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  1. AHL Conference Realignment

    You do realize the NHL orders teams to have the building empty except for one off events like wrestling or a concert? The stupidity continues.........
  2. AHL Conference Realignment

    Good. Now, have Colorado play the same number of games as the other Pacific division clubs, and they can get rid of the stupid "winning percentage" BS that they use for playoff qualifiers.
  3. What a joke. F U Tom Dundon. He can rot in he!! right next to Ponytail Pete.
  4. I picked LA to beat Vegas, I thought the Kings experience would be a huge advantage. And...they got swept. LOL Everything else I got right. Round 2. Pittsburgh over Washington in 6 Tampa over Boston in 7 Winnipeg over Nashville in 6 (just a hunch) San Jose over Vegas in 7
  5. Meanwhile, here in Hartford...
  6. Are you surprised by this?

    Yes, but I just wonder how many of those fans in Arizona are fans of the current playoff teams and not the Coyotes.
  7. For all the people out there that thought the YG would be a fad, well...the joke is on you. I found this statement particularly interesting... Jeff Lantz, director of media relations for Minor League Baseball, said last week that while his organization doesn’t keep statistics about season ticket sales or increases, a 24 percent increase is unusual. “It’s pretty remarkable because a lot of these honeymoon periods end and you get attrition,” Lantz said. “I can’t think of a team that’s had that kind of increase.” Lantz said the key for growing attendance and keeping it in minor league baseball is not necessarily about the game on the field. “If you polled 100 people [leaving a game,] 70 couldn’t tell you who won and 90 couldn’t tell you the final score,” Lantz said. The key, he said, is to operate a clean, safe stadium with a strong promotional and entertainment calendar and communicate with your customers about their ballpark experience. If certain other teams in the area would take this hint (cough, Pack, cough)...maybe their numbers would jump 24% too.
  8. Are you surprised by this?

    The real test will come if/when the Bruins are eliminated.
  9. Are you surprised by this?

    There are, actually. I have heard the WolfPack got a -4 rating.
  10. Whaler T-shirt sighting on TV

    "Well Ryan Preece is a Wolf Pack fan and you'd all know that if you went to games." I wouldn't know that if I went to games. Why? Because I don't have the first idea who Ryan Preece is. See, Fraudie, the whole idea is to have REAL celebrities wear Whalers stuff. Brian Cashman, Yankees GM comes to mind. Adam Sandler, "comedian" and "movie star" comes to mind. Megan Fox comes to mind. The list goes on. Ryan Preece...who drives in some local racing circuit that 11 people care about....doesn't exactly measure up.
  11. By the way...Final WP number = 157,243 for 38 dates, 4,138/game. Good for 23rd in the AHL. Global is now 1/2 way through their 10 year agreement. For the 5 seasons since they came in (and the Rangers went back to the crappy WP Brand), Global has drawn 811,472 for 190 WolfPack games, or an average of 4,271/game. the CT Whale averaged 4,949/game in their 3 seasons. So the CT Whale brand is still about 700 fans per game more than the WP brand. Fraudie can complain all he wants, those are the numbers.
  12. Of course, for all we know, Fraudie and Biggie could still be one and the same. He's never proven otherwise.
  13. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Oh look everyone...Fraudie is other news, it's still winter here in the Northeast.
  14. Are you surprised by this?

    I'm guessing Fraudie will come on and say those numbers aren't legit because they are not WolfPack numbers.
  15. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    TeenWhalersFan gets it. "True" Hartford Hockey Fan is the biggest fraud on this board. It's not even remotely close.
  16. "Just saying that the Wolf Pack don't mess with their numbers as much as the Whale did and the Goats do." And I'm saying you're **ll of crap. Wednesday, Feb, 7. School Day game, WolfPack vs. Bridgeport. Announced attendance = 2594. Actual attendance per photos posted on a myriad of places = 300-400 TOPS. And don't use the "oh, there was a storm" excuse. Because if you're going to use the weather as a reason why people don't go to WolfPack games, then that excuse flies for the Yard Goats too. Fraud.
  17. So let's review...the Yard Goats have "fewer than 1000", the CT Whale have "fewer than 1000" but the WolfPack NEVER do????? Bull$hit. What about that game in early February that had like 300 people??? With every post, Fraudie makes a bigger a$$ out of himself.
  18. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Speaking of the WolfPack giving stuff away... To this point, they have drawn 151,764 for 37 home games, an average of 4,102/game. They need to have an announced number of 9,273 on Friday night to match the 2016/17 number of 161,037 for 38 games (4,238/game) If that doesn't happen (hint: It won't), then this will be the 2nd lowest attended season in Hartford hockey history. Only the 2013/14 season, Spectra's first, was lower, at 4,071/game.
  19. " I'm sure teams in all leagues use a lot of liberty in determining tickets "sold" and count freebies given to corporations, vendors, advertisers, charities, etc. " Correct. I've noticed more and more that when an article reports an attendance number, it's always with the preface "The announced attendance last night was _____" Announced attendance and actual turnstile attendance are always two different numbers. Every team. Every sport. Every level.
  20. "The Yard Goats have been having announced attendances of around 3800 when the place has only had about 500 people there." That's also BS and you know it. If you're going to call people out on their BS, be ready to get called out on your own.
  21. The WolfPack do it, just like every other team. It even happens in the majors. The White Sox announced 10,000ish for their game against Tampa yesterday....someone from the Tampa newspapers said the actual attendance was less than 1000.
  22. Everybody does it. Every sport, every level. So why certain people get upset when a Hartford team does it...I have no idea. I went to a bunch of YG games last year where they announced a sellout, but there were empty seats. Teams give away blocks of freebies...and regardless of if the tickets get used or not...they're counted in the attendance number.
  23. To Fraudie, they are, apparently. Of course, he thinks the only sports team in the universe that doesn't give free tickets away is the WolfPack, so we should consider the source.
  24. And just to add to my point from above. The Yard Goats, in freezing conditions, announced crowds of 4,328 Sat night and 4,205 yesterday. The WolfPack? 4,126 Sat and 3,026 Sunday.