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  1. The lines just are not stopping at the DMV, between the New Year holiday and high demand for the Whalers plate, 1-hour and longer waits have been seen at DMV offices throughout the state. The new Plate design is beauti**l, the contrast of green and blue, this will be a huge seller, very interesting that this is released on the same day as the Journey/Def Leppard announcement that they are starting their world tour in Hartford at the XL Center. .... something big is going on behind the scenes in Hartford
  2. Late February 2018, expect a big Whalers event at the XL Center. The news and developments keep coming, from the new XL Center restaurant, new Soccer stadium coming, new ownership of the XL Center coming this year, the new baseball stadium that recently opened, the news about the NHL possibly increasing to 34 teams... get ready for the late-February event at the XL Center for the Whalers, it will be big.
  3. Connecticut Children's Medical Center tomorrow will be jampacked, major License Plate unveiling, it will be livestreamed on the WFSB Channel 3 app.
  4. I would try and see if you can wait until a weekday to try and get these Whaler plates, the demand for them today on a Sa****ay is out the door, we are seeing the worst wait times at the DMV all year right now, on this Sa****ay morning. REGISTRATION: 36 people in line at the Wethersfield DMV REGISTRATION: 51 people in line at the Waterbury DMV REGISTRATION: 42 people in line at the Enfield DMV if you notice, at each location, the Registration line is the longest, longer than the License or License Transfer lines, this is unreal
  5. People are at the DMV for the plate, the design was done quite some time ago, it just had to gain final approval and some stuff behind the scenes, from what I can gather, the final design of it was completed late last year, there was just some legal hoops and approval hoops it needed to fall within in the first week or two of this year.
  6. There is something really big going on in Hartford, a lot of people can't seem to pin the reason why, but just everything is happening all at once, such as: new baseball stadium that opened recently new soccer stadium coming new soccer team coming State approves $40 million for XL Center recently mentioned that XL Center going up for sale this year new Travel Center opening in next 3 months new restaurant recently opened at XL Center Aetna decided to keep Headquarters in Hartford last year, Governor and Mayor ask Islanders to move here new UConn campus recently opened in Hartford DMV will be handing out new Whalers license plates very soon Jeff Jacobs, who was at Courant for decades, jumps overnight to 8 local newspapers XL Center starts partnership with Lyft East Hartford outlet construction suddenly and strangely halted construction, days after official Ground Breaking success**l Busway going to be added to East of river new casino in East Windsor, after movie theatre sat vacant there for 15 years and now, Journey and Def Leppard decide to start their world tour right here in Hartford, out of all the cities on the planet, they start to kick off their Tour at the XL Center... the timing of everything, something big is happening
  7. Yes, we have an update on Amazon very recent, big news was reported just yesterday by NBC Connecticut about Amazon and Connecticut construction starting soon, 3000 more jobs coming to Connecticut.
  8. From what I have been hearing over the past month, if Ottawa leaves suddenly and comes directly to Hartford, expect the Whalers to be on the ice here in Hartford BEFORE Seattle even gets serious about bringing a hockey team to the city.
