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  1. Quite truth f u lly, it's a long time coming. Like with everything else, he has nobody to blame but himself.
  2. My rep did tell me that UConn had to move people that were sitting in those seats, but I think that had more to do with the removing of seats and adding tables and so on.
  3. Yes, they have plans to expand Frietas, but again, the majority of HE games would be in Hartford, that came right from Mike Cavanaugh, and since he's the head coach, I'm going to go ahead and take him at his word. As for the "HE not softening their stance"....uh...they already have. One of the provisions of UConn joining the conference was an on-campus arena that had to have at least the planning stages done by 2017. Well....guess what? It's 2017, and they're no closer to upgrading Frietas, or building a new on-campus arena then they were when the announcement was made in 2012. As for the schools, they don't really have a serious issue with UConn playing in Hartford...and now, with a new ice plant in place and ready to go, one of the few main concerns is gone. Also, I should remind you that it is financially better for UConn to play in Hartford. More concessions (specifically alcohol) means more money. It also means more money for Spectra, and more money for the CRDA. In other's beneficial for everyone.
  4. Well, it doesn't make any sense to not have that section open for all events. Plus, the season is still two months away. We'll have to wait and see.
  5. "The way Evo was talking on his show, I don't think UConn cares if Frietas is to small. Honestly, they could leave, save money on not paying rent or busing students to Hartford and building their own HE. Kind of like what people on here have said about a NHL team moving here before the upgrades and just waiting until they have want they want. UConn has already put a ton of money into the campus in Storrs, and they're still talking about either upgrading or replacing Frietas. Also, UConn has to have an arena on-campus that can hold Hockey East games or be kicked out of the conference. They have plans to expand Frietas to hold around 3250 seats and it sounds like they're waiting to see what is done at the XL Center before they announce what they're going to do. At least that's the way the Courant made it sound in an article about the sports upgrades a few months ago." In order... 1) I don't watch Pete's show. 2) UConn HAS to care that Frietas is too small, HE has already informed there they can't play any regular season games there until it gets up to HE standards, that's why they play in Hartford to being with. 3) There is a downtown Hartford campus of UConn now, so the whole "busing students to the XL" thing...uh...doesn't really come into play anymore. 4) HE wanted them to build on campus...but that stance may have softened, especially considering the attendance numbers in Hartford. 5) They will eventually expand Frietas, but even if/when they do, the majority of HE games will still be in Hartford...why? More money, and UConn is all about making money.
  6. "I called my rep with UConn and he said that the Fan Zone is only for the Pack and that UConn will have seats there instead" My rep with UConn said they had no info about the Fan Zone as yet...either we have a different rep, or someone is getting bad info. Would you like to share who your rep at UConn is?
  7. Heh. How are they going to prevent people from using it? I mean, seriously...use your brains, people.
  8. "Without the upgrades even being started UConn and the Wolf Pack could be out after this season. Don't believe me?" I believe the WolfPack could be out after this season. Not UConn. Why? Because they don't have anyplace else to go. Frietas is too small and not up to HE standards. Nice try.
  9. Don't bother with them Jersey. You give a lot more to Hartford hockey than these trolls.
  10. OK, my ticket rep at UConn called back. He didn't have a lot of specifics, he said more info would become available once we got closer to the season. As I said to him on the phone, I can't imagine the area being closed for UConn games and open for the WolfPack, that just doesn't make sense business wise.
  11. "You might when your next potential employer runs an internet search and sees your....ah....mental stability" Or, more accurately, his first potential employer.
  12. Not that I don't trust Ricky, but I'd prefer to get this right from the source. So I have called my ticket rep at UConn and left a message, we'll see what he says.
  13. Get help Greg. You really, really need it.
  14. Greg, I'm STILL not WhalerCentral. The NHL is going to give Las Vegas every possible chance to succeed. There is no chance...and I mean NO chance Vegas moves in 10 years. Arizona will the next 10 years. Carolina will the next 10 years. Vegas will not. You can put that in stone if you wish.
  15. If anybody needed any more evidence that Greg needs professional help, all they would have to do is look at what he's done on this forum the last hour or two. It also provides more than enough evidence to the Courant that his IP should be blocked and he should be banned from here for good.