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Let's review at UConns halfway mark of 2017-2018

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An honest a$$essment of UConn's season to this point?  They've played better than the results would tell you.  They have been in most every game, with notable exceptions being the lost weekend in Miami (Ohio), but other than that...they've been OK.  There are still serious issues on the special teams, notably the power play...they still don't score enough goals to win many shootouts, which means the goaltending has to be good if not very good...and that means we shouldn't see Creel...well...ever.  

I am optimistic for the 2nd half of the schedule...and I'm hopef ul they can finish in a spot where they can have home ice in the first round of the HE playoffs.  Time will tell.

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I didn't realize how alive they actually were until I wrote some of that stuff down.  

It's the Conference record that looks more Salvadgeable.  They need to feed up on those easier opponents and then try and steal a win or two from NE, or Prov. 

If they happen to get 3 wins from UMA and Merrimack that would be good.

Anyone know if Payusol is coming back this season, would help PP

Nichols did it HE season 1, play almost every game, can Huska hang in there the rest of the way because nobody else seems to even be an option even in NC games 

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