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  1. Hate to say it, but the only way we're gonna get the Whale back is if we all move the heck out of this corrupt state and relocate to North Carolina. Unless things change dramatically, this place will be in my rear-view mirror within the next 10 years or so - and I hear the same thing from people I interact with on a daily basis. The death spiral these politicians have put this state in doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. I would love to be proven wrong, but this place is a very pale shadow of what it used to be - even back in 97 when the whalers moved. Stop the insane spending, get the debt under control, try to grow the jobs and population again and maybe, just maybe we'll be in a position for the NHL to come back again.
  2. Whether the NHL returns or not - and no one is arguing it isn't a pipe dream - it's time to pay the piper in terms of the XL. It was deemed inadequate when we still HAD the Whale, and right**lly so. An arena plan was p*****ed back then knowing something had to be done, Karmanos wanted more $$$ and didn't take the deal - we all know that story. The state in typical fashion has kicked the can down the road these past 20 years. Can't keep doing that with facilities that require maintenance and upkeep by just applying band-aids. The big problem for the people of the state that deserve an upgraded arena is that our illustrious lawmakers have put us so far behind the 8 ball with debt that it's going to be a huge challenge to find a responsible way to get a renovation done. Casino revenue, Income tax, etc., and these clowns have this state in a financial mess. I've said it before - I hope they can get their act together soon enough for me to see it before I move the heck out of this state.
  3. Love it. **ll version. Brought a tear to my eye...
  4. NWC in West Hartford also changed their name from the Indians after 50 years to "The Lions". Voluntarily. Lame.
  5. nedman

    RIP Gordie

    I remember vividly when the whale signed Gordie, Mark and Marty, my dad telling me what a big deal it was for the team and the excitement it generated in the arena. Incredible memories I'll never forget growing up as a kid and learning about hockey for the first time. WHA to NHL. Those were some good times. Mr Hockey, Hartford owes you big time. You were the greatest player to ever don a Whalers uniform and did so much for this city we are forever grate**l. Godspeed #9
  6. You know, I gotta say, good for them. That's a City and Group of like minded people working together to get something done, business and private sector alike. Teamwork and vision like that is how stuff gets done. Hope they achieve their goal.
  7. Perfect outcome. AWESOME!!! And a note to Jeff Jacobs at the Courant regarding his recent spate of inflammatory Ranger headlines and stories: You are absolutely clueless....what the heck happened to you. The Rangers farm team wasn't wanted back in '97, and in the land of steady habits years later guess what... they ain't wanted now. And it's not out of some desperate belief the NHL is coming back. You of all people should know they didn't come and stay here out of "loyalty" to Hartford. It was a business market-grab decision pure and simple. And you know it. Don't cave just because these squatters are still here and won't take the hint and leave. Uconn hockey is being embraced largely because this hockey starved region desperately wanted a team it could root for. Gonna be a great Stanly Cup, if bolts and Hawks a win-win.
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    Anyone who is playing the Ranjerks
  9. Awesome, nice numbers for the inaugural hockey east season. Finally, a team people actually care about. Rangers SUUUCK
  10. nedman

    UConn @ ND | NBCSN 7:30

    Huskies hockey on Nat'l TV. Love it
  11. Great post - this is the kind of thing we should be seeing on this board, thanks for the read
  12. WHAT A GREAT GAME. WOW And yes, it was the REAL Br***** Bonanza. And numerous Whalers Jerseys. And a hometown team on the ice , finally, once again. All I wanna know is, where the heck can I get a home White UConn jersey?!?!?
  14. Don't forget also the players strike and lockout during the 90's really pi$$ed a lot of fans off. Add in a lousy team and recession and you have poor attendance . Those facts are consistently not brought up, and many of the generation that didn't see it happen or were too young don't know those details.