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Pro XL Talk scheduled for today with CRDA

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Everything is happening as planned, talk of Amazon coming to Hartford and with the new NHL approved ice sheet and the Hartford Courant reporting that the Amazon Headquarters in Hartford would most likely lead to the NHL returning, I expect the CRDA to pick up the pace of the XL renovations, and try to get things done by 2019 at the latest.  Amazon already has numerous locations in operation in Connecticut, from warehouses to distribution centers and sorting centers, the Headquarters could be open by 2019 or 2020, and it would make sense to have the NHL team on the ice in Hartford by then.

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In order...

1)  Amazon is still very much "weighing their options".  It's far from a done deal that Amazon is moving their headquarters here.

2)  The renovations to the XL Center wouldn't BEGIN in earnest until next spring/summer...meaning there is no chance the building will be done by 2019.

3)  You're so clueless you make "True Hartford Hockey Fan" sound like a PhD.

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Hopgood said it ain’t over till it’s over regarding making the XLC a building worth having but that was before the Budget was signed.  They’re are quite a few people saying that there are some math errors in the Budget stuff that will need shifting or readjusting but not a big deal at all. Glad it’s done it literally went from




the First Budget was perfect 115 for XL

second was a death blow 0 money to XL even in repair money

third one puts XL up for sale but also only comes 10m shy of the 50 they wanted. 

Remember someone here was saying “Hartford and Ct Milenials fleeing”

well the CRDA put up 1100 new housing units over the last 4-5 years 

3.2% vacancy 

90% under 40YO

1/2 from outside Greater Hartford 

2/3 from outside the country

Pearl St was just bought with private money and will have an additional 250 units all Milenial designed. 


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