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  1. I think the idea could work. The owners of the Cleveland Cavs and San Antonio Spurs both own AHL Hockey Teams in their home markets. The Houston Rockets Ownership would like an NHL team but the league doesn't seem interested. I could see the owner of the Chicago Bulls buying the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. Additional teams could be placed in Quebec and Hartford. There could be some non NBA Owners. But I think those teams should find an NBA team to affilate with. The idea would be for the NBA teams to **nd the Hockey teams so they could go out amd get players. The new league could try and use NBA to work out tv deals with ESPN and Turner Sports. Airing games on NBA TV could be an option.
  2. I'd love to see it. But it doesn't really feel like the Whalers are close to coming back. I don't think NHL is that interested in Hartford. They would rather go to bigger markets that don't have NHL yet. In the leagues mind Connecticut is Rangers/Bruins territory. To get another NHL team, the city and/or a new ownership group are realy going to have to impress the league. Which isn't out of the question someday. It just doesn't seem likely anytime soon . It would be nice ,since now is the best time for expansion. It just doesn't seem like Hartford is really seen as an option right now though.
  3. You can be a Hartford Wolfpack fan and hate the Rangers. Plenty of people have minor leagues teams that don't affilate with their favorite team. You don't need to route for whoever your minor league team affilates with. I'm a celtics fan, doesn't mean I routed sgainst the Armor because they were affiliated with the Nets.
  4. I think to actually have a serious chance at a team Hartford has to blow the NHL away wirh a phenomenal proposal and business plan. They need good owners, a new arena, guaranteed tv revenue, and a **** of a pitchman. They need to upstage the favorites when it comes to expansion and relocation. Thats all easier said than done. Right now not feels like no one outside ornthe diehards and local politicians really see the returb of the NHL as viable. And it would take the above to change that any time soon.
  5. Based on the Commissioner press conference at the All Star Festivities, it seems Montreal,Charlotte, and Mexico City are expansion favorites. But they won't consider expanding until Tampa and Oakland get new stadiums.
  6. Yeah that would be a road block for sure . Just thought they would be one of the few teams out their that made sense regionally. Unless we somehow flip affiliations or teams with Bridgeport...Rangers are probably the besr fit. And our actually the better organization anyway.
  7. Never mind, was going to suggest Phily but forgot about Flyers lol.
  8. San Antonio would be a good canidate. There AHL team is actually owned by the Spurs. Houston could also be a candidate as a former market. Probably one or the other though.
  9. I know its not a done deal yet. But they seem the favorite and they would make sense as a parent. Of course if they try to do ahl out of that old stadium that would count Hartford out.
  10. Lets say Wolfpack do move someday...Do you think a potential expansion Quebec Nordiques might be a candidate for being an NHL parent club for Hartford. Perhaps the Rangers could buy Utica or get an expansion franchise and flip the pack to the Nords. Quebec seems like the only realisitic alternative to the Rangers besides going ECHL.
  11. I like a lot of your ideas. I would be intrigued to see the Chicago Wolves jion the NHL. Chicago is.big enough and they are the one AHL team with a regional tv deal. Cleveland seems intriguing. But harder because of the Blue Jackets. Unless they move to Cleveland.
  12. Thats interesting. I suppose there can be all kinds of proposals when the time comes for a team active looking to love or expansion. The Marlins of course aren't looking to move. I just included them because they are the team currently for sale, in the national league, and in the Eastern Division. Getting money for a potential stadium is the tough part. Only way I could see Hartford helping out is if the owners promised to pay so much money to Hartford out of team revenues..Kind of like MGM in Springfield.
  13. I know this is even more far fetched than the Whalers coning back but its **n to dream. With all the talk of the Marlins being sold ,it makes me wish someone would buy them and move them to Hartford. It would be cool to have a national league team to be an interleague rival to the Sox and Yankees. Plus Sox and Yankees fans might be willing to route for them as a second favorite team. And would certainly go to the interleague games. Of course they would be a division rival to the Mets. The Boston and New York fans would fight to the end to prevent teams in there states and territory rights in baseball are strict. So Hartford is the next best way of taking advantsge of the New England Market for baseball. Can't be much worse.that Florida's track record wirh baseball. And in a generation their probably would benmore Hartford Fans. The Krafts seem to love to invest in sporting franchises. They just bought esports franchise. They would be my dream ownership group for this. Kraft did play with the idea of bringing the Expos to Foxborough. It didn't go very far of course but maybe he would be interested in something like that again. Would be a great way to redeem himself for the Patriots move to Conn that never happened. Its all wish**l thinking but its **n to dream. In any case a success**l baseball team would make the return of the Whalers more attractive to the NHL. And yes I do realize the debacle that was building the Yardgoats stadium lol.
  14. What AHL teams or markets do you think deserve to join the NHL ? You can include cities that are former AHL markets. Throw in ECHL markets too if you want.
  15. My philosphy with local minor league sports is not worry about who the parent team is beyond them being the best fit for the local team. If I don't root for the parent club I don't let that stop me from rooting for the local minor league team. In a perfect world my favorite teams would be affilated with my local minor league team or teams. But thsrs not always possible. A lot of the players who play on the Wolfpack may never play meaning**l roles wirh the Rangers anyway. I want the Hartford Whalers back too. But it doesn't look like it is going to happen anytime soon. They need an upgraded XL Center and a serioud ownership group. I would love it if someone stepped up and outbid Seattle and Quebec for team 32 but I don't see it. Hope**lly Hartford gets another chance someday.