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Found 22 results

  1. Chicago called about the return of the Whale So we answered @GoodSeatsStillAvailable
  2. How many times did some blow hard rudely say their is no investor and they wouldn't make XL NHL Oh Crow is a main course across Ct tonight
  3. Fans of the #HartfordWhalers in the news making the news. #BringEMBack @FOX61News showed @WhalersBrigade how the news gets done. Here we are with sports in 61 seconds. @JennBNews @LorenzoHall
  4. Whalers Brigade Exclusive Whalercentral was right something big More here:
  5. Long time ago
  7. Dunkin Donuts IHeart Radio CCMC
  9. Good news for Hartford Development, also #Seattle and #Bettman News. YouTube then search “Whaler Guys”**ZKyCBk
  10. After talking with Chuck at the Whaler Weekend @DNDPark I asked if he would be willing to be a guest on our little TV show. He said sure and we've asked him to give us a date before the Hockey season starts. Lets hear your question for Chuck and I'll ask him during the show. Any Ny questions for Chuck Kaiton the Voice of the Whale?
  11. Ok so what's your guess? How many plates get sold?
  12. Get your tickets for the Hartford Whalers Alumni Weekend Charity Luncheon, presented by UConn Health, on July 15th 2017, from the Hartford Yard Goats today! Featuring: Dave Babych, Mark Janssens, Chuck Kaiton, Marty Howe, Wayne Babych, Bob Crawford, Norm Barnes, Yvon Corriveau, Jordy Douglas, Mike Rogers, Ed Hospodar, Grant Jennings, Bill Bennett, Dan Fridgen. Tickets: No Dineen or Francis but the list is not bad for a AA event. A Whaler will sit at each table. Tickets will benefit Hartfords Boys and Girls Club.
  13. It's official all of us Whaler fans can get a plate and it goes to a great cause. The benefits to the CCMC would never have happened if we didn't have such a great Hartford Hockey fan base. We had more than twice the needed signatures and that's just proof to how many Whaler fans stepped up and put pen to paper and hit the bricks to get more to sign. Nice Job Whaler Nation!
  14. An XL Center ice sheet that kicks the pants off the one at the Barclays. Actually this ice sheet is good enough for any hockey team.
  15. New England's Knowledge Corridor This area makes the population 2.3M with its biggest city Hartford. The NHL has to be aware of this too and maybe why they've poked around the last few years. Thus area goes from making us like Buffalo and Raliegh to comparable with cities like Denver and St. Louis. Its measurably better