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  1. It's a very small sample, but it's not good when 2 of 3 say no.
  2. Yup. That's why my username is GregH. LOL Go see a shrink, dude. You need one. Badly.
  3. Good system...come back with the exact same stuff I say. LOL. What a weirdo.
  4. original. But thanks again for making my point for me, Greg.
  5. Yes, that's me. I'm heavy. Not exactly news bulletin stuff, Greg. Think for just a moment how sad and pathetic your life is. You get jollies trolling a board of a team that has (a) been gone 20 years and (b) you hate. And you're so obsessed with me and this board that you now have your "friends" joining in. Every time you post as someone other than yourself, you make yourself look worse. If that's even possible at this point.
  6. The obsession continues.................what a sad bunch of losers, with Hendrickson, the Section 8 man, as their king. Or possibly queen.
  7. I'd tell you to join the Army, but we know how miserably that failed...just like everything else in life you've ever tried. LMAO
  8. I don't know what's more pathetic. Greg's obsession with me, or the fact he's brought other Packrats aboard. Once again, the Courant and the moderator(s) should block the IP addresses of Hendrickson and his band of merry morons.
  9. So Mr. BB was right. Greg, get a life.
  10. Of course, the Courant should have banned you long ago. Not the first time you've been banned from something of course...
  11. Sorry...not buying it. Unless you can prove otherwise...I'm saying it's you, Greg.
  12. Sigh...still at it, huh Greg? Pathetic.
  13. One very, very, very deranged minor league lover who can't stand that the Whalers are STILL Connecticut's most popular pro sports team.
  14. LOL....uh-huh.....
  15. Evo, why do you even bother responding to these "guests"?
  16. Nobody is disputing that it could have...and should have been handled differently.
  17. Jimmy is correct, the ballpark is fantastic. At the end of the day, this move, like all other franchise moves, is about money, and as nice as NB Stadium's not the Dunk. You look at the crowds...and you consider they're averaging over 5200/game with school just getting out, and it's hard to dispute the move hasn't been a tremendous success. Bottom line...the franchise is likely to make more money in Hartford then they could ever make in New Britain.
  18. Yup. Totally pathetic. But what else would you expect from Greg and his merry band of losers? Until the Courant (or Evo) bans him and the rest of the stooges, I'm out.
  19. So lame...these "guests" should be banned permanently.
  20. "GuestMarkH2919" is an imposter. Obviously.
  21. There is little doubt the Coyotes will be out of Arizona within the next 12-24 months. Bettman is on record saying Glendale is not a long term option, and there doesn't appear to be any interest in either the city of Phoenix or the state of Arizona (who will soon be asked to *****ist with **nding for a new arena for the Suns, as well as paying for renovations to the home of the Diamondbacks) to replace a facility that's not even 15 years old yet (opened 12/2003)
  22. From oh...2013 to about 2015. Look it up.
  23. I have tried ignoring them. Tried for months at a time. It didn't work. I even took a 2-3 year sabbatical, hoping they'd be gone when I returned....guess what? They were still here. And they're still here now.
  24. Chad, the trolls aren't going anywhere. So ignoring them doesn't help. The way to stop the trolls is for the Courant to get a hold of their IP address and ban them. But they're too lazy, or just don't care. So we're stuck with them.