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Canadian newspaper mentions Whalers in story about Playoffs

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This is a very telling article, for the Canadian newspaper to mention the Whalers in an article about the current Playoffs situation. Article from Global News CA today, about the NHL playoff format being unfair to fans, and then the paper mentions the Hartford Whalers. Yesterday, the news coming out of Canada had to do with a current video game now allowing the Whalers as an expansion team. With us only being 2 months out now from the end of June, I expect more newspaper stories to mention the Whalers in anticipation of the late June announcement.


This is most likely the week that SCI will make a final walk through of the XL Center, being final building plans are drafted.


Key dates moving forward,

June 21, league unveils Vegas Golden Knights roster at NHL Awards show at TMobile Arena

June 23 and 24, NHL draft in Chicago


The week starting on Monday June 26 could be a huge week for an announcement in Hartford.

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Whalerdude11086 wrote:

> "Timmy" provides no sources and never responds when someone calls

> him out. I really think it's Wolfie trying to get everyone's hopes up lol


> Well played Wolfie.



The first two words of the subject title are the source, Canadian newspaper.

Source was also stated in sentence #2, Global News CA.

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