  9. As far back as last spring, the “R” word has been bandied about around Ottawa as the Senators’ ticket-sales struggles have continued to mount. It seemed preposterous that the still relatively young franchise based in the capital city of hockey-crazed Canada could face relocation due to financial difficulties. But late last December, team owner Eugene Melnyk stated bluntly to the media that he’d consider moving the team if the situation “became a disaster.” That, of course, launched a tidal wave of rumors about exactly how dire the franchise’s lot had become and what city or cities Melnyk might be eyeing if it actually came to that. The most credible rumor is that Melnyk could move the team to Quebec if it has another bad season ticket-wise in 2018-19. And it makes sense, considering the brand-new arena and enthusiastic fanbase already installed in the NHL-experienced city. Among the worst-kept secrets around the NHL is how badly the league wants (needs) a franchise in Seattle, like, yesterday. They had a perfect plan back in 2015. They would accept expansion applications from Quebec, Seattle and Las Vegas, award teams to the latter two and balance the conferences at 16 apiece while injecting some much-needed rivalries back into the West. Well, they got half their wish with Vegas, but when Seattle couldn’t get their you-know-what together on an arena deal and failed to submit an expansion application, the league had egg on its face when it accepted Vegas’ but not Quebec’s. Now, with the planned renovation of Key Arena in downtown Seattle and an expansion application forthcoming, the rumor is that Gary Bettman and his cronies in the league office have basically already given them the green light and are planning their inaugural season for 2020-2021 – if not sooner. The rumors are out there. Houston is the largest metropolitan area in the U.S. without an NHL team, and the owner of the NBA’s Houston Rockets has reportedly already met with NHL officials about bringing NHL to his city. Plus, with the ever-increasing expansion fee, it’s going to be hard for the league to turn down close to $1 billion. Yup, we’re looking at a 34-team NHL by 2023, folks. The other side of the expansion argument – and a possible solution to the Quebec City itch that the NHL will eventually have to scratch – is relocation. *****uming the expansion Seattle franchise is in place in the next couple of years and that Quebec (or Houston, for that matter) is still seriously interested in landing a team of its own, relocation of a current franchise would eliminate the need for expanding to 34 teams, and would also protect the league from **rther diluting its talent pool. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you are), that solution is a real possibility. With an imp*****e between the Flames and the city of Calgary on a new arena deal and the fact that the team is hemorrhaging money, its majority owner, Murray Edwards, is entertaining the idea of moving out of Alberta for greener pastures or selling altogether.
  10. With the recent news that the Mayor of Ottawa wants nothing to do with publicly **nding a new arena for the Senators, and the Owner of the Senators voicing his intention to relocate the Team, it wouldn't surprise me if Aetna (a long-time sponsor of the NHL during their prime) will try to make a pitch for the Senators. Why next week ? Easy answer, Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont is making a pitch to be our next Governor, and don't be surprised if Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin tries to steal the spotlight suddenly, and we know it was exactly a year ago that Bronin and Malloy made a pitch to the Islanders, don't be surprised if Bronin and Ottawa owner Eugene Melnyk are talking behind the scenes, Governor Malloy is pumping millions of dollars into the XL Center, and Aetna will be remaining in Hartford, it seems like the calm before the storm for something big to happen. All I know is, is that my sources inside the XL Center are telling me that stuff is going on behind the scenes, the Governor has made it very well known that there are numerous rich investors waiting to get their hands on a team, don't be surprised if the University of Connecticut could also be involved in this deal, as this new campus in Hartford can be easily attached to the XL Center and perhaps UConn could then lease the XL Center to the Senators (the new Whalers) and thus UConn would be receiving lease payments and the Ottawa owner would be receiving essentially a new arena, since there have been so many recent renovations, a new ice sheet, and another $40 million will be spent on the arena very soon. Hint: there is a reason why there is a new parking garage going up near Bushnell Park
  11. The Governor and his inner circle know, as well as key folks at the NHL, and in due time, the public will know, probably after the deal gets done.
  12. Big Players we need to be monitoring over the next 2 weeks: Aetna CVS NHL CRDA Mayor Bronin Governor Malloy XL Center Ottawa Senators UConn
  13. Michael W. Freimuth, Executive Director, Capital Region Development Authority, talks about the development on the parking lots near The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Hartford. The story focuses on a plan for building a 350-space parking garage on the site of the old state laboratory building on Clinton Street. If built, the parking garage would free up the parking lot just east of the State Office Building (at the corner of Capitol Avenue and Washington streets) for mixed use development. Bringing housing and commercial development to the area has long been envisioned to replace the barren sea of parking lots and stitch together downtown with the neighborhoods to the south.
  14. The NHL doesn't want a team in Quebec City, if the the NHL really wanted to go to QC, they would have approved the expansion, or they would have moved the Coyotes there a few years ago. The NHL will only put a team in QC as an emergency last resort, the league has already chosen Las Vegas and Seattle ahead of QC.
