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RUMOR from Bridgeport

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OK, I received an answer from Ashley Ford. Couple of things...


For the STH here that have the "pay as you play" deal for the playoffs, you have to let your account executive know by this Friday the 4th if you're going to attend the game in Bridgeport or not. If you choose not to go, you will not be charged.


Also, the AHL sets the dates, which created the conflict. Here's her whole email below




Yes our game is in Bridgeport on the 9th if needed. The Circus was booked long before our season even started causing a scheduling conflict with the game 5 (the AHL gives us the dates).


As far as the pay as you play goes, if you are not going to the game, you will not be charged and if you are going, you will be charged. The deadline to inform me if you are going to attend the game or not, will be Friday (May 4th).


Please let me know if you have any **rther questions.

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anti_bruins wrote :

> I'm a STH and there is no way to get out of work at 4 or 5, drive home,

> drive an hour (at least) to bridgeport. In addition, no ticket prices have

> been anounced. I'l bet that there are more Bridgeport fans there than Whale

> fans. I know if we had lost and BP was to play at the XL, i'd go. This

> should have been in Springfield or Quinapiac. We would have packed

> Springfield. The BP fans will probably be rooting for Norfolk and then it

> might as well be an away game. And listen, all you guys that sit here and

> rag on each other.... Go to the damn game Sunday and Monday,... Its Norfolk

> for God's sake. The support is needed more now than ever. Everyone is here

> because they're hockey fans. if youre not at the game, then the only reason

> that you are on this site is to be abrasive.







I'd love to go to the game Monday night. Sadly, I work at night during the week. I'll be there on Sunday, though.

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MarkH2919 wrote:

> there are a zillion rumors out there. I heard 3 guys talking when I was in

> the will-call line that a deal was done that the Whale would be leaving for

> Brooklyn as soon as they are knocked out of the playoffs.


> Now...before we sshoot down the Islanders/Rangers AHL swap, let's consider

> for just a minute.


> Is it possible that the Islanders want to do this to judge Hartford as a

> **ture NHL home? Of course, this is providing they don't get a new arena in

> Uniondale? Maybe Baldwin would want to work with Charles Wang and maybe

> Wang will float HB some coin to get out of the hole?


> I'm not saying it will happen...but that is, at the very least, a

> possibility.




WOW, so many rumors in just one post.


Markie mentions the Whale is heading to Brooklyn.

An Islanders/Rangers AHL swap.

Islanders are judging Hartford as a **ture NHL home.

and, the best rumor of them all, Baldwin working with Charles Wang, with Wang floating some money to Baldwin, bwahahahahaha :D:lol::roll:


4 of Markie's best rumors, in just one post, pure gold.


Your buddy,


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