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  1. p4277 wrote:"At the risk of being labeled a troll, Seattle is a possibility for the Coyotes." Posting a reasonable, non-vitriolic opinion, whether people agree or not, isn't trolling.
  2. I hereby Christen thee: "Pack Flop".
  3. top cat wrote:"...But college hockey is not the answer for decent hockey in Hartford. It's college!!" Incorrect. In Hartford specifically, college hockey IS the answer until an affiliate change; & even after. UConn brings respect for Hartford, consistency of roster, & college in general brings top-flight talent. "It's college!!" you say? Here's a partial list of current NHL-ers who've played in U.S. colleges. Aside from Connecticut's own Ron Hainsey, Cam Atkinson, Nick Bonino, Jonathan Quick, Colin Wilson & Max Pacioretty (heard of him?), they include: Jack Eichel, Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, David Backes,Torey Krug Torey, Dominic Moore, Hudson Fasching, Brian Gionta, Jake McCabe, Matt Moulson, Kyle Okposo, Noah Hanifin, Lee Stempniak, Johnny Gaudreau, Duncan Keith, Jonathan Toews, Trevor van Riemsdyk, Justin Abdelkader, Jimmy Howard, Dylan Larkin, Drew Miller, Thomas Vanek, Cam Talbot, Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Torrey Mitc****, Al Montoya, Cory Schneider, Travis Zajac, Kevin Hayes, Chris Kreider, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, Jimmy Vesey, Kyle Turris, Matt Cullen, Carl Hagelin, Phil Kessel, Joe Pavelski, Kevin Shattenkirk, Paul Stastny, Ben Bishop, James van Riemsdyk, Ryan Miller, Drew Stafford, Brooks Orpik, TJ Oshie. 2,400+ posts of yours, yet not one worth reading. Out of curiosity, do you tie your own shoes- or just use Velcro?
  4. top cat wrote: "...his posts are tedious to read and often to impossible to understand." *too & even if you had used the right 'too', "too impossible" is nonsensical. A thing is either impossible or it's not. It can't be more impossible than it is. & if it's at all less, then it's not impossible.
  5. Just a quick request for someone to post where we can buy Hartford Devils apparel next year if you hear ahead of time. Thanks so much!
  6. WolfpackFan1998 wrote:"Whale slogan after WhaleFlop in East Hartford: "Ninety-Five percent of the seats are still available, buy tickets quick before we go bankrupt" Nah, it's too long to fit on signage & stationery. Plus it's inaccurate. "21,673 Tickets Sold Whether You Like it or Not" works much better
  7. "Plenty of Good Seats Still Available" should be the Wolf Hacks official slogan
  8. By selling out, it's certain that if Springfield had a bigger arena, they would've sold even more tickets. Tickets have a tendency to be sold in greater #'s when a fanbase doesn't despise the team in its city & actually wants to see the team play.
  9. top cat wrote: "Here's a tip lil markie to make you look a little brighter. Instead of your over use of " Go hump a cow" how about Go hump a bovine. You'll seem like a PHD in English Literature." "So sorry members. Once I typed my last post I realized a little error. It's Ph.D" Right. But... "Markie" should be capitalized; "go" & "literature" should not be, however. "Overuse" is one word & questions don't end with periods. "Little error"? Nearly every one of your posts is like one giant typo- within which a correct word or phrase occasionally, accidentally, slips through. And that's not even discussing the actual content of your posts...once whatever form of English you're trying to use can finally be deciphered.
  10. WolfpackFan1998 wrote:"Biggie1083 is still the most accurate person to post on this forum, that's why I tend to get much of my local hockey news from Biggie1083, he is in contact with many state senators and representatives, if anything is happening in the state, he will alert us first." Hahahaha, so true. It's hard to imagine any state leaders faced with important decisions who don't say, "Wait! let's not rush into any rash multi-million dollar decisions. I think we oughta call Biggie1083 first. He'll know what to do."
  11. I played on a team that won a Beer League ice hockey championship once; even scored a goal in the game. I care a thousand times more about that than some forgotten Wolf Hacks Calder Cup. And until it occurred to me right now, I couldn't even tell you how long it's been since I'd even thought about that Beer League championship. Know why? Because nobody cares about Beer League championships; just like they don't care about whatever T.J. Spock did decades ago. Heck, the Broadway Lose-Shirts themselves aren't even the most-accomplished NHL team in the 5 boroughs; without question the NY Islanders are.
  12. WolfpackFan1998 wrote: "Does Derek Armstrong's 32 goals in one season ring a bell ? It sure does, he put Hartford on the map as a hockey town, we brought the Calder Cup here in 2000." The only Calder Cup that matters to Hartford is the one the Whalers-affiliated Springfield Indians won in 1991. And no one cares about that anymore, either. The Trinity (located in Hartford; look it up) squash team brought a championship to Hartford that more people care about than anything T.J. Spock or the Wolf Hacks ever did. WolfpackFan1998 wrote:"I haven't a clue what Gordie Howe ever did for Hartford, I would put Ken Gernander's accomplishments up against his any day of the week for their importance related to Hartford." This ^ might be the dumbest thing I've ever read on this board-& don't forget that Top Cat posts here, too. Congratulations. You've somehow managed to outdo yourself.
  13. MarkH2919 wrote:"I'd ask you to come down to Hartford (remember, your "home town"), to see UVM play UConn, but I doubt your 1978 AMC Pacer can get past White River Junction without dying out." Zing! Thanks for that laugh. Of course, I should imagine that soon you'll be told to visit a "salt box"; though I've never understood how that's an insult.
  14. Biggie1083 wrote:"What did Gordie do in Hartford that makes his time here more important than his time in Detroit?" Just creating arguments out of thin air now? No hockey fan with a brain in his or her head would be dumb enough to say that. That said, do you really believe a Broadway Lose-Shirts affiliated AHL team would have an elaborate Gordie Howe tribute in Hartford, CT if he hadn't made a mark playing in Hartford, CT? The legendary Bobby Hull, inarguably one of the greatest NHL players ever, played his last NHL game in Hartford. Is his jersey # hanging from the rafters in Hartford like it is in Chicago & Winnipeg? Do you imagine that someday (hope**lly in the far-distant **ture) he'll have an elaborate tribute in Hartford before an NHL Hartford Whalers or AHL Hartford Devils game? Therein lies the difference. And Gordie made one here.
  15. Biggie1083 wrote:"Gordie played a **** time for the Whalers..." Gordie Howe played 214 games in a Whalers uniform. He scored 68 goals 112 *****ists for 180 points with the Whalers. Those #'s are more than most NHL players have in their careers. And he did it at ages 49-51. He certainly didn't plat till 51 years old in Hartford because he needed the fame & notoriety. He also represented Hartford in Detroit at the 1980 NHL All Star game. Now what I don't understand is this: why, on every mention of the Whalers in any story, on any site or page no matter how large or obscure-& for years- that one might stumble across, sooner or later there you'll be trashing Hartford &/or the Whalers. Why? It seems like such a colossal waste of time & dedication to accomplish pettiness. You've got your Rags 2 hours away & have had their unwanted AHL team squatting here for 2 decades. Why be so extraordinarily petty?