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  1. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    Up to 112 season tickets. Let's keep this going!
  2. Malloy on Face the State

    Vince dude...you just want to be negative. If he announced a team moving here tomorrow you would say something negative about how it isn't happening until the team is here. The fact is that three groups are interested in bringing a team here. That's a fact. The Governor and his staff aren't lying. Dennis house doesn't have to prove anything to you. What difference would it make to you if he says who they are? You won't know them anyway. Stop trolling here. Go to 24hoursofhappy.com and learn how to be a happier person. The NHL is coming back whether you like it or not.
  3. Malloy on Face the State

    Malloy said a few things that got my attention: 1) now three teams are interested in bringing a team here, 2) those groups have spoken to the NHL and talks continue, meaning that the NHL is viewing us as a likely market, 3) Malloy knows we need a new building and that the current building needs to be replaced either way, 4) he's had a series of meetings with people (not p*****ing interest), 5) he said. "We have a shot at it and I'm going to go for it.", 6) the groups want a team in the northeast. So instead of being a naysayer or changing the subject, what teams do we think may be for sale or targeted? Phoenix is the most obvious candidate since they can be moved if they lose 50M in five years, but I think the team is already in the east. I also think Columbus is a real possibility. Florida's owners are asking for more money but they are new owners and I gathered from malloys comments that these groups don't own a team yet. Could Karmanos be selling?
  4. Hartford NHL on Ice

    And anything can happen with expansion. You need to also have deep pocketed and committed owners. Maybe at the time of expansion we have a stronger ownership group. Look at the last few expansion processes and you'll see that no city is a "slam dunk".
  5. Hartford NHL on Ice

    Top dude...tell ya what, look it up yourself!! Greater Hartford has a much larger income than Quebec and is a larger media market. Those are facts you can confirm yourself by looking them up like I did. If you think I'm wrong on either, then you're just ignorant.
  6. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    Very close to 100 tickets. We still haven't got this on the booster club board yet. I expect more requests after that. Keep spreading the word . 100 may not sound like much, but this is all through word of mouth. Email. Nhlhartfordseasontickets@gmail.com Facebook: NHL Hartford
  7. Hartford NHL on Ice

    Anyone comparing markets who only looks at the population in the city itself is just plain ignorant. Hartford is a much larger market than Quebec, that's a fact . Hartford market has more disposable income than Quebec, that's a fact. A team in Hartford would have much lower travel costs than a team in Quebec, that's a fact.
  8. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    Guys....I need a lot of help in getting the word out here. Post info on facebook and twitter. If anyone has any ideas on how to move this along to the next stage to get more publicity, I welcome it. What about if a few of us were outside the XLCenter before a WP game? That may get us some more hockey fans. OK, insert joke about the 294 in attendance at the game to begin with. BTW, up to 80 seats committed. This is a long term project. I don't expect to have 10000 STEs in a month. But maybe in a year or so. Please help keep this moving!! NHLHartfordseasontickets@gmail.com or go to NHL Hartford facebook page for more info.
  9. Bus Trip 2/8/14

    I think most of the people on here want the same thing. But I think whoever originally raised it makes a valid point. Namely, we aren't Quebec. That was my point with the season ticket campaign. I think we have to do these bus trips for what they are...a **n chance to get together, bring some attention to the Whale, and enjoy some NHL hockey together. We are not going to get 1000 people to travel for a game with two teams that don't interest us. That is a fact. So attempting to "match Quebec" sets us up for failure. We do have to do things to distinguish ourselves from Quebec. Having 3000, 5000, or even 7000 people ready, willing, and able to buy season or partial season tickets to an NHL team in Hartford is what I believe can set us apart from Quebec and even Seattle. Neither city is currently undertaking such a campaign right now. The thing that we don't have is a well organized machine. We have a lot of people with very good intentions doing a lot of different things at the exact same time. We need organization. ONE place where people (potential owners, press, state leaders, the NHL) can get more info on the Hartford market. There was a great website in Winnipeg and now someone in Seattle has developed it as well. I developed the NHL Hartford facebook page and I think if we had a similar page maintained by a FEW select people to post facts, then I think that would help our cause. Sorry for hijacking this topic! YES, I am going to the game on the 8th!
  10. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    Up to 75 seats as of Monday evening!!!
  11. Bus Trip 2/8/14

    Guys...I think these bus trips are great and don't get me wrong I applaud all efforts toward the cause, but ethics is the second such bus trip. These trips provide a little notoriety but don't play to our strength as a market. We won't ever equal the buses tha Quebec sent. Our market strength is in our size and money. We can demonstrate that through a season ticket campaign. I have yet to talk to the Hwbc and really push and we already have 75 season tickets seats sold!!!
  12. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    I understand chad but that's not the point. The point is to show the NHL and Malloy that fans are ready. People aren't going to give money to a stranger at this time. So instead of sitting back and doing nothing, I decided to be proactive to do something to get us some attention. How can we distinguish ourselves from other cities? Show the NHL that there is a demand from the fans.
  13. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    I will provide updates on a monthly basis. It's too much to keep updating. I will say that in the short time this started through word of mouth on here and facebook, we have approximately 50 STEs. Not bad to start. I may eliminate the $200 per ticket option as that those will likely be gobbled up by businesses anyway and not the average fan. Please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. As an FYI, people are noticing. Nhlhartfordseasontickets@gmail.com Let's keep this bus rolling!!!
  14. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    Great support so far guys just from this board and word of mouth. Again, please respond directly to: Nhlhartfordseasontickets@gmail.com Keep up the good work and spread the word!!!!! Already up to 32 FTEs in a few days. Imagine what we can do in a year!
  15. NHL Hartford Season Ticket Campaign

    Per my original post, I plan to share the numbers with Governor Malloy, Andrew Doba, Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and those people who I have emails for who have previously expressed interest in purchasing an NHL team. I will indicate to them that if there is a group serious about relocation or expansion, I will share the contact list with them on the condition that those on my list get first priority for season tickets. I will post progress of total numbers on this board each month. In a few hours, we already have 10 **ll season tickets. Nhlhartfordseasontickets@gmail.com