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  1. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Frietas will be used for a couple of games per year...and the rest will be in Hartford.
  2. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    The bonding part wasn't where the lie comes from. UConn has a contract with the CRDA to have 30 events per year at the XL Center, of which half of those are UConn hockey games. That's not fiction, that's fact. So...unless there is a new contract with UConn...your "2-3 games per year in Hartford" gets blown up in your so many of your stories do.
  3. The team that won the Stanley Cup in 1917 were called the Seattle Metropolitans. They were also playing the Canadiens in the 1919 Final when the Influenza Epidemic cancelled the remaining games of the series.
  4. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    I agree with Evo. For an athletic program that is losing a lot of money, there is much more money to be made in Hartford over Storrs. It's really that simple. They can talk about upgrading Freitas to meet league standards, that's perfectly fine, but for the people (read: Fraudie) that think UConn is going to play "only 2-3 games a year in Hartford", that is simply idiotic to think that way. And, since the Pack have officially renewed for a minimum of 2 years and a max of 5, I think it's pretty safe to say UConn hockey is going to be in Hartford for that time frame as well. If not longer.
  5. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    "They just submitted a bonding plan that includes money for upgrades to their rink on campus to expand it to either 3500 or 4500 seats. If they go with the 4500 option then they will only be playing 2 or 3 games in Hartford." More lies from Fraudie.
  6. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Well, I was basing it on last year compared to this year. Last year -- WolfPack averaged 4238, T-Birds averaged 4664. Difference = 426 This year -- WolfPack average 4087, T-Birds average 4814. Difference = 727
  7. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    There is more than enough evidence to suggest that Hartford can support a team, regardless of level. But, the numbers the Pack draw, for the most part, are terrible. They're going to be outdrawn by Springfield for a 2nd straight year...and the margin seems to be getting wider.
  8. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Never used the word "marketed" in my last post. Fraudie, if you're going to criticize what I say, the least you can do is get what I say correct.
  9. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    "That would mean MSG would have to sell the team, and that's not happening. They have complete control and that the way they want it. The independent teams are dying, and the NHL teams that don't own their affiliates are seeing that. Even Hershey had had problems with the Capitals not waiting their contracted player doing certain promotions. They're was even talk that they might pull there affiliation because they issues they were having. So, local ownership might not be a good thing." That wasn't really my point...then again, you never seem to get my point anyway. My point was that people forget that if we had local ownership (and for the record, I doubt that's ever going to happen), we might still have the Rangers affiliation anyway. Meaning local ownership doesn't necessarily get rid of the Rangers.
  10. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    The sports landscape has changed drastically in terms of major league teams and their affiliates. The pro teams want their minor league teams close by. So...I agree with Mr. BB. That said...the WolfPack (and this falls more on Spectra than anybody else) still need to do more to cater to the entire fanbase, not just the few Rangers fans the city has.
  11. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    If we had local ownership, we might still have the Rangers affiliation. People forget that.
  12. Tonight at 10pm

    Vince, just make sure you come by when the Whalers return so Evo, myself and everyone else can rub your nose in it.
  13. Tonight at 10pm

    That's our Vince. Once a stubborn know-nothing a-hole....always a stubborn know-nothing a-hole.
  14. Tonight at 10pm

    Most people with some semblance of a brain don't need to see the report. When multiple places have the same exact info, that's usually more than enough for people to acknowledge that there must be something to the report. It should also be noted that if the NHL were to return, those numbers would be much higher today than they were 21 years ago...higher salaries, higher prices for everything, from tickets to concessions to food at restaurants/bars around the arena, to souvenirs, and so forth. Not sure what's more amusing...Vince whining about a report from 21 years ago, or Vince's never ending quest to be right about ANYTHING.
  15. Tonight at 10pm

    So it doesn't matter that newspapers and TV stations all over the region had the exact same information, in your eyes, it's the actual report or nothing. I am quite sure you were not that asinine about this report when it first came out.
  16. Tonight at 10pm

    "Just admit that there is no evidence and acknowledge that I am right. It will not kill you" Vince if you were right about anything, I'd be the first person to acknowledge that you were correct. However, you continue 0-for-life. Remind us all again how Winnipeg would never get the NHL.
  17. Tonight at 10pm

    Rats, I forgot to wish Vince good luck in his next sabbatical....
  18. Tonight at 10pm

    I wonder if you were complaining to Channel 3 about this when it was first posted 21 years ago. My guess is no.
  19. Tonight at 10pm

    Evo gave the info. If you want "proof of the proof" look it up yourself.
  20. Tonight at 10pm

    This is probably not a good time to tell Vince that on that picture you posted regarding the lost revenue, there IS a source. The Hartford Downtown Council. See the bottom Vince? SOURCE: HARTFORD DOWNTOWN COUNCIL Thanks for playing, your consolation prizes are a Cam Neely Bruins bobblehead, one of Brian Leetch's old sweatsocks, and Claude Lemieux's used jockstrap.
  21. Tonight at 10pm

    Here's how bad you are Vince, at this point, Bruce Gold and Greg have more credibility than you do.
  22. 7,372

    My honest opinion is that ESPN 97.9 gave UConn the proverbial "offer they couldn't ref use"
  23. Tonight at 10pm

    When Vince is ready to compare apples to apples, we'll listen. Until then, as Evo correctly said, your credibility is zilch.
  24. Tonight at 10pm

    Once again for your simple mind. Raleigh Capacity = 18680 Hartford Capacity = 15635 Difference = 3,045
  25. Tonight at 10pm

    Vince, this isn't about the Hurricanes staying in Raleigh, we know they're staying in Raleigh. And don't throw me in with the group gloating about 1997, the way...if you were really a Whalers fan, you'd remember that Karmanos conveniently didn't count the skyboxes and coliseum club in his attendance numbers for most of the year because he wasn't getting any revenue from them. So in reality, the 13,680 number is probably closer to about 14,300 or so. This is about statistics and how they are correctly interpreted. You can't use attendance numbers and compare an arena that seats 15K with one that seats 18K. Like I said, it's like comparing Yankee attendance in a stadium that seats 50,000 to Red Sox attendance in a stadium that seats 36,000. Or it's like comparing Michigan Stadium which seats 110,000 to Rentschler Field, which seats 40,000. So, in truth, the apples to apples comparison to use is percentage of capacity, and the Canes have only surp*****ed the 93% capacity number twice in their time in North Carolina. The bottom line is Pete, Jerry, and a bunch of others have done more to try to bring the NHL back then anyone else....especially YOU, and they should be commended for it, not torn apart by someone who hides behind a computer screen and keyboard. That is all.