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  1. BTW, Good stuff, WC. From what I have heard, the PC was a huge success. Will be going online in the next day or so to update my plates.
  2. Interesting...very interesting... So Fraudie, when is the big presser coming for the WolfPack license plates?????
  3. got something right.
  4. Nobody spins crap like Frank. Not even Fraudie is this bad.
  5. That's not going to happen until Amazon buys the Senators and the XL Center and moves the Sens here..........
  6. They wanted Vegas to be competitive. Nobody, probably not even the Knights themselves, saw this coming. They couldn't have.
  7. By the way...I don't see anything about facilities having to be on campus... B. Facilities • Minimum seating capacity 4000 with 20% of capacity being chair-back seats. Current HEA members must have a minimum capacity of 2000 with 20% of capacity being chair-back seats. • Hockey East logo prominently displayed in the facility and on the ice surface. Logo size to be consistent with others in the facility. • Visiting team locker room must be a minimum of 500 sf (not including showers and toilets) and able to accommodate student-athletes, staff, and equipment. • Locker room(s) with private shower and toilet to accommodate game officials • Game time-clock connected directly to the scoreboard clock in home, visitors, and officials locker rooms • Locker rooms equipped with dry erase boards and markers • Media/TV capability – sufficient electrical power and number of outlets in media locations for the operation and transmission of television, radio broadcasts, and for the operation of transmission equipment and computer terminals used by the media • A minimum of 110 vertical foot candles of light evenly balanced over the entire ice surface • Press box to comfortably accommodate print and electronic working media, visiting team coaches, and officials. • 110 –volt electrical outlets with one outlet for every two seats in the press box • Power requirements for television production of 200 amps, 3-phase to the trucks; of 150 amps, 3-phase combined to the satellite links and of 150 amps, 3-phase to the announcers’ position. • Defined media area for post-game interviews • High-speed data lines and/or wireless internet capability • Spectator amenities/services including clean and well presented lobby and display areas • Clean and sufficient restroom areas for capacity crowds • Multiple concessions areas and area for sale of team/league merchandise
  8. Those bylaws are now almost 4 years old. And, as everybody knows, Notre Dame is no longer a conference member. In's certainly possible, if not likely, that the HE bylaws have been amended. But, at least you provided some evidence. The bad news is you're still wrong since those bylaws are 3+ years old.
  9. "Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not Hendrickson. Just someone else who's here for the entertainment value mostly. " In that case, allow me to apologize to you for saying you were. As Evo said, Gordon's big mistake was letting Ben Sisti be one of the partners...that really was the move that doomed the franchise, more than anything PK did.
  10. Thanks for proving that you're making up the HE stuff, Fraudie.
  11. I think the Dirty H is also of his countless monikers.
  12. It's shocking....WC guaranteed that not only was Amazon coming here...they were buying the XL Center and buying a NHL franchise and moving them I have to ask......What happened!?!?!?!?!!?!?
  13. "The NHL doesn't want a team in Quebec City, if the the NHL really wanted to go to QC, they would have approved the expansion, or they would have moved the Coyotes there a few years ago. The NHL will only put a team in QC as an emergency last resort, the league has already chosen Las Vegas and Seattle ahead of QC." For once, I think we agree. But...this is the first we have heard of Canadian franchises potentially is possible the league might want to keep one of the teams in Canada, if they end up relocating. Seattle will get an expansion team, not a relocation.
  14. Sigh...looks like Greg has yet another new moniker...
  15. Ottawa is a possibility...but I don't believe their situation is as dire as the situation in Arizona. Plus...I think the league would try to move them to Quebec City before they moved them to any US market. We shall see.