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  1. John, what is going on with you? You used to be so optimistic about Hartford quite a few years back, what has changed?
  2. What I am thank**l for this Thanksgiving in the local sports world: Luke Bronin will be success**lly running for Governor, he actively sought to bring the Islanders to Hartford The XL will be receiving more renovations before being sold to either UConn or Amazon Dillon Stadium will soon be completely rebuilt The Award Winning Yard Goat Stadium just completed its first success**l season Amazon is contemplating bringing a major Headquarters location to the Connecticut area The Carolina Hurricanes are for sale, and there are rich investors in the Connecticut area working with Governor Malloy to bring them here The East Hartford outlet project may have been halted to make space for Amazon moving to East Hartford, however, if Amazon does not come to East Hartford, then the town of East Hartford will have a beauti**l outlet center built within the next 12-18 months We are rebuilding the UConn football program under the leadership of Coach Edsall, who previously brought us to a Bowl Game and a big win over Notre Dame Coach Geno, undeniably the greatest coach of any sport in the Nation, will soon be retiring and handing over the program to Shea Ralph, who is more than capable of continuing the winning tradition There is talk about Hard Rock having a major presence in the city, to complement the casino a few miles up the road in East Windsor
  3. Here is the thing John, UConn is swimming in money, they could easily buy the XL Center, and Amazon is probably 1,000 times richer than UConn, they could also easily buy the XL Center, there will be so much interest in purchasing it, it's the deal of a lifetime, a 16,000 seat arena that has gone through numerous mini-renovations over the past few years and has a brand new ice sheet and is within walking distance of a bus station, train station, college campus, baseball stadium, and a new soccer stadium nearby, once the NHL returns the arena is going to be a goldmine. Just like the East Windsor cinemas, the place sat vacant for a decade with weeds in the parking lot, but now the land is a goldmine with the casino coming.
  4. Hartford's XL Center May Be Put Up For Sale Soon The XL Center arena could go on the block sooner than 2019, if the State Bond Commission approves $40 million for the aging sports and entertainment center in downtown Hartford. The General *****embly approved the **nding last month for repairs and the purchase of the adjoining atrium as part of a two-year state budget. But lawmakers also included a provision that calls for seeking potential buyers by June, 2019. Michael W. Freimuth, executive director of the Capital Region Development Authority, said the agency, which oversees the arena, is considering seeking buyers sooner. “There is the thought that we should go sooner rather than later, remove the cloud, the anxiety over the **ture,” Freimuth said. “It’s more of a ‘let’s move the question.’ “ The $40 million is on the agenda for the State Bond Commission’s meeting on Nov. 29, the first commission meeting since May. If the authority decides now is the time to seek a buyer, the move would come just as discussions begin for renewing contracts with the University of Connecticut, the American Hockey League and for naming rights, all sources of revenue for the arena.
  5. If he becomes Governor Bronin, I guarantee all of the following will happen by the year 2020: Amazon coming to Hartford area Hard Rock Hotel coming to Yard Goats intersection XL Center Renovation Whalers Return Major chain foodstore in neighborhood of Yard Goat stadium Dillion Stadium renovation and Soccer Team coming to area Complete creation of Outlets at East Hartford site I-84 overhaul (completed by year 2025)
  6. Major developments are happening. Hartford leaders issued a call Monday for developers to erect a new neighborhood north of downtown that links Hartford’s North End to its sweeping urban core along Main Street, and includes the city’s minor league ballpark as a centerpiece. This is the second time Hartford officials have sought developers for the vacant land, which is composed of 32 properties across four parcels near the corner of Main and Trumbull streets.
  7. Sounds great John, count me in, I will be there also.
  8. NBC Connecticut, WVIT-30: (November 11, 2010) The Canadian coffee-chain closed its stores in Connecticut and Rhode Island on Wednesday night. The company’s CEO said the New England stores were hurting the chain’s earnings. The coffee and donut shops have been in Connecticut since 2004, when Tim Horton’s bought out Bess Eaton shops. From that article, we realize that Tim Hortons didn't open up in Connecticut until the year 2004, so there is no way that they could be advertising at the Hartford Whalers home rink located in Connecticut, since the Whalers departed the state in 1997 and Tim Horton's didn't enter the state until the year 2004. Now, where could that picture have been taken? Biggie made sure not to include the picture details with the picture, but the source and location of the picture is below, Biggie tried to pull a fast one and show empty seats in Buffalo and hope people think it was Hartford.
  9. You fool Biggie, it's a Sa****ay, UConn Football is playing Boston College at Fenway, how can you talk about UConn hockey attendance when their football team is playing at the home of the Red Sox in a hugely watched game.
  10. Hartford Courant - Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said he’s now giving serious thought to a gubernatorial run, just days after Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman announced she won’t seek the state’s highest office. “I’m considering it,” Bronin, a Democrat in his first term, said Sa****ay. “It’s not something I had planned to do right now, but over the past few weeks and days I’ve heard from a number of people asking me to consider it.” In February, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Mayor Luke Bronin electrified Connecticut hockey fans Friday with a letter to the owners of the NHL's New York Islanders asking them to consider moving to Hartford's XL Center. In a state that has not forgotten the Whalers' departure in 1997 and the Patriots snub of Hartford in 1999, Malloy and Bronin's letter was met with both excitement and bewilderment. "This is a ready market anxious for an NHL team, eager to fill seats, buy merchandise, and support your team," Malloy and Bronin wrote. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin have teamed up to submit a proposal to Amazon pitching the greater Hartford area as “cutting edge,” Malloy said in a press conference. “Amazon’s HQ2 will be a great benefit to our state as a whole, bringing exciting new opportunities for growth and collaboration across our region.” Other proposals from Connecticut include a partnership between Bridgeport and New Haven and a secondary state proposal from Malloy for his hometown of Stamford, according to the Hartford Courant. Bronin said that an Amazon location anywhere in Connecticut would be a win for the entire state. Luke Bronin, your next governor for the State of Connecticut, and he is going to bring back the Whalers and he is working to bring Amazon here, he has my vote.
  11. NASDAQ is reporting today: But none of these cities offer quite the symbolism that Hartford would, says the Connecticut state capital's mayor, Luke Bronin. The city Mark Twain called home once rivaled New York on the population and culture fronts. Today it is considering filing for protection from creditors. "I gotta think someone like Bezos would understand that talk of bankruptcy to some extent reflects a willingness to do what's necessary to make a place strong," Bronin told me during a recent visit to his office overlooking the Wadsworth Atheneum, America's oldest continuously operating public art museum and the first to acquire works by Dali and Caravaggio. Hartford's pitch includes its cultural attractions, as well as its location between Boston and New York, a nearby international airport and a skilled and educated workforce in a metro area that counts 1.2 million people. It's an opportunity to give new life to "a city that was at the forefront of the industrial revolution, that was at the forefront of insurance and financial services, and that still has that legacy visible," says Bronin. Amazon's decision next year will shed some light on how much it considers itself "part of the fabric of the community," as Bronin puts it. By locating its second headquarters where it can make a real difference, Amazon could initiate one of the biggest impact investments ever.
  12. I knew Biggie would pull a stunt like this, take a few selected pictures of certain seating sections, and then p***** it off as representative of the entire arena, Biggie is very troubled, nothing he does would surprise me at this point, I knew right away those pictures were edited and manipulated.