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  1. You do know there's already a huge Amazon warehouse facility in Windsor, right? Clueless as Stick with your mancrushes on Gernander and Sonar.
  2. More made up crap. LOL. You really are something else, Biggie.
  3. "There should be more people at all games." There was an opportunity several years ago to fix this problem, but instead of sticking with the CT Whale brand, they went back to the tired crappy WolfPack brand, and whether you like it or not, the attendance numbers went right back to where they were before the rebrand. 2008/2009 -- 4190/game 2009/2010 -- 4188/game 2010/2011 -- 5695/game (rebranded as CT Whale in November of 2010) 2011/2012 -- 4573/game (as CT Whale) 2012/2013 -- 4540/game (as CT Whale) 2013/2014 -- 4071/game (1st year back as WolfPack) 2014/2015 -- 4468/game 2015/2016 -- 4440/game 2016/2017 -- 4238/game And so far, just 4 games into the season, all on weekends (3 Friday, 1 Sunday), the attendance is at just over 3500/game. Evo hit the nail on the head...instead of shoving the WolfPack brand down Whalers fans throats, they should try harder to please as much of the fanbase as possible. Until they make a conscious effort to do that...I'll stick with UConn.
  4. I thought the guy that used to own the Texas Rangers was going to buy the Hurricanes?
  5. Nothing is going to move forward until there is a budget. That has to be the first domino to fall.
  6. Eh, I'm not so sure about that...the NHL wants that expansion money, which makes Houston a prime candidate of course...if/when the NHL expands again. To me, Houston is a prime expansion spot...with the $500M (or more) price tag. Hartford is a prime relocation spot...if we can get our collective s#!t together that is...
  7. It's only one person. WhalerCentral is mentally challenged. That's the best way I can put it without offending anybody.
  8. By the way, the Rangers announced 17,181 for their game against Nashville on Sa****ay.......I guess they'll be moving to Hartford next, right WhalerCentral????
  9. "Even with the small amount of people there I didn't see anyone wearing Whalers stuff. I saw a bunch of BU and Wolf Pack jerseys. So, where were all of you and what is going to be your excuse." Well, first of all, I WAS there. You really should come by and visit, I sit at the top of section 105. Second, if you didn't see anyone wearing Whalers weren't paying attention (shocker)...there was lots of Whalers stuff, lots of BU jerseys too, and of course, lots of UConn stuff. Did not see a single WolfPack jersey, and I walked the concourse in both intermissions. Third, I'm not going to make excuses. The number is not what I expected. But...shall we review the last THREE WolfPack attendance numbers? 2152, 2972, 2901. What's your excuse for THAT, Mr. So-Called Hartford Hockey fan????????
  10. The one key sentence in your last post (besides, "we need to get our act together here in CT) is "...If he gets the chance" It's nice that the new Rockets owner wants the NHL...but we have not heard a peep from the NHL about wanting Houston.
  11. There have been a lot of dumb things said on this forum over the years...I've said some of them myself...but this one takes first prize. Four games and Vegas is leaving for Hartford...incredibly stupid.
  12. "Depending on where in the "Knowledge Corridor" you live, it's not hard to go to Boston or New York. But the big deal is television. Most NHL teams have their markets to themselves. The Whalers didn't and a new Hartford NHL team won't either. NESN, MSG, and YES are in Connecticut, showing hockey games from out of state. The other markets you mentioned probably don't have that type of competition." Most of Connecticut doesn't get MSG, and there has never been a NHL game on YES. Stick to Quinnipiac. You're clueless (as usual) when it comes to everything else.
  13. "I posted proof, from the governor himself, that he is taking millions away from the CRDA, de**nding another group like the CRDA, and there's no plans for bonds or loans to pay for any upgrades to the XL Center and I'm wrong? You have got to be kidding me. You go ahead and hide your head from the truth." You posted Malloy's 50 page budget. The original budget, the one that was voted on (and vetoed) in September was 900+ pages. You go ahead and hide your head from the truth, Biggie.
  14. You do understand that a budget is like 900 pages, right? Malloy was offering changes to his original budget...and since the XL wasn't in this list of changes...and WAS in his original budget...guess what? You're wrong. As usual.
  15. Now...for Chad and Monizzle...I'm not questioning Houston being in the mix, we don't know how much interest the NHL has in Houston, at least at this point in time. It's nice that the Rockets owner met with the guy that owns the Maple Leafs, and it's nice the new Rockets owner met with Jeremy Jacobs...that's great...but that's two owners, there's 29 others that have to be accounted for. Does Dallas want to give up their monopoly on Texas? Does the league want to go into another southern market? Does the Rockets owner want to (a) buy a team or (b) put up $500M (or more) for expansion? These are all questions...very legitimate questions...that have to be answered. Can I see the NHL in Houston? Absolutely. I'll even say it will happen...within the next 3-5 years. But, my guess is it will be an expansion team...and since there is no **rther expansion of the NHL on the immediate's my opinion the NHL won't be in Houston anytime in the immediate **ture.