  15. City doesn't have a financial responsibility to give lifeline to Sens, Mayor Watson says The City of Ottawa has no financial responsibility to keep an NHL team in the municipality, even if the owner of the Ottawa Senators has mused about relocating the club, Mayor Jim Watson says. “We should not be using property tax dollars to subsidize an NHL team. That’s not the role of a municipal government, in my opinion,” Watson said on Thursday in his first interview with this newspaper since his recovery from appendicitis. Watson looked forward to being at the NHL 100 Cl*****ic at Lansdowne Park last month but had to watch the game from his bed in the Queensway Carleton Hospital while eating banana pudding. It was a signature event that he pushed the NHL to hold in the league’s milestone and Canada’s 150th anniversary year. The night before the game, Senators owner Eugene Melnyk told reporters he would consider moving the franchise if the club’s financial situation worsened. http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/city-doesnt-have-a-financial-responsibility-to-give-lifeline-to-sens-mayor-watson-says
  16. On the same day as the Carolina Hurricanes fall under new ownership, Aetna, a major sponsor of the Hartford Whalers in the 1980s and 1990s decides to stay in Hartford CVS confirmed to Channel 3 that the company has "no plans to relocate Aetna’s operations from Hartford." Carolyn Castel, who is the vice president for corporate communications for CVS Health, said CVS officials met with the mayor of Hartford on Thursday and they decided to not move Aetna's operations from Connecticut's capital city. Castel said in an email to Channel 3 that they "view Hartford as the **ture location of our center of excellence for the insurance business."
  17. Ottawa, Calgary, Hurricanes, Islanders, Coyotes, the choice of what team we want is going to be up to us.
  18. The year 2018 continues with more big local hockey news, in addition to the Hurricanes under new ownership, the new soccer stadium deal, new soccer team, new Hartford Travel Center almost complete, and the Busway being expanded to east of the river. There is a LOT of developments happening behind the scenes from what I have heard from sources, I don't want to go into anything **rther, the general public doesn't have the stomach for this kind of thing, but there are deals being made behind the scene and these deals in time will explain why the State is pouring so much money into the XL Center to bring it up to NHL standards, that is all I am going to say on that matter. (WTNH) — The University of Connecticut and WTNH News 8/WCTX MyTV9 have announced a partnership to broadcast live, two upcoming men’s hockey games throughout the state of Connecticut. The Huskies’ match-ups with nationally ranked programs Providence on Thursday, January 18 and New Hampshire on Sa****ay, January 27 will be aired live on WTNH’s sister station, WCTX MyTV9. UConn’s game against the Friars is set for a 7 pm start while the match-up with UNH is scheduled for 3:30 pm, both at the XL Center in downtown Hartford.
  19. The timing of all this is very very interesting: a few weeks ago, State of CT commits major money to XL renovations days ago, UConn decides to keep Headquarters in Hartford days ago, Hurricanes fall under new ownership .... and now, just days later, major hockey TV deal is inked in Connecticut some people are thinking that this UConn TV hockey deal is to gauge market interest throughout the state of Connecticut, the timing of all this is really something, everything seems to be happening all at once
  20. It all starts tomorrow, Friday, at noontime. This is the beginning for us, the first stage in bringing them home, Dundon will be owning MORE than 60% of the Hurricanes, he is in charge. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will be in attendance in North Carolina, expect a rebranding later this year, where team name and color scheme could be changing. Expect bigger news next year, when plans could be unveiled to move the team back to Hartford.
  21. The question at this point is: which team is going to arrive here first. The Islanders need a place to play, Hartford is suitable. Carolina needs a long-term place where they won't be at the bottom of the attendance list anymore and where they won't keep losing money, Hartford is suitable. There is also Calgary, the Coyotes... the list is fairly long for teams trying to move to Hartford, in addition to the upcoming league increase to 34 teams, there will be a lot of teams floating around.
  22. and we all know a team has never broken a lease before
  23. After seeing today's press conference, the easy takeaway from the speeches is that there is no long term commitment to Carolina, the new owner says he values winning the most, I don't see the team lasting down there for 2 years at the most. One or two years down there being at the bottom of the list for attendance and bleeding money, and he will have the moving trucks ready to go. Today was a huge day on the calendar for the Whaler return, January 12, new ownership and a new direction.
  24. With the breaking news of the Hurricanes under new management, and with the other breaking news of Aetna deciding to remain in Hartford, expect to see renovations placed on an accelerated timetable, you're going to see hammers being swung faster than ever before and concrete poured year-round, they were able to build the Yard Goat baseball stadium from scratch in almost record time, so renovating an existing structure could probably be done easily in under 16 months, things are going to be happening fast to meet the new deadlines presented by today's news.