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  1. The timing of all this is very very interesting: a few weeks ago, State of CT commits major money to XL renovations days ago, UConn decides to keep Headquarters in Hartford days ago, Hurricanes fall under new ownership .... and now, just days later, major hockey TV deal is inked in Connecticut some people are thinking that this UConn TV hockey deal is to gauge market interest throughout the state of Connecticut, the timing of all this is really something, everything seems to be happening all at once
  2. The year 2018 continues with more big local hockey news, in addition to the Hurricanes under new ownership, the new soccer stadium deal, new soccer team, new Hartford Travel Center almost complete, and the Busway being expanded to east of the river. There is a LOT of developments happening behind the scenes from what I have heard from sources, I don't want to go into anything **rther, the general public doesn't have the stomach for this kind of thing, but there are deals being made behind the scene and these deals in time will explain why the State is pouring so much money into the XL Center to bring it up to NHL standards, that is all I am going to say on that matter. (WTNH) — The University of Connecticut and WTNH News 8/WCTX MyTV9 have announced a partnership to broadcast live, two upcoming men’s hockey games throughout the state of Connecticut. The Huskies’ match-ups with nationally ranked programs Providence on Thursday, January 18 and New Hampshire on Sa****ay, January 27 will be aired live on WTNH’s sister station, WCTX MyTV9. UConn’s game against the Friars is set for a 7 pm start while the match-up with UNH is scheduled for 3:30 pm, both at the XL Center in downtown Hartford.
  3. The question at this point is: which team is going to arrive here first. The Islanders need a place to play, Hartford is suitable. Carolina needs a long-term place where they won't be at the bottom of the attendance list anymore and where they won't keep losing money, Hartford is suitable. There is also Calgary, the Coyotes... the list is fairly long for teams trying to move to Hartford, in addition to the upcoming league increase to 34 teams, there will be a lot of teams floating around.
  4. and we all know a team has never broken a lease before
  5. After seeing today's press conference, the easy takeaway from the speeches is that there is no long term commitment to Carolina, the new owner says he values winning the most, I don't see the team lasting down there for 2 years at the most. One or two years down there being at the bottom of the list for attendance and bleeding money, and he will have the moving trucks ready to go. Today was a huge day on the calendar for the Whaler return, January 12, new ownership and a new direction.
  6. With the breaking news of the Hurricanes under new management, and with the other breaking news of Aetna deciding to remain in Hartford, expect to see renovations placed on an accelerated timetable, you're going to see hammers being swung faster than ever before and concrete poured year-round, they were able to build the Yard Goat baseball stadium from scratch in almost record time, so renovating an existing structure could probably be done easily in under 16 months, things are going to be happening fast to meet the new deadlines presented by today's news.
  7. On the same day as the Carolina Hurricanes fall under new ownership, Aetna, a major sponsor of the Hartford Whalers in the 1980s and 1990s decides to stay in Hartford CVS confirmed to Channel 3 that the company has "no plans to relocate Aetna’s operations from Hartford." Carolyn Castel, who is the vice president for corporate communications for CVS Health, said CVS officials met with the mayor of Hartford on Thursday and they decided to not move Aetna's operations from Connecticut's capital city. Castel said in an email to Channel 3 that they "view Hartford as the **ture location of our center of excellence for the insurance business."
  8. 80% chance that the Hurricanes will be in Hartford before September 2020.
  9. FOX Sports Carolinas will deliver live coverage of the Carolina Hurricanes press conference introducing new owner Tom Dundon, today, January 12, at noon ET. National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman, general manager Ron Francis, minority owner Peter Karmanos Jr. and president Don Waddell are also scheduled to be in attendance.
  10. THIS IS HUGE NEWS coming out of Washington just now, the Capitals are now displaying Whalers logos on the Jumbotron, during the Capitals-Hurricanes game tonight.
  11. I am getting word in right now that at tonight's Capitals-Hurricanes game being played in Washington, that the Capitals are playing Whalers theme music during game intermissions, we are not sure if this is a ruse to upset the Hurricanes players or if this is being done at the request of the league. The game is still early and no goals have been scored yet, so by no means is this music being played for celebrations relating to goals as there have been no goals thus far tonight.
  12. Dundon owns 61% now, will most likely own an additional 39% within 3 years.
  13. RALEIGH Thomas Dundon, the new owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, comes across as a man of many ideas, constantly in motion, looking to make changes and move forward. Dundon, a self-made billionaire from Dallas, finalized the deal Thursday in which he took over majority ownership of the Hurricanes from Peter Karmanos Jr., the National Hockey League announced. Dundon will own 61 percent of the NHL team, which was valued at $550 million, with an option to buy the remainder in three years. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will join Dundon, Karmanos and Ron Francis, the Hurricanes’ executive vice president and general manager, at a press conference Friday at PNC Arena to discuss the ownership changeover.
  14. HUGE NEWS: Dundon has the option to purchase the other 39% of the team in 3 years' time, that means that Dundon could be the SOLE OWNER of the Hurricanes in just 36 months. It is a safe bet at this point to expect the Whalers back in 2019, or 2021 at the latest.