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  1. There are certain areas where Hartford can't compete with NY and Boston, I totally agree. But there are other areas where they absolutely can.
  2. Oh my god, you're a moron. They were never getting kicked out of the conference. The threat was never there for them to get kicked out of the conference. If the league was SO worried about UConn having an on-campus facility, the league would have demanded an on-campus facility be ready when UConn officially joined the league in 2014/15. Hockey East sees the attendance numbers UConn pulls in, which are right on par or slightly above most of the established HE's a money game, and HE is not stupid. Just one would be great for you to say "hey, I was wrong". One time. I doubt you can do it though. It's just not in your DNA. But stupidity sure is.
  3. And it's strange, because you and the rest of the Packrats told us for years that the ONLY person that EVER tinkered with their attendance numbers was Howard Baldwin... I do believe we tried to tell you...and as don't listen. Still a liar. Still a fraud.
  4. God you're stupid. Do you even read what I post? The article clearly says UConn wasn't getting kicked out of the conference no matter what, and your response is "Yes, they were because if they didn't have an arena that fit the conference's requirements then they would be in violation of the rules and be ejected." Your brain must be worse than mush. Seriously.
  5. Using this season as an example, Tuesday’s game against Brown would have been on campus. RPI on a Wednesday? Campus. Sacred Heart on a Tuesday? Campus. Throw in another campus game or two — say, Maine on an October Friday night, for which announced attendance was 3,991 but actual attendance was 2,534 — and you have most of a Storrs schedule set. When the basketball teams sell out on-campus games, does that mean UConn screwed up by not building Gampel Pavilion to 15,000? Hockey East previously required its members to have on-campus facilities of no fewer than 4,000 seats, but relaxed those standards at UConn’s request. The Huskies weren’t going to be shown the door by the conference no matter what.
  6. Now then. It's no secret that the number of tickets distributed (notice they don't say "sold) and the number of scanned tickets is different. It's that way for every team, in every sport, regardless of owner, regardless of who is the promoter of the product. In other words...what we've been trying to tell the Packrats for years is true. Thanks again for playing.
  7. I also said it didn't make a difference to me either way. You really should read the entire post instead of just one line of it.
  8. If you don't like what we post, leave. Makes no difference to me either way. Now then...before Fraudie gets his panties in a bunch again, I'll say it before he has a chance. There is absolutely, positively no chance there was 3220 at the UConn/Brown game on Tuesday night. 2500 tops.
  9. I love it. "roughly 6 to 7 games" that doesn't mean they'll definitely play that many. Nobody, not even UConn, knows exactly how many games they're going to play on campus. The arena is still 2 3/4 seasons away. A lot can change in that time frame. Oh, and there is nothing in the second article that says anything about getting kicked out of the conference. It's a requirement that they have an arena on-campus, yes. But, there is no real threat to get kicked out of the league. If there was, the arena would have been done long before now. Still a fraud? Check. Still a liar? Check.
  10. "This is unfortunate news. Isn't Quenneville, Dineen, and Samuelsson the only reason the HWBC is going to a Hawks/Flyers game on November 10th?" Well, it's one of the reasons. Truth be told, the Flyers gave us a really, really good deal on tickets, and the club felt it couldn't pass up the opportunity to go. It's very unfortunate news...but I couldn't help think when I heard the news...the Blackhawks couldn't wait one more week??
  11. " Especially since they have to build the arena or they'll be kicked out of Hockey East. " Nobody said they were getting kicked out of Hockey East. Yet another Fraudie lie.
  12. "I know it's going to be that way because UConn has already said that they have to play at least 6 to 7 games in the new arena on campus" They have never said that, and you know it. Another Fraudie lie.
  13. It really is amazing how this state continues to do everything half-a$$ed. Monizzle is right. How on earth can anybody with a brain in their head think that UConn will play more than just a few games on campus if/when they get the Frietas "upgrades" done? They'll play 3-4 games on campus to alleviate the schedule crunch in Hartford, but no more. By the way, there's a good way to fix the schedule crunch in Hartford once and for all, but that's a different discussion entirely...
  14. Of course it makes sense to use a picture from 30 minutes before game time to support your argument. Never change, Fraudie.
  15. MarkH2919

