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  1. Certainly a justifiable termination. Mediocre drafts. Whiffing twice on goalies. Worst of all the inability to setup up when the situation changed. Perhaps turfing the coach during the season when it was obvious he was being tuned out. Perhaps making a consequential player-for-player trade at the deadline to give the team a better chance of making the playoffs. Of course it was not all his fault but there is enough for him to be held responsible. After all he was in the front office in various decision making roles for six or seven years with no playoffs to show for them. This would get anyone fired. The team ended up just like the Hartford Whaler version of Ron Francis, soft and unable to setup up in the big moments. It was time to move on.
  2. Tonight at 10pm

    Sorry folks. Idle quotes repeated multiple times are just idle quotes. It is obvious you cannot backup your claims so you decide to attack me. That's fine. It is nothing that I did not expect. So to recap: Jerry Irwin is a Bruin fan imitating a Whaler fan; there has been no evidence produced to backup the "$75 million" claim; and on eleven occasions the Hurricanes outdrew the best year the Whalers ever had. Proof is proof and I provided such proof. This argument is over. Thank you for playing.
  3. Tonight at 10pm

    So where is the report? All I ask is to produce the actual doc-ument produced by the Council that drew these conclusions. It is certainly possible they are accurate but without reading it there is no way to confirm the contents. Again you have not backed up your claims with actual research. Please try again.
  4. Tonight at 10pm

    What does that have to do with anything???? Obviously you cannot provide the evidence to backup your claim so you try to throw off the conversation with a non-sequitur. Just admit that there is no evidence and acknowledge that I am right. It will not kill you.
  5. Tonight at 10pm

    An info-graphic is not proof. An actual report is proof. Try again please.
  6. Tonight at 10pm

    This is just an idle claim with no backup information. Once again please provide the actual report from the Hartford Downtown Council. That should not be too difficult if such a report actually exists.
  7. Tonight at 10pm

    I will not elevate your show by lowering myself to appear. I answer questions on this board so can you. Now grow up and back up what you say.
  8. Tonight at 10pm

    Look whose talking about credibility? You are the one who cannot backup what you say. I asked for information regarding your claim about the $75 mil and you demurred. I provided the data to backup my facts about attendance. I also remember several years ago you challenged me to backup my claim that Howard Baldwin Jr. was trolling this board so I did. To this day you have never acknowledged it. Not that I expected you to do so. And of course there is your continued insistence that there were 21,000 people at Whaler Bowl. Not to mention your continued insistence that Hartford is a legitimate NHL city. So stick your credibility. The only reason for this board and your show to exist is so you can whine about how the NHL is coming back to Hartford. Don't give me any semantics about never saying it.
  9. Tonight at 10pm

    Once again for your simple mind. On eleven occasions the Hurricanes outdrew the best year in Hartford. People thought nobody would show up in Raleigh. Those are the actual facts.
  10. Tonight at 10pm

    Your continued selective interpretation of information **rther displays your lack of credibility. According to Petey and Markie one year makes up for all the other years. As if the rest of the 90's did not happen. The fact is this 13,000 number in '97 was the result of a small group of fans begging people to show up. They are among the few who can actually say they tried to do something to keep the Whalers here. But it was never going to be enough due to the limitations of the Hartford area. I have mentioned them previously so there is no need to rehash them. I know Petey and Jerry The Bruins Fan try to pull some crap out of their rears trying to make this place look good but it is useless. The Hurricanes are staying in Raleigh. There are no teams looking at Hartford. The NHL is never returning to Hartford. That is all.
  11. Tonight at 10pm

    Regarding Mark's crap. The consensus was that nobody would go to Hurricanes games. By the straight numbers on eleven occasions they outdrew the best year the Whalers ever had. So what if their arena is larger. Hartford never drew 15,000/year in one of the smallest arenas in the league. So my point is correct and Mark tries to move the goalposts. It is not good enough when it is a stand alone statement. Once again the research behind the claims has never been produced. I am sorry if I have the intelligence to be skeptical about wild claims when they have nothing to back them up. If it is good enough for you then you are not a very inquisitive person. But then again you resort to childish slander against me so I am not surprised.
  12. Tonight at 10pm

    I did try to give you the benefit of the doubt when I said the following: You had your "show" to clarify anything you said but you decided not to. What study? Some graphic quoting some unnamed boob is not valid. Provide a link that shows an actual report that can be analyzed and dissected. To this day that has not occurred. No you did not say this. But this is the usual for you. You cherry-pick one item and you think it proves your whole point. One year when a telethon occurs to get people to show up and you think it is gold. Well I have said that Raleigh's best outdid Hartford's best. In fact eleven times the Hurricanes outdrew the best year for the Whalers. Granted some years in Raleigh were not great, just like Hartford. The point is I can back up what I said and you cannot. To round it out we have this: When you have nothing you have to resort to slander. It just shows you are still a little boy. Try growing up a little. You might like it.
  13. Tonight at 10pm

    I know it has been a while but the stupidity of “The Whaler Guys” during their cameo on channel 61 should be addressed. First laughable point: Jerry the Bruins Fan describing a “love story” with the Whalers. Sorry you cannot “love” the Whalers and be a Bruins fan. You are one or the other. Second laughable point: The unproven claim that when the team left it meant a loss in “economic impact” of $75 million. No study has ever proven any such claims in any situation. If you have the actual independent study that confirms this please share it. But you do not so you cannot. Third laughable point: Quoting directly; “The Whalers outdrew three NHL teams their final year one of those being the Carolina Hurricanes by 2,000 people.” So according to the grammar of this sentence the Whalers outdrew a team that did not exist by 2,000 people. Now I was going to cut some slack and give them a chance to correct themselves on their TV show/vanity project. After all mistakes happen. But they did not. Amateurs being amateurs. What was worse was the reaction of the “news” anchors. Stupid laughter and unquestioning acceptance of these claims. It proves what I have thought for years that TV news readers cannot handle anything above house fires and car crashes. That is all.
  14. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    I wonder if you folks understand how much Governor Malloy damaged the non-existent chances of Hartford landing another team. This letter is an arrogant, condescending piece of trash. Calling Hartford the team's "right**l home". Trashing Raleigh as less viable than Hartford. This is not how to go about ingratiating yourself to the NHL. The folks at Sixth Avenue have to be rolling their eyes at this. There is no reason for the Hurricanes will play a "home" game in Hartford in any cir*****stance. They have their own fans to attend to and build on. A trip to Hartford would be an unnecessary diversion. But I am guessing this means nothing to most of you. Fine, keep living in a dream world.
  15. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    Yes I do and I still feel that way. You two are clowns who think you are doing something when you are doing nothing. All your bit-ching and all you have to show for it is a lousy license plate. Whoopee!!! I've been around. Just waiting for the time to check in.