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  1. I'm relatively sure that what WP said was sarcasm
  2. This is mostly why I ignore the trolls. Because even if they are you, I really don't care, and focus my time on actually discussing things on the board (and yes the trolls can be quite amusing to watch)
  3. I'm trying to model the XL Center but there aren't very many good pictures of the inside anywhere online. I was wondering if someone had some or something like that. Thanks
  4. Inside the entrance. There are many photos of the outside, but the inside of the entrance is just really hard to find
  5. They probably made an agreement or something to not reveal anything for the **nding, and so didn't say anything. Or I'm just entirely wrong and there's no **nding aside from the state lol
  6. 200 people is pretty good, especially for the fact that you're using a twitter poll.
  7. Yeah, seems like probably something they can't reveal
  8. I'm not trying to attack anyone, it was just a reply to your jab towards Greg. If you weren't part of why the discourse is trolling most of the time I would not have said anything.
  9. This is a really cool picture of the inside. The one's that I'm especially looking for are one's of the entrance
  10. This is also for you to take note as well
  11. Is it impossible for all of you people to not name call people?
  12. It probably means there is no **nding, though maybe it might mean there are investors the can't reveal?
  13. I would still care about Calgary if they moved here. If they do, okay, but that wouldn't mean that I wouldn't sympathize with the people there who unfairly got a team ripped away from them.
  14. This kind of thing is what leads me to believe that you are being unreasonable \/ \/
  15. I've been wondering if Northland is going to pursue a team again once/if the XL is rebuilt
  16. Imagine that! This is what I would hope this board can one day be.
  17. I mean green and blue as in Whalers (eventually when the state gets it's **** together) and refresh as in nothing but an affiliate change to a neutral team, and possibly a slight colour change that comes with it. (Ik it's unlikely for either of these, but I can hope)
  18. Yeah... but I hope one day that we can get our green and blue team back, and we need to start somewhere. A refresh of the affiliate would be very help**l at a time like this.
  19. I guess so, I just don't see the appeal in putting the affiliate team in the middle of enemy territory--of 2 teams...
  20. I wrote this on another thread here a few minutes ago It's just that the Rangers affiliation seems to be a large portion of what is killing this team. It feels like Hartford is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The promise of the market can be seen with the attendance of the Huskies, who more people per game. Now I'm in the mood to speculate which market would be willing to put their AHL affiliate in HFD
  21. My biggest problem is the fact that they're a Rangers affiliate. If they found a more neutral NHL affiliate the Pack would probably draw in many more fans. I don't even know why NYR hasn't moved the team yet.
  22. I think the best thing that could happen for hockey in Hartford is to have an affiliate that isn't the Rangers.
  23. What led you here lol