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Found 13 results

  1. Long time ago
  3. So 40m is a win considering three weeks ago the discussion was close. Couple things I learned from speaking with CRDA last night. - Yes it’s up for sale, some legislators think that is the solution, but finding a buyer for a property that is a liability? Would you buy a property that costs more to maintain than it makes? Good luck - The 40m is clearly to improve the building and to buy the Atrium. - There has been zero discussions with UConn or Rangers on an extension. Nor has there been an answer to the Rangers two year 3.2m lease that they offered. However expect that to change and negotiations to begin once the budget is p*****ed. -If by miracle they do sell it to a proactive buyer. Then people like whalerchad and his dad should get on board since that would alleviate their tax concerns.
  5. Should the XL be in the budget?
  6. #UConn still a top dog draw in #HockeyEast matchups over their first three seasons. #XLCenter
  7. We're taking a look @UConnMHOC & @WolfPackAHL upcoming 2017-2018 #HartfordHockey seasons @XLCenter.
  9. An XL Center ice sheet that kicks the pants off the one at the Barclays. Actually this ice sheet is good enough for any hockey team.