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  1. I knew it all along. The Flames are headed to Glens Falls. Adirondack Heat.
  2. PackFan5580

    Glens Falls Rags?

    Glens Falls Heat. Calgary has toured the arena and been in touch with Glens Falls. Here are your Adirondack Heat! It makes perfect sense, give them the old Atlanta A and colors.
  3. Go Glens Falls Heat! Go Wolf Pack! Calgary is moving their affiliate to Glens Falls, but keep dreaming. Adirondack Heat makes perfect sense. Give them the old flaming A just like in Atlanta or Calgary.
  4. What if Malloy doesnt run again or win? Who else would be as strong a supporter of a new arena or possible NHL team coming back besides Malloy? Who are the 3 to 4 groups and why keep them secret?
  5. PackFan5580

    Dave Tippett Night!!!!!

    Whalerdude11086 wrote: > cmbeers21 wrote: > > Was not a good turnout at all. Lots of people wearing Whalers gear but > > really not many met up with us. Hope**lly we can work with Global in the > > **ture as to setting something else up. > > Sorry to hear that. Did they even promote this "Dave Tippett Night"? I was > at the game the night before and nothing was mentioned about it. Whalerdude, this was not a scheduled Global promotion or special event. It was done by a group of Whalers fans and had nothing to do with Global or the Hartford Wolf Pack. The only large group there was the Portland Pirates booster club. It was much larger than the Tippett Tribute Night contingent, or lack thereof.
  6. PackFan5580

    Bus Trip 2/8/14

    Whalevolution wrote: > > This is it! If this bus doesn't sell we all might as well give up! > I absolutely agree Pete. The only voice of reason. Its kind of embarr*****ing when Quebec fans can fill 23 buses and Hartford fans cant even fill one, lol.
  7. I was thinking the same thing when looking at the times. I hope they have decent crowds with the holidays and NFL Sunday's. The Monday game just ****s and will draw lousy I have a feeling. This is definitely not anywhere near the BeanPot Tournament. Prices look cheap and affordable, I hope to try and make the Sunday games if I'm around. Looking forward to wearing my Uconn gear if I go.
  8. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > How many tonight folks, they are not listing it in game summary 5500 tonight for the game.
  9.|NHL|home The Florida Panthers on Friday fired coach Kevin Dineen and named Peter Horachek the club's new interim coach. Also fired were Dineen's *****istant coaches, Gord Murphy and Craig Ramsay. Horachek had been coaching the Panthers' American Hockey League affiliate, the San Antonio Rampage. Director of player development Brian Skrudland and professional scout John Madden have been added as *****istant coaches. "Peter is a bright hockey mind who brings to our club a wealth of coaching knowledge," Panthers general manager Dale Tallon said. "He is a focused, determined and demanding coach who has experienced great success at all levels of competition. Both Brian and John are proven winners who won multiple Stanley Cups and are individuals that our players know very well. With these additions, we are confident that we have a staff that will work tirelessly to bring continued success to our organization." Dineen was in his third season as the Panthers' coach. After guiding the team to a Southeast Division title and the franchise's first playoff berth in 12 years in 2011-12, his first season, the Panthers finished 15th in the Eastern Conference last season and were seventh in the Atlantic Division at 3-9-4 this season. "After 16 games it was clear that our team needed a change in philosophy and direction," Tallon said. "We have not met the expectations that we set forth at training camp and it is my responsibility to make the necessary changes to ensure that our club performs at its maximum potential. We thank Kevin, Gord and Craig for their hard work and dedication to our organization and the professionalism that they displayed throughout their tenure."
  10. will5059 wrote: > Islanders point blank had a quote from wang that in a nuts**** stated that > the sound tigers would stay put until 2021. In that same article the > Barclays exec said for the first time (at least as far as I know) that if a > deal with wang couldn't be worked out another teams ahl club could move in. > I'm at work so you'll just have to take my word on this one for now. I'll > dig up the link later . I would caution this: N*****au county politics are > slow and crooked. Even when(if) the isles move to Brooklyn there's probably > a good year and a half construction time. From where I sit I could see at > least four scenarios playing out. All bets are off when the islanders and > the town of Hempstead are involved.*****au-coliseum-2015-sound-tigers
  11. WhalerChad wrote: > will5059 wrote:Ramble ramble ramble blah blah blah blah blah nonsense > balogna. > You only think that cause I don't kiss hartfordyourmyhome's ***** like you > are willing to do. I told it like it is. hartfordyourmyhome is a sarcastic > punk trouble maker who tries to act like he is a reasonable mature person > out here. hartfordyourmyhome acts like a victim being singled out by > whalevolution. hartfordyourmyhome is a phony who likes playing he is a > victim even though he loves being sarcastic to people who do not agree with > him. clap...clap...clap
  12. WhalerChad wrote: > yes those who want to go can go and have a good time and at least one > person who dont want to go can come on this website and make sarcastic > remarks about people who do go having a spectacular view of the action from > unobstructed view seats. and same person who doesn't go can make sarcastic > remarks about how people who want to go wanted library and now they have > it. and then that person who don't go but can't wait to make sarcasm at > people who do go can whine like a child about whalevolution singleing him > and his sarcastic comments out. hartfordyourmyhome you need to stop trying > to say you are some mature and resonable person out here who is being > picked on by whalevolution. you are not some voice of reason. you are a big > instigater of trouble out here as big a troublemaker as anyone. so when you > claim you arent you just give proof that you a phony hypocrit. Clap...clap...clap.... :lol:
  13. PackFan5580

    Portland, ME

    will5059 wrote: > Whalers4Ever wrote: > > Only 2973 on hand in Portland on a Sa****ay night (tonight) to see Hartford > > defeat the Pirates 3-2 and move to 5-0-0-1 for a league leading 11 points > > on the season. Just saying > Aren't all pirate home games being played in Lewiston , Maine after the arena lease > deal fell through last minute in Portland? I'm not familer with that area and can't > tell you how far apart the two buildings are but that has to be taken into account > when analyzing pirate attendance. I'm under the impression the games were all moved > to Lewiston with like a couple weeks notice. This is all true Chad. The arena in Lewiston is a 1/2 hour from Portland. I believe the marketing, tickets and everything had to be changed with 2 weeks to go before the season.
  14. PackFan5580

    Portland, ME

    Whalers4Ever wrote: > Only 2973 on hand in Portland on a Sa****ay night (tonight) to see Hartford > defeat the Pirates 3-2 and move to 5-0-0-1 for a league leading 11 points > on the season. Just saying The team is on a roll so far. Great to see this team battling in every game. The building the Pirates play in now is smaller than the one in Portland. Lewiston seats maybe 4000 while the arena in Portland seats 5-7k I believe.
  15. Wolf Pack battled the Manchester Monarchs in a battle of undefeated teams tonight. Pack down 3-1 with 6 minutes to go tie the game on goals by Marek Hrivik and Captain Aaron Johnson. The Pack won in a sh00tout on goals by Marek Hrivik and Brandon Mashinter Wolf Pack remain undefeated at 4-0-0-1 with 9 out of a possible 10 points.