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  1. Hartford Athletic soccer

    I despise Kraft and the Patriots, but will support Hartford Athletic. Probably won't get season tickets, but I'd certainly attend a few games.
  2. I know I have gone on record here saying that we as a city and region shouldn't be messing around with minor league soccer, we should be setting our sights higher, like for MLS. That said, welcome to Hartford Athletic. Now...a quick review. 1) the Hartford Yard Goats chose blue and green for colors, play Bra$$ Bonanza in tribute to the Whalers, and have the highest attendance in the Eastern League, and are 4th in all of double A for attendance. 2) the UConn hockey program plays Bra$$ Bonanza after goals in tribute to the Whalers, and have averaged in the top half of Hockey East and the top 15-20 teams nationally in college hockey since joining Hockey East. 3) the new soccer team, the aforementioned Hartford Athletic, chose blue and green for colors, will play Bra$$ Bonanza after goals in tribute to the Whalers, and per reports, have commitments for 1000 season tickets already. It's rather amazing what happens when smart people actually listen to the public instead of trying to shove a stale tired brand down everyone's throat.
  3. I think UConn is waiting until the AHL schedule is official to announce their schedule (AHL schedule out at 3:00 pm 7/11/18), but this is what I know for now... Friday Oct. 12 -- at Army Tuesday Oct. 16 -- at Quinnipiac Sa****ay Oct. 20 -- at RPI Friday Oct. 26 -- Maine (HE) Sa****ay Oct. 27 -- Maine (HE) Friday Nov. 2 -- at Vermont (HE) Sa****ay Nov. 3 -- at Vermont (HE) Friday Nov. 9 -- at Northeastern (HE) Tuesday Nov. 13 -- Brown Friday Nov. 16 -- UMa$$-Lowell (HE) Sa****ay Nov. 17 -- at UMa$$-Lowell (HE) Friday Nov. 23 -- vs. BU (at Northern Irleand) (HE) Sa****ay Nov. 24 -- vs. Union or Yale (at Northern Ireland) Friday Nov. 30 -- at UMa$$-Amherst (HE) Monday Dec. 31 -- at Yale Friday Jan. 4 -- at Las Vegas Invitational with St. Lawrence, Air Force & Western Michigan Sa****ay Jan. 5 -- at Las Vegas Invitational Sa****ay Jan. 12 -- at Merrimack (HE) Wednesday Jan. 16 -- RPI Friday Jan. 25 -- New Hampshire (HE) Sa****ay Jan. 26 -- at New Hampshire (HE) Tuesday Jan. 29 -- Sacred Heart Thursday Feb, 7 -- Northeastern (HE) Sa****ay Feb. 9 -- Merrimack (HE) Friday Feb. 15 -- BU (HE) Sa****ay Feb. 16 -- at BU (HE) Thursday Feb. 21 -- at UMa$$-Amherst (HE) Friday Mar. 1 -- Vermont (HE) Friday Mar. 9 -- UMa$$-Amherst (HE) Do not know the BC or Providence dates yet. Rumor has it the two BC home games will be 12/6 and 2/1 and PC will be here 3/2, but nothing official yet.
  4. Good for Coach Cav. Not a surprise that he gets the market, but for him to say that he'd love a Whaler night and have his team wear the colors...fantastic. Speaking of UConn...the schedule should be coming out literally any day now. Most of it is already set.
  5. Oh...and Mr. BB is right on the money. UConn hockey IS Hartford hockey. Not the "professional" team that plays there.
  6. :sigh: Fraudie, they've been talking about a new on-campus hockey facility for the better part of a decade now, and to this point, there hasn't been a shovel of dirt moved, not a seat taken out, not a sign moved. Nothing. Putting stuff on a paper is very nice, but until there is actual work done...I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  7. Look, Raddunce is being creative. Using capital letters, bold font and everything. Well done...hope**lly your teacher will give you an A.
  8. July 27-29 at Dunkin Donuts Park. Yard Goats vs. New Hampshire. July 28 is the day the players will be in attendance. No word yet on who is coming. But mark your calendars accordingly!!!
  9. "I'm not "spinning" anything. They didn't own the Whale brand. They wanted to use it but weren't going to pay the person who owed them over a million dollars for it. " Which means they chose not to use it. This really isn't hard to figure out if your IQ is above say...4.
  10. Interesting thought. Rick Peckham, who before going to Tampa, was the Whalers TV play-by-play man, was calling the game, I'm guessing.
  11. Again, you fraud, you can spin it any way you desire. MSG chose to go back to the WolfPack name. They COULD have stuck with the Whale name, they chose not to.
  12. 2 years in a row...the team continues to lead the Eastern League in attendance, and their average attendance is 4th in AA baseball. Cry, haters.
  13. Fraudie, you're missing the point (as usual) MSG chose to go back to the WolfPack name. That's not arguable, no matter how you try to spin it. "They did try to work out a deal where they would take the Whale brand as part of the money they were owed but the Baldwins wouldn't do it." And you know this how? Were you sitting in on the negotiations? Once...just one time...I wish you'd stop with the lies and the bull$#it stories and speak the truth. Just one time.
  14. They still chose not to pay the Baldwins or make a deal with them and went back to the WolfPack name. That's not arguable, Fraudie. Oh, and once again, EVERY team in EVERY sport "screws with the numbers". So stop using that as an excuse.
  15. They still chose not to pay the Baldwins or make a deal with them and went back to the WolfPack name. That's not arguable, Fraudie.
  16. "No clue, but from what I've been hearing at games, it sounds like it's going to be the same guys as last year. Honestly, after all of the no shows at the event in February I wouldn't be surprised if less guys show up this year." Heh. There are so many differences between February and July, not the least of which is that the season is actually going on in February... For someone that claims to be a "True Hartford Hockey Fan", you're about the most negative Hartford hockey fan I have ever encountered. You're also about the biggest liar and fraud I've ever encountered as well.
  17. Uh, they didn't "have" to change it back. They "chose" to change it back. When are you going to stop lying?
  18. "Don't know what Mark is talking about. He's even admitted that he doesn't go to Goats games unless it's Whalers Weekend." This might shock people, but you're wrong yet again. Had a mini plan of tickets last year, and got another one this year. Sorry Fraudie. But keep working on that UConn arena in Storrs.
  19. No. Don't need any of those things. Truth is...I don't even need the NHL. Just want the Puke out and a neutral NHL affiliate that is smart enough (like the other professional sports team in the city) to use the past to help promote the current and the f uture. But hey, continue to be's what you and Fraudie do best. BTW, how's UConn's new hockey arena coming along.
  20. They also changed them back, Fraudie. Or do you forget that, like you usually do.
  21. jimmy forgot the quotes. "professional"
  22. I have a partial list. But I'm not sharing it here.
  23. The people that are "content" with minor league sports have either never been to a major league sporting event, or don't really care enough about sports to want anything else.
  24. AHL Conference Realignment

    You do realize the NHL orders teams to have the building empty except for one off events like wrestling or a concert? The stupidity continues.........
  25. AHL Conference Realignment

    Good. Now, have Colorado play the same number of games as the other Pacific division clubs, and they can get rid of the stupid "winning percentage" BS that they use for playoff qualifiers.