders are trying to give hints without actually saying it. Like Mr. BB says things are falling into place and I believe him. If i'm wrong and nothing happens so be it. i'm a fan and damit I believe they are going to come back someday soon. I think we all need to channel our energy on being the Brigade and getting our team back instead of wasting energy arguing over stupid stuff. I see a lot of that on here!!!! We need to seize this moment!!
  13. If the goal of this article was to get people talking, like Mr. Br***** said well it worked. A Lot of people are commenting and talking bout it on the courant Facebook post!!!
  14. Evo do think Karmanos will ever come down on his asking price of 400mil or so? Or do u think Bettman will force him to? Whalevolution wrote: > Green Bay of Hockey eh Vince?