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  1. "That mandate is still in effect because UConn just exhausted one waiver last year and only have one more left. They were supposed to have started building an arena or started upgrading Frietas by this season. Since they didn't, they have to have until 2020 to get that done. If not then they're probably going to be kicked out of Hockey East, or at least be paying a penalty to the conference." Fraudie, will you stop??? UConn isn't getting kicked out of the conference, nor are they paying any penalty to the conference. You're talking out of your usual.
  2. "To sum it all up: none of this has anything to do with the NHL returning to Hartford and Frank obviously has neglected to take his meds." Hard to dispute...
  3. No, but he had crappy teams. The 92/93 and 93/94 teams were horrible...they only won if Burke stood on his head in net.
  4. I do believe there was a mandate when UConn joined HE that an on-campus arena had to be built, or Frietas had to be upgraded to meet HE standards. Whether that mandate is still good or not...well, only HE and UConn know for sure.
  5. I know, I was saying that Hockey East isn't kicking UM-Lowell out anytime soon, and their building isn't technically on campus either. That was my point. The only person, by the way, that has even mentioned that UConn could be kicked out of Fraudie. And, as we know...the chances of UConn getting kicked out of somewhere very, very, very close to zero.
  6. That's true...but should the XL Renovations occur, UConn would become a partner in the renovated building, and not a tenant. Big difference.
  7. "The team playing at the XL Center isn't called the UConn-Hartford Huskies, so that means that will have to play on campus or be in violation of Hockey East's rules and be kicked out" More lies by Fraudie. UConn isn't getting kicked out of Hockey East, building on campus, or no building on campus. BTW, UMa$$-Lowell's arena is roughly 2-3 blocks from their South campus...yet I don't see anyone kicking them out. Nice try.
  8. Yes, leases have been broken before. But why would the Centennial Authority in Raleigh agree to let the Canes break the lease, and why would the Canes WANT to break what is considered one of the best leases in the NHL? BTW, the Canes drew 16,000+ last night.
  9. The Islanders will either play at Barclays or Uniondale until the new arena at Belmont Park is ready. Carolina isn't going anywhere until at least 2024. The Coyotes....are still the best bet. Calgary will stay west. Maybe they end up in Houston or Portland.
  10. I didn't imply anything, Fraudie. Fact: The XL hasn't gotten their makeover. Yet. Fact: It's not a done deal that the Islanders are going back to Uniondale. Fact: The chances of the Islanders playing games in Uniondale increased because Bettman has now seen the renovated facility. Not one time did I mention Hartford, or did I imply that the Islanders could play here temporarily. I did make one mistake...I forgot I have to talk to you like you're 4 so you understand something.
  11. Frank... They have a team friendly lease until 2024. They have a brand new owner...but the old one still has a minority share. Stop it. You're being an a$$.
  12. "Then why would that move to Hartford when they can play down the street from where they're building their new arena? Moving to Hartford for a short time makes no sense at all when there's a building that's of the same size but is technically newer. Also, it's closer to their fans considering it's on the same street." All I said was the XL Renovation hasn't happened...yet. Don't read more into it, Fraudie.
  13. Frank, you do understand the Hurricanes are not leaving Raleigh anytime in the next...oh...5-7 years, right?
  14. Now he's so bad he's talking to himself. Bruce Gold Part II
  15. "The XL Center would have to had started their upgrade now to be ready for the Islanders, especially if they are only going to work on the building during the summer. They just don't have the time to do the makeover. Also, it now looks like the state doesn't have the money to do the work either now that they've stopped all work on the highways because of lack of **nds. I doubt you'll be seeing any extra money going into the building, especially since they're actively looking for someone to buy it." Not the point. They can't start the renovations anyway until the entirety of the building is in the hands of one entity. Right now, the CRDA still only owns/controls the Coliseum.
  16. Gampel's roof did get repaired though.
  17. The XL hasn't gotten their makeover. Yet. It's not a done deal that the Islanders are going back to Uniondale...though I readily admit, the prospect of it is a lot more likely now that Bettman has seen the renovated arena for himself.
  18. Other than the fact MSG doesn't give one iota about what the attendance numbers are, I'd agree with the thinking. They get the same affiliation fee if the Pack average 10,000 or 1,000.
  19. Oh my god...Frank, will you stop?
  20. Uniondale only has roughly 800 fewer seats than the XL. I believe the current hockey capacity in Hartford would be around 14,700. Remember, a lot of seats were removed for the fan bar, and this season, seats were taken out behind the goal where the home team shoots once.