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a POLL about the "Question for Whalevolution" thread

a Question about the "Question for Whalevolution" thread  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. which Forum User is responsible for reporting the now deleted message thread that showed images of an almost empty Wolf Pack game from days ago?

    • Biggie a.k.a. THHF
    • KarmanosIsGod
    • p4277
    • radcon

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23 minutes ago, TrueHartfordHockeyFan said:

Nice poll, it's just too bad that I had nothing to do with that topic being taken down. What would be the point? Also, it shows a huge double standard to have the one about the Pack deleted while the ones about UConn are still up.

Biggie, be happy, you're winning this contest easy.

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