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  1. ESPN / TSN would probably refer to them as the Flalers and we'll all die a little inside.
  2. Using the plural form "guests" implies it's more than one idiot posting all of that non-sense. Most likely it's just one very very special idiot. Sometimes it seems like this forum is just a digital playground for the world's most disturbed AHL hockey fan.
  3. Any idea how long before a design is picked and will there be any sort of voting?
  4. I support the Sabre's. They seemed like a logical choice, Buffalo is a hard nosed city that gets no respect, and everyone there also hates the Bruins.
  5. If N*****au doesn't want them back, the new arena probably becomes a reality. They could potentially land a temporary home at the Izod center or in Bridgeport while they build the arena in queens. Given the struggles of the devils financially, I doubt they would move to Jersey permanently. I also don't see a team with rights in the NYC metro area leaving unless they have no choice.
  6. "Hartford Whalers Message Board – Hartford Courant A Forum To Discuss All Things Related To Hartford’s NHL History And More"
  7. top cat wrote: > SO your pt is ?????? Just sharing something that I found interesting. You don't need to make everything an argument.
  8. This was kind of random, but during the Sabres / Habs game last night, on the Sabres broadcast, Rob Ray had some really nice things to say about Hartford. They were talking about Mike Foligno getting his last hat trick in the NHL and showed a clip, it was against the Whalers. Rob Ray mentioned that he always loved playing in Hartford. He said it was this weird barn in a mall but the fans always showed up and always got loud. He said he really misses the place and that there was something special about the atmosphere for the players. He said it might have been because of the "goofy" song they always played. Also mentioned that he thought the Whalers had the best uniform in the NHL and he was sad to see them leave.
  9. My first ever hockey game was at the New Haven coliseum where I saw the New Haven Senators play. Could be cool to see them back in CT.
  10. Whalevolution wrote: > "Unnamed charity" > > It's the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. If you comment on the article then people will be able to see it.
  11. The I-84 tunnel is pretty important for Hartford if you ever want to see a truly revitalized downtown.**tureless-freeway
  12. Interesting. Whiting Turner was the firm who oversaw the CT Science center construction.
  13. Team NA has players that both Team USA and Team Canada would have liked to have on their rosters. I think it was a really interesting concept to put the young guns on a team together and see how they fair against the worlds best. If and when the next WC happens, I've gotta wonder if they'll do it again. I can't imagine Canada is very happy that McDavid is on an opposing team, or Team USA and Eichel respectively. Not just from a merchandise and hype perspective, but form a competition perspective. I think the initial expectation was that team NA would be sort of the second string all stars for the US and Canada, but there are more than a hand**l of guys on that team who would have made the other rosters.
  14. I know this is a little late. But I was watching this live. Games like this are a great reminder of why this is one of the greatest sports to be a fan of. This was only an exhibition match, a pre-tournament warm-up, and both teams were literally beating the ***** out of each other on the ice. They didn't just want to win, they wanted the other team to suffer. I really hope the NHL keeps bringing this tournament back. I need USA hockey in my life. GO USA