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  1. For a candidate on the Democrat side, he sounds very good, which means that he won't win in the primary against the insane people running. Oh well, I hope he'll win...

    DeCock is a moron, but journalists IMHO, don't know anything...
  3. And early voting has Biggie winning 100% to 0%.
  4. Question for Whalevolution

    At least he said he is Biggie....
  5. 5 Ways to Save the XL Center

    What would Amazon do with a Civic Center? UConn is part of the state - which is raising taxes on taxpayers. UConn is not going to buy it....
  6. Hurricanes sold and staying

    Jersey, I have to agree with you, the Hurrican'ts couldn't draw even if they a Nascar race, a Duke - NC State basketball and a beach volleyball game (with the players in bikinis) before the game, a UNC -Wake Forest basketball game during the first and second intermissions and a Durham Bulls - Pawtucket Red Sox baseball game after the game...
  7. Adobe Photoshop

    And the phone is smarter than you....
  8. Hurricanes sold and staying

    FakeHartfordHockeyFan is being anti-Hartford. What a surprise...
  9. Yard Goats named Team Of The Year

    I'm glad the Yard Goats were the Team of the year...
  10. ^^ His rep at UConn -- Jonathan's dog pile ^^
  11. TrueHartfordHockeyFan is a fake. Sorry, but my dad said when the Whalers were in Hartford, people enjoyed talking about Whalers games. Now, The Whalers should be back...with the Hartford Yard Goats and soccer and the Whalers...it would be an up and coming sports city. MLB in Hartford? It wouldn't be the first MLB team in the city.
  12. Burger King at 117 Elm in Enfield

    I'm not fat and I eat at Burger King....I'd rather eat at Chik Fil A, Burger 21 or PDQ, better food.
  13. Amazon is not coming to Connecticut... companies are moving out of Connecticut. The only way Amazon is coming to Connecticut is if you give the land, tax breaks for the next 50 years and you raise taxes on everyone else to 95%. Sorry, Amazon will be going to a low tax business friendly state.
  14. Why would Amazon buy the XL Center? ?They are not going to build their HQ2 in a business unfriendly state like Connecticut. I wish it wasn't a business unfriendly state, but if the state gives them breaks to locate, the taxpayers will be upset and why not give businesses that are in Connecticut tax breaks.
  15. Thanks giving for HH

    1) Luke Brolin (or any Democrat) should lose in 2018. 2) XL will not be sold to UConn or Amazon. 3) If private investors renovate Dillion Stadium fine.... 4) True 5)Amazon will not build in CT, they want tax breaks to build HQ2 6)Hope it is true.... 7)East Hartford politics (my dad was on the town committee until we moved) is as bad as the state. 8 and 9) Hope it is true.... 10) Hard Rock...pipe dream....
  16. As a political teen, I hope Brolin will never be governor. I'm looking at the state as a whole and if the Dems get elected, kiss people and businesses good bye. People are moving out of CT, not into it.
  17. I guess we can stop the election in 2018. Brolin for governor?? Sorry, but what Connecticut needs is people who will cut spending and reduce thetaxes, to make it a business friendly state. The tax and spend Dems will bankrupt Connecticut and more businesses and people will leave...
  18. The Rays new stadium will be in the Ybor City neighborhood. Right now, the area is f U L L of warehouses, adult entertainment business and industrial places. It will be a nice place after the Rays get there, since it will connected with Jeff Venik (Lightning owner) Water Street project.
  19. Niagara Whalers

    Really? Couldn't they design their own logo???
  20. UConn Hockey Going Home

    TrueHartfordHockeyFan is an oxymoron and a moron. He is a Wolfpack fan, not a Whalers fan!!!!
  21. pre-season NHL in Bridgeport

    Hey FakeHartfordHockeyFan, you sound insane. You would rather have no hockey in Hartford, right? You are Fake...
  22. Myself I'd see Howard Baldwin, Ella Gr a s s o, Ron Francis and Mike Luit. There are many Whalers who should be on it, but Ella (Dad knew her) should be on it.