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  1. Windsor Locks is ready to commit millions of dollars toward the project from the increased tax revenue the sports complex is expected to generate. “I remain convinced the concept is a good one for Windsor Locks … and the opportunity for jobs is great.” The plans filed by Borgia’s JABS Sports Management LLC included construction of an indoor arena and an outdoor stadium, two hotels, 16 indoor basketball/volleyball courts and eight outdoor fields for soccer, lacrosse, softball, and field hockey. Complex is estimated to eventually employ 400 full-time and 100 part-time employees. The company also has “strong support at the state level” and that there are ongoing discussions with the state Department of Economic and Community Development and the Department of Transportation. JABS Sports Management has said that the project, dubbed All Sports Village, would need public assistance during the development phase to become a reality, the $200M Windsor Locks project begins local approval process.
  2. Hartford, Connecticut mentioned as a city that could get an XFL team.
  3. Okay, I think I have solved the possible infringement issue, that the above whale-tail logo had, with this whale tail that is tilted to the side, not as suggestive as infringing on the Official Whalers logo, that the above logo does.
  4. I am a bit worried about this one, the whale tail in the center could almost be seen as trademark infringement on the original Whalers logo, the whale tail in the center is suggestive of the original logo.
  5. Whalevolution, I want them to have a wide array of choices, in case the NHL drops the hammer on their current logo. How about this one, I am trying to use the eye of the whale as a pinpoint for where Hartford would be on the map, I am about 10 miles east of the "notch" on the Mazzachusetts border, and I am trying to stay about 5 miles south of Windsor with the whale's eye. I think the NHL should be okay with us using this.
  6. This thread can be for suggestions for a new Whalers Booster Club logo, as some of you might know, there could be legal issues arising over the coming months. Feel free to upload your logo suggestion/contribution:
  7. Folks, something big is going on, the NHL Public Relations department is well aware of the Whalers record of winning at home back in 1979.
  8. We have been put in a very difficult situation over these allegations, Tiger denies any wrongdoing and is confident he will be vindicated, so it seems we might have to support him since he is claiming innocence.
  9. Very sad news to get today. Pete was the eternal optimist-knowing one day the Whalers would return to Hartford.
  10. It is very easy to understand, let me simplify it for you.
  11. There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes, let's keep the focus on Arizona. When Atlanta was sold to True North, it took a while and nobody knew about the deals going on there until right before the announcement was made. If 1453 p*****es, we are going to be in for a big present in Hartford.
  12. Expect this news coming out of Arizona to be heavily discussed during the Brigade's TV show this week, as well as on Fox 61 on Monday, February 19th.
  13. Arizona State Sen. Warren Pederson, R-Gilbert, is sponsoring Senate Bill 1453, which if p*****ed would restrict **ture public **nding for pro sports stadiums. Pederson is a conservative Republican and joins a national chorus of groups skeptical of public money going to professional sports teams. The current stadiums, arenas and ballparks for Phoenix’s four major sports teams — Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Coyotes and Arizona Diamondbacks — as well as nine of the 10 stadiums in the Cactus League are all publicly financed or owned. The Coyotes have been looking for a new arena while the Suns are looking at renovating Talking Stick Resort Arena in downtown Phoenix.