a Casino in East HARTFORD to support XL Center/NHL ?

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East Hartford's mayor is urging state lawmakers to take another look at a rejected proposal for a Hartford-area gambling venue in East Hartford.


Leclerc said the casino would be a major economic development driver for East Hartford; but it also could form the cornerstone of a regional approach to economic development. An East Hartford casino could work to attract more visitors to Hartford and the region, Leclerc said.

Visitors could pair stops at a casino in East Hartford with events at Hartford venues such as the XL Center and the convention center, Leclerc said.

On Wednesday, the Senate overwhelming backed MMCT and East Windsor. But leaders of the House said later in the day that the Senate's bill would not p***** in the House as currently written and said some of its members favored open competition.

In addition, the Native American Schaghticoke Tribal Nation in Kent has threatened to sue if MMCT gets the exclusive right to expand.

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The East Hartford plan was great though shuttling people from EH to Hartford for events and then back to Casino. 


I cant see the EW Casino project offering such a deal especially when anyone can just go 20 min north and go to events at MGM.


but you are right CanadaWhlale the ship has sailed

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