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  1. Or the admins could check the ips and just prove to us yes or no
  2. smh at them
  3. Or maybe let people don't have a stake in the conversation review it
  4. Not very niche, but pretty niche
  5. I can see quite a few people getting it but Peter has to remember that these are specialty plates and so are for a niche audience. It works in the same way that not everyone in M*****achusetts wants Bruins plates. (Kinda random sidenote; MA has a plate with a right whale on it) Edit: So now I'm not allowed to spell out M A S S A C H U S E T T S huh, please fix this board's unholy amount of censorship
  6. The plates are going to be cool but it's not like everyone always everywhere gets the plates that supports things and cost more. You're going a bit overboard in calling them
  7. I think the board is a good idea in theory but with trolls and back and forth insult tossing, it's just kinda a s***show
  8. I was just saying there was a chance of the Isles moving to Hartford, not that it's likely or a good idea, I would much prefer if a team such as Florida moved here
  9. Far better than the Sens or Devils. Biggest winners with their new jerseys: Carolina (unf**ked their jersey) Colorado (got rid of that god aw**l piping and got some pretty nice Striping) Vegas (existing but also making a good jersey)
  10. I thoroughly enjoy your laughable (and probably too realistic) impersonation of Bettman.
  11. I was never suggesting they would move to Hartford. It's far more likely that they'll move to Milwaukee, Seattle will expand, and QC and HAR will each get CAR and FL, or the Isles...
  12. This is some top notch reddit karma goldmine potential here
  13. Clearly you and your fantastic wink do because you're on the Whalers message board lmao
  14. If Karmanos is on the board that must mean that he realized that he f***ed up in moving the team to CAR