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Bridgeport shows up at Capitol with Bridgeport Native Tribe

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Bridgeport continues their push at the Capitol Building.


A third Native American tribe just showed up at the Capitol Building, all dressed in uniform and demanding a casino in Fairfield County/ Bridgeport.


Two weeks ago, after the Courant incorrectly ran the story that the State would not be providing **ll **nding to the XL Arena, Bridgeport put together a push for that state revenue. In the past days, Bridgeport printed off pamphlets and distributed them at the Capitol Building with a list of projects they that Bridgeport wants **nded.


The Scaghticoke Tribe did briefly receive recognition from the US Bureua of Indian Affairs back in 2004. An expansion of casino gambling will p***** in the next few weeks, as both parties want it to be expanded.


The tribe says they will build anywhere in Fairfield county, especially in the city of Bridgeport. The tribe also announced they have partners in the gaming industry who will help them financially.

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Senate Bill 957 p*****ed 33-13 in Committee. Senate Bill 957 still must be approved by the Senate and the House before Gov. Dannel P. Malloy considers whether to sign it into law.



House Bill 7319, would establish a competitive-bidding process among operators interested in developing a third Connecticut casino. It would require the p*****age of **rther legislation before a commercial casino could be opened in the state.


House Bill 7319 is the bill that gives the Schaghticoke Tribe that process."


Unlike the Mashantuckets and the Mohegans, the Schaghticokes have not been recognized by the federal government, status that would enable them to pursue a federally regulated tribal casino on their reservation in Kent. Instead, the Schaghticokes are now focused on pursuing a commercial casino on nontribal land.

“Studies clearly show southwestern Connecticut has five times the value for gaming development that East Windsor does,” Velky said. “This means thousands of good jobs can be created, the state will have access to the New York market we simply do not have in north central Connecticut, and Schaghticoke Tribal Nation will have a pathway to compete along with everyone else.

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