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  1. It was Sunday and was competing against the NY Giants, New England Patriots, and New York Jets all of which had 1pm games. Doesn't really mean much at all when it comes to the XL center or the states hockey **ture. Uconn's success is good for CT and good for Hartford, no need to treat them like they are the wolf pack.
  2. littlerob904

    pre-season NHL in Bridgeport

    Mohegan and Foxwoods pay the state of CT upwards of 200mil each every year for exclusivity of slot machines. Unless MGM offers the state a better deal, CT will be losing out on a lot of money.
  3. Quinnipiac's arena is rather small and only fits about 3400 for hockey. They do however frequently sell out and some games can be difficult to get tickets to. If they played a larger arena, they could probably give the Pack a run for their money. Couldn't tell you if they would outdraw either them or Uconn but I suspect it'd be close. The atmosphere at their games is pretty good too. A lot of students show up in force from the adjacent dorms and are generally liquored up and ready to yell. My only complaint is that they don't serve beer (at least in view of the game). You have to spend extra money to get into the "Bobcat Club" which is basically on the basketball side. You can get a beer but can't actually drink it and watch the game at the same time. Not that I NEED to drink, but it does kind of turn me away as a fan. The students all show up hammered anyway so I'm not quite sure what they are trying to avoid.
  4. littlerob904

    Looks like the message is spreading

    This argument is so juvenile. It's not rocket science guys, every baseball park in the country announces a sell out as long as they have a ticket sold for every seat in the house. That NEVER means every ticket sold actually came to the game. When MLB parks announce sell-outs, the attendance number always varies as those two terms do not mean the same thing. **rthermore, when you are looking at empty seats, you have to account for the hundreds if not thousands of people in the concourse getting concessions, sitting at the bar, and using the facilities. On a hot day in July for example, you will see a lot of fans not in their seats as they seek shaded areas of the park. Typically the nicer the park's amenities, the less fans actually sit in their *****igned section. I never sat in my seat at the NB stadium the last 4 times I went as there was no need to. The Sam Adams roof top bar had a nicer view and a short line for more beer.
  5. ESPN / TSN would probably refer to them as the Flalers and we'll all die a little inside.
  6. Using the plural form "guests" implies it's more than one idiot posting all of that non-sense. Most likely it's just one very very special idiot. Sometimes it seems like this forum is just a digital playground for the world's most disturbed AHL hockey fan.
  7. Any idea how long before a design is picked and will there be any sort of voting?
  8. littlerob904

    ahl NHLarrendance

    I support the Sabre's. They seemed like a logical choice, Buffalo is a hard nosed city that gets no respect, and everyone there also hates the Bruins.
  9. If N*****au doesn't want them back, the new arena probably becomes a reality. They could potentially land a temporary home at the Izod center or in Bridgeport while they build the arena in queens. Given the struggles of the devils financially, I doubt they would move to Jersey permanently. I also don't see a team with rights in the NYC metro area leaving unless they have no choice.
  10. "Hartford Whalers Message Board – Hartford Courant A Forum To Discuss All Things Related To Hartford’s NHL History And More"
  11. top cat wrote: > SO your pt is ?????? Just sharing something that I found interesting. You don't need to make everything an argument.
  12. This was kind of random, but during the Sabres / Habs game last night, on the Sabres broadcast, Rob Ray had some really nice things to say about Hartford. They were talking about Mike Foligno getting his last hat trick in the NHL and showed a clip, it was against the Whalers. Rob Ray mentioned that he always loved playing in Hartford. He said it was this weird barn in a mall but the fans always showed up and always got loud. He said he really misses the place and that there was something special about the atmosphere for the players. He said it might have been because of the "goofy" song they always played. Also mentioned that he thought the Whalers had the best uniform in the NHL and he was sad to see them leave.
  13. littlerob904

    Devils to move to Binghamton.

    My first ever hockey game was at the New Haven coliseum where I saw the New Haven Senators play. Could be cool to see them back in CT.
  14. littlerob904

    Hartford not so Current

    Whalevolution wrote: > "Unnamed charity" > > It's the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. If you comment on the article then people will be able to see it.