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  1. No **nding for the XL, quartered the money for Hartford. What will happen now? Bankruptcy?
  2. Submitted twice somehow just ignore this
  3. I'm trying to model the XL Center but there aren't very many good pictures of the inside anywhere online. I was wondering if someone had some or something like that. Thanks
  4. Yes because random people in a city far away asking about the Whalers is an indication that no one cares
  5. t u r d... really...
  6. Yeah the field is probably the biggest issue and it would be expensive
  7. There was a CFL expansion into the US, like 20 years ago.... maybe that would be the league to go for, not MLB or another US major league
  8. Sadly that doesn't necessarily mean we'll find anyone neutral willing to affiliate with Hartford
  9. Maybe...
  10. If there is an investor I hope they would talk
  11. Yeah, uhh, no one said that
  12. We still need to wait for them to actually get their franchise
  13. Definitely Hershey
  14. Then why doesn't he talk about who they are? (nhl stuff?)
  15. Why OKC?
  16. The WHA was only like 8 or 9 right?
  17. In theory it could start as a semi minor league, but try and get some good European talent that could prove that the league has a good quality of hockey
  18. The times when the message board was not incoherent arguing
  19. I'm relatively sure that what WP said was sarcasm
  20. This is mostly why I ignore the trolls. Because even if they are you, I really don't care, and focus my time on actually discussing things on the board (and yes the trolls can be quite amusing to watch)
  21. Inside the entrance. There are many photos of the outside, but the inside of the entrance is just really hard to find
  22. They probably made an agreement or something to not reveal anything for the **nding, and so didn't say anything. Or I'm just entirely wrong and there's no **nding aside from the state lol
  23. 200 people is pretty good, especially for the fact that you're using a twitter poll.