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    No, I don't think Fraud is you. If I conf used the two, I apologize. Was not my intention. He was posting about how UConn will play the majority of their hockey games on campus once the facility is done in 2021. However...we learn that once again...he's wrong. In other news, the sun rises in the East, and 2 + 2 = 4 "The facility would serve as a home venue for the Huskies sometimes, although UConn would still primarily use the XL Center in Hartford."
  16. MarkH2919

    3991 for UConn home opener

    The WolfPack got 2880 on a Sat urd ay night versus their in-state rival, and this clown has the balls to complain about UConn getting ~4000 for their home opener? Really?
  17. MarkH2919

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Here were my quotes. "Jeremiah, by the way, hasn't been a member of the club for several years now" " I can tell you he hasn't been to a meeting in at least 3 years, maybe longer." "The last year Jeremiah was a member was 2015/2016." So let's see. Several = more than 2, or....3. He hasn't been to a meeting in at least 3 years, maybe longer...all that means is he hasn't been to a meeting. You can be a member and not go to meetings. Al & Diane, for example, are members, and they're in Nevada. Another gentleman is a member and he's in California. Would be a shade expensive for them to fly cross-country for a 60-90 minute booster club meeting. He was not a member in 16/17, or 17/18, and so far he's not a member in 18/19. That would be.....hmmm....3 years, wouldn't it? Every time you make an argument, it blows up in your face. Now you're going to argue with Monizzle about UConn's hockey schedule for 4 years from now when (maybe) the renovated/new arena is ready in Storrs. You're the worst. The absolute worst.
  18. MarkH2919

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    You keep making up stuff. Where's Jeremiah's membership card for 2018/19? If he's a member, he has one. Let's see the card, or STFU.
  19. MarkH2919

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    "You are such a liar. I know for a fact he was at a meeting recently, and that he and his entire family are still members. He was even marching with the Club at last year's St Patrick's Day Parade, and in years before that. There is even pictures proving that on the Club's Facebook page. It's just sad that you have to lie about this stuff, and it's sadder that it's so easy to prove that you are a lair and a fraud. It's just funny how I can backup all of my posts, but the person who is in the Club and calling others a fraud can't even backup one of his comments." Again...Jeremiah has not been to a HWBC membership meeting in at least 2-3 years, and no, the Christmas party, or the Faniversary do not count, as they are not official membership meetings. Also, you do not need to be a member to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade, so that discounts your argument also. Again, I'm the Membership Chairperson, I think I should have a pretty good idea who is a member and who is not. Booster Club membership, by the way, is annual, meaning it runs from year to year, and if you don't renew...your membership lapses. The last year Jeremiah was a member was 2015/2016. If he's a current member, he has a current membership card. Show it, or you're lying.
  20. MarkH2919

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    "That's interesting considering he still goes to meetings and Joanne says he's still a "proud member of the Booster Club". He does? Have you asked Jeremiah this? Because (and it should be known I go to every meeting) I can tell you he hasn't been to a meeting in at least 3 years, maybe longer. Once again, your argument blows up in your face. What a shock.
  21. Yeah, the Windsor Locks thing isn't happening.
  22. MarkH2919

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    "Well at least you admit that you're counting dead people to raise the numbers. So, why should we believe that you're not allowing kids and unborn babies?" Counting 2 longtime members of the club posthumously isn't exactly moving the bar, idiot. At each and every meeting, when I do the count, it goes like this. "We currently have X members, of which (number) are new, (number) are returning and 3 are honorary/lifetime. The honorary members (again, posthumously) are Edrie and Marty, and the lifetime member, who was nominated as such long before I even started with the club, is Brett Hollander of Hartford Distributors. If a member wants to sign up their child(ren), and they pay the membership dues, there's no reason for the club to say no. I would never count unborn children. If someone else did before I took over, then your beef is with them, not me. Jeremiah, by the way, hasn't been a member of the club for several years now. So, as per usual, your argument blows up in your face. Again, just like everything else. You're still a fraud. Thanks for playing.
  23. MarkH2919

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    "Their "president" has even sent emails to teams demanding things like free tickets, giveaway even though the club wouldn't be going to the game, and saying that they have to make Pucky the Mascot "or else". This is a blatant lie. But then again, everything you have said is a blatant lie. It's what you do.