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  1. Seriously, have any of you read the title of the topic? It's not "let's have a pointless argument that none of us are going to agree on about why the Whale changed their name back the the Wolf Pack"
  2. I liked Dundon for about a week and then he pulled this. And this was just as I was gonna cheer them on next year but instead I'm going to follow Francis and wherever he goes (so long as it's not the Penguins because I don't want to deal with Pitt lol)
  3. What are the four different proposals? I've heard about the Oak Street one but what about the others?
  5. canadawhale

    Are you surprised by this?

    So Phoenix has fans, just not for the Coyotes. Ah well.
  6. canadawhale

    Connecticut's Team?

    oooooh New England 1. I like that place
  7. It gets annoying and there's nothing of value in what's posted so I don't want to see it. Can we block those posts or something?
  8. canadawhale

    Seattle's Back

    is this supposed to become a good copypasta meme?
  9. I am personally of the belief here that the Isles will not go back to the Barclays because they both want out and there's absolutely no way they're going to get the $50 mil a year thing again next year. Where they will go, not sure. But it won't be N*****ua or Barclays. MSG seems pretty difficult. I'm just saying not to cross Hartford off for this temporary thing just yet. Do I think it's likely they'd move to Hartford temporarily, probably not, but I can keep hoping 'til I hear an announcement officially.
  10. I mean they do still need somewhere to go until it's built so I wouldn't cross them off as temporary relocation canidates
  11. How long until Boston and Montreal will be rumoured to be moving to Hartford lol
  12. Rail Service would be better than lyft to the XL Center tbh
  13. canadawhale

    Hurricanes sold and staying

    The NHL won't also want to relocate teams across conferences, meaning that Arizona would likely be the one going to KC as well. Quebec could get Florida or Carolina depending on the cir*****stance. Hartford would really only be behind Quebec in the eastern conf.