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  1. I try to actually make a positive contribution to the board and actually talk about Hartford sports and it devolves into this. If anyone wants to actually have a thought**l discussion about the Yard Goats success, the WP and everything in my initial post, please let me know. Time like this are when I miss Bleating Hartford.
  2. So...where the **** would those two teams play if XL wasn't available. Springfield? Bridgeport wouldn't work with the WP but that's too far for UConn. Maybe they would work out a deal with the HE to play at Freitas?
  3. I was going to put this on the post about the Wolf Pack's first game but I thought it would be better as it's own post. This isn't meant to be a dig at the Wolf Pack, more just an observation I've made this summer: I went to a Wolf Pack game two years ago and I hated it. The atmosphere was terrible and there was nothing about the game that made me want to go back, and that's coming from someone who went to almost all UConn Hockey games. Meanwhile, the Yard Goats are killing it with attendance and popularity. I mean, they have the entire area excited about the Goats and they're coming for Hartford's team, not to watch the Red Sox/Yankees/Mets farm teams. You see the 4 TV stations at games, the Courant is covering the games; They get a lot of media attention. Yeah, you can say that it's the new thing in town that people want to check out, but there's a legitimate interest in the team itself. Going to a game is an event. People talk about going, ask if you've gone yet, how you liked it, etc. Maybe it's just me, but I see basically no coverage of the Wolf Pack, people don't talk about going to the Wolf Pack, it's not an event like going to DDP. Obviously people wanting to see the new stadium helps, but it's not like people in this town don't like hockey. I'm posting this on a forum about a team that hasn't existed in 20 years and UConn has plenty of success in the same building. I think a new affiliation would be really good for a Hartford AHL team as well as a re-brand, something separate from the Whalers. Find something unique, build a brand that people want to come watch. There's no reason they shouldn't be generating as much buzz as the Ice Bus.
  4. HoweYouDoin

    Hartford Marlins

    I think MLB in Hartford would be a disaster. It's not like the Whalers where the base is already here. Red Sox, Yankees and Mets own all of Connecticut and probably 95% of baseball fans in the state root for those three teams. Sure, Sox and Yankees fans could root for them as a NL team but the fanbase wouldn't be diehard. I think AA is a perfect level for Hartford.
  5. I'm just glad UConn doesn't have to play on a pond this season. It was embarr*****ing after the zamboni came through.
  6. This isn't Rangers country. It's a mixed bag. Some Rangers. Some Bruins. Some Whalers still, some of everything else.
  7. Let the speculation begin...
  8. Can we take a second and acknowledge this thread was started because the board was down and Evo mentioned how he just wants hockey talk? How the **** does it spiral this far?
  9. Whalevolution wrote: > I think you have to keep in mind it's the AHL. > > > Not really sure why anyone needs any proof the NHL will always be > than the AHL > > > Think about it? How many Providence Bruins gear do you see out there? How about > Springfield Falcons over the last couple years? Any Bridgeport gear? > > > Nope it's the same amount for me regardless of affiliation. > > This is an AHL thing rather than a Wolf Pack thing Depends on what the new Springfield team's gear looks like. Might have to cop a tshirt. (For some reason, tshirt without the t was getting blocked as a swear)
  10. "the memorable WhaleFlop, played outdoors in East Hartford where only a few hundred people showed up, than to have a Hall Of Fame of that failed brand put inside the unoccupied disaster of a ball park." I've been on this board for a few months now and I think it's kind of **nny how WP98 continues to act like I don't exist, because I continue to mention THE FACT that 15,000 people showed up to the Whale Bowl, and only a few were left at the end because it was 0 degrees. But whatever.
  11. Just got back from the midwest. Saw some Whalers gear in Detroit and Cleveland. And everyone knows who UConn is. A few people told me they had a UConn shirt for various reasons as well.
  12. HoweYouDoin

    HWBC elections tomorrow

    I'll be at UConn hockey games. I'm sure I'll see many of you there, and I'll come to a meeting to check it out over winter break.
  13. MarkH2919 wrote: > HYD is right. > > Red Sox = 3 titles > Patriots = 4 titles > Celtics = 1 title > UConn men = 4 titles Just updating for myself.
  14. HoweYouDoin

    HWBC elections tomorrow

    MarkH2919 wrote: > Evo's info is accurate. > > You can also go to the website mentioned, membership forms are there also. > > If you do decide to join us at a meeting, members usually start arriving > around 6:00-6:15 to get a bite to eat first. We usually call the meeting > to order somewhere around 7:30...on an average, they take about an hour. > > Would love to see you at the September meeting...for more info, check out > the website...I'm the membership chairperson, my email is there, feel free > to contact me directly if you have any more questions. I'd love to at least check a meeting out, but there's no way I can get to Rocky Hill from UConn on a Tuesday night.
  15. They're interviewing 17 but only 6 are legitimate targets: UConn, Cincy, Colorado State, BYU, Houston and Memphis. How Arkansas St got on that list is beyond me.