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glothelegend wrote:

> MarkH2919 wrote:

> > What difference does it make. I have already told you guys stuff, and you

> > didn't believe me. And when I did spill everything, someone (and I forget

> > who) basically told me to cease and desist. So I deleted the post.

> >

> > So now, you'll find out the hard way. In the media, like everyone else.


Mark I still have faith! (Though my attitude is pessemistic. Sorry, that's just by default).

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WhalePack wrote:

> What's everybody's opinion about the fact that New England is being

> "drained" of AHL teams, first Worcester, then Springy. Let's not

> forget about Manchester, albeit far from the Hartford Market, but could it

> be possible they're clearing AHL cities north of Hartford in M***** to become

> part of Hartford's new NHL market/fan base? If an NHL team would move back

> to Hartford, both Springy & Worcester is just a quick drive away. Move

> Providence Bruins to Manchester and boom, Rhode Island hockey fans are back

> to Hartford. Am I reading more into the AHL moves, or is this part of the

> rebuild of the Hartford NHL market?


*Crickets* I find it hard to believe with all of the opinionated individuals on the board, and no opinion on this theory??? Really?

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yeah I agree with markh2919. hartford Nhl team would draw fans from springfield area but most worcester area hockey fans = boston bruins fans. rhode island fans were not whalers fans to start with so rhode island fans are not back to hartford if providence bruins move. plus providence bruins are not moving any time soon cause they are one of strongest teams in Ahl business wise. mark is right you are reading too much in to it.

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p4277 wrote:

> glothelegend wrote:

> > Mark I think Hartford got played again. They need to build the damn arena.

> > Then we'll be on the map at least.


> Unfortunately, I agree. We're getting played. Markets like Hartford and Quebec are

> valuable to the NHL and it's troubled franchises as leverage for bailouts, new

> arenas, tax breaks or whatever the team owners say they need in order to remain in

> Arizona, Florida, Carolina, etc.


> And spending $250 million to fix up the XL Center without an NHL team committing to

> play here is irresponsible. That's too much money just to "be on the map".


That's the beauty of this plan it has nothing to do with being "on the map" it has to do with the fact that the building needs to be renovated whether the NHL comes or not, HE makes it near NHL ready. UConn achieved HE status and that's the only reason the NHL comes into play. The building in Hartford will no longer be a barrier to the NHL. the building is running in the red and something needs to be done. this 250 million Dollar plan is half of the cost it would be for a new one. Just to compete with other venues something needs to be done.

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The CRDA has posted the minutes from the march and april venue meetings. Here is a bit from the April meeting



XL Center – Mr. Saint reported that SCI is putting its consultant team together for design of the transformed XL Center. Our security consultant has completed its preliminary report on the building and work is moving forward on those muchneeded upgrades.


Mr. Freimuth noted that he met with Northland to continue discussions about acquisition of the additional space needed for XL improvements.



Mr. Freimuth reported that he had a good introductory meeting with Dave Benedict, the new UConn Athletic Director.


I would guess they should get the official design of the XL center in a few months.

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can't wait to hear what guys see



Whalevolution wrote:

> Nothing sounds dead


> Whaler Guys are suppose to tour the XL soon will let you guys know when.

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