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AEtna leaving just shows importance of XLC remodel

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I didn't watch the video but I do agree this could be (it won't be) a wake up call for Connecticut to start investing in our cities.  These dang millennials want urban environments with walkable neighborhoods and bustling economic activity.  Other than the Goat Yard Hartford doesn't really have that. In fact, you guys up north might be surprised by this, there is WAY more going on in Bridgeport than in Hartford and Bridgeport is a hallowed out relic of the industrial revolution.  GE left because there's nothing to do in northern Fairfield and Bridgeport is a dump so young talent wasn't inclined to stick around.  Aetna might leave for NYC, partly I'm sure, because Hartford shuts down at 5, the suburbs are boring, there's no public transportation, traffic ****s, and City Steam is **n once in a while but really what do you guys have going on up there? 

Our capital city has to stop being an embarr*****ment or we in New Haven are going to have to take that title away from you guys.  It is imperative we provide an entertainment center like the Civic Center for the city, and state economies.  Along with that increased public transit, maybe in the form of a light rail system, and build up the neighborhoods.  Or we can keep being a boring suburban **** hole that people like Colin Cowherd and Mike Greene have escaped after years of desperate pleas. 

EDIT: I changed a word cause it made it look like I cussed and I totally didn't cuss.

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I don't know what's going on in Bridgeport but I haven't seen much other than an over blown B***** Pro Shop.  Don't get me wrong it's better than Cabellas even though they have the same owner. 

Hartford still has the state's largest arena. New Haven still has the state's largest arena tear down. 

I said it to the CRDA I haven't been to NH since the arena was torn down because there is no events or hockey in a big arena like there is in Hartford.  


Dont get me wrong if NH built a modern facility and got an NHL team I would be in NH all the time. 

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