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  1. If Baldwin was legit, that probably would have been the best shot. Unfortunately his group quickly ran out of money and the whole thing fell apart rather quickly.
  2. Unfortunately it just shows that the NHL isn't coming back anytime soon.
  3. So recent talk has been that the vote on expansion being delayed until at least December. And not even a lock the vote will happen then. But the writer from the article below seems to think 2020 is still a real possibility. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/hockey/expect-nhl-here-by-october-2020-as-long-as-our-city-starts-keyarena-renovation-this-year/
  4. http://www.courant.com/sports/baseball/hc-sp-amore-column-josh-solomon-yard-goats-0903-story.html
  5. That would be a bummer. But you would think Seattle would want their own idenity? I know the Jets got the name back because the NHL took over Pheonix and controlled the name when the Thrashers moved to Wennipeg. So they had to option to use it.
  6. Whalerwatch

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Wait so you would rather have no AHL ?
  7. Ah that's cool. So if Hartford ever gets another NHL team, they will probably get the rights to use the name.
  8. Whalerwatch

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    If Wolfpack left , ECHL would be the best chance of getting another team. It would take a Springfield like miracle or a major affilation shake up to get another AHL team. But its clear something needs to be imprkved to get fans to the games.
  9. Didn't we find out that the Canes co-owned the trademark?
  10. Whalerwatch

    Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Would any other NHL partner do better though? Rangers are an original six team and have for the most part put on a winning product most of the time. And there really isn't another obvious parent club. Since we are in the era where most NHL teams are moving their farm teams close. All the other NHL teams near Hartford have strong affiliations. I would say a local ownership group would be best. A group of Hartfore Business owners or something, like what happened in Springfield. Rangers would probably still be the best parent club. But I doubt they want to sell their AHL club. Since NHL teams owning AHL Clubs in a trend.
  11. Its a shame we didn't have someone in place to at least by the rights to the Whaler's trademarks back when the Canes were for sale.
  12. Whalerwatch

    AHL competing with NHL

    That was just a rough draft idea in terms of actual teams. Although I did research to see what AHL teams were independently owned. It wouldn't have to be like that. If one of the cities got NHL teams than another plan would have to be made. I was thinking that a lot of groups that NHL groups that NHL wasn't giving a chance might be interested in getting involved. Also due to the insane expansion fees. Of course the smaller owners of said teams wpuld have to agree to sell their teams and would want there cut of the hypothetical tv deal on their way out. So it would be complicated. ts also possible for the bigger market owners to form a new league and expand with others. I absolutely did intend for the new Houston team to end up being owned by the Rocket's ownership somehow.
  13. What if the AHL was able to negotiate a 500 million dollar tv deal with a network looking for Sports Programming? The NHL teams would break away to form their own developmental league. But the remaining teams in big markets and some teams from the ECHL would be enough to go Major League. There are a lot of markets starving for hockey that can't get a sniff of NHL. Some in cold weather areas that would embrace hockey. Much like Hartford. Perhaps a Network like Fox would be interested since they will have money once the Disney Deal is finalized and will need content with 20th Century Fox in Disney's hands. The upgraded League could look like this: ( former team name and league for moved teams) Chicago Wolves San Antonio Rampage Cleveland Munsters Charlotte Checkers San Diego Gulls Providence Reds (Providence Bruins) Houston Aeros (Lehigh Valley Phantoms) Quebec Vikings (Rockford Icehogs, settlement with city that owns team) Seattle Admirals (Millwakee Admirals) Connecticut Whale (Springfield Thunderbirds) New York Thunder (Hershey Bears, settlement with Hershey Company) San Diego Gulls Kansas City Mavericks ( ECHL) Orlando Solar Bears ( ECHL) Markets that lost AHL teams could become part of AHL developmental league or could join new NHL D League (or ECHL).
  14. I think the idea could work. The owners of the Cleveland Cavs and San Antonio Spurs both own AHL Hockey Teams in their home markets. The Houston Rockets Ownership would like an NHL team but the league doesn't seem interested. I could see the owner of the Chicago Bulls buying the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. Additional teams could be placed in Quebec and Hartford. There could be some non NBA Owners. But I think those teams should find an NBA team to affilate with. The idea would be for the NBA teams to **nd the Hockey teams so they could go out amd get players. The new league could try and use NBA to work out tv deals with ESPN and Turner Sports. Airing games on NBA TV could be an option.
  15. I'd love to see it. But it doesn't really feel like the Whalers are close to coming back. I don't think NHL is that interested in Hartford. They would rather go to bigger markets that don't have NHL yet. In the leagues mind Connecticut is Rangers/Bruins territory. To get another NHL team, the city and/or a new ownership group are realy going to have to impress the league. Which isn't out of the question someday. It just doesn't seem likely anytime soon . It would be nice ,since now is the best time for expansion. It just doesn't seem like Hartford is really seen as an option right now though.