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  1. TrueHartfordHockeyFan is an oxymoron and a moron. He is a Wolfpack fan, not a Whalers fan!!!!
  2. Hey FakeHartfordHockeyFan, you sound insane. You would rather have no hockey in Hartford, right? You are Fake...
  3. That's **nny...
  4. Myself I'd see Howard Baldwin, Ella Gr a s s o, Ron Francis and Mike Luit. There are many Whalers who should be on it, but Ella (Dad knew her) should be on it.
  5. I hope the state will not approve it. My dad said the Mohegans and Pequots can cancel the payments they give the state if another casino is built, so unless MGM will send the state about 50% of their profits - to make up what the state will lose from Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. Does the states think casinos are going to help? Look at Atlantic City, so I think Bridgeport will fail, too.
  6. Oh good...some toddler who got his parent's computer is banned from here.... I wish these toddler would stop acting immature...
  7. I'd love to see what they use as a sauce or is it dry rubbed? Here, at an Advanced Auto, there's a guy who parks with trailer and cook ribs, chicken and pork in his grill. The trailer is 24 feet...and the grill is about 18 feet...the rest of the trailer got oak, apple and hickory chips. (Friday nights, Sa****ay and Sunday only...)
  8. Can't wait for the season, and the Lightning will be in the playoffs....
  9. Hey Whalerdude, please stop the name calling!! As my parents say, 'If you namecall while arguing, you don't have your facts correct.' We can disagree, without the immature namecalling.
  10. ^^^^Then we have this nut fantasizing about screwing a sock puppet !!!!!! ^^^^
  11. Bear's I heard is great BBQ...do they deliver?
  12. Failevo must be a FAILURE at life...
  13. Really?? Does your mom know you are posting this on the net?? I guess this is your jacking off picture...since girls dont want to know you....
  14. Evo, as I said above, sorry, I should be more mature on here.I'll try to do better... just as long as the namecalling doesn't get out of hand...