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NBC Sports: looks like Calgary Flames could be on the move

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NBC Sports - December 22, 2017

“Calgary’s been very frustrating because the Flames have concluded they can’t make a building deal in Calgary so they’ll hang out and hang on as long as they can and we’ll just have to deal with those things as they come up,” Bettman told Prime Time Sports on Thursday.

“I think part of the reason that the Flames have stopped pursuing a new building in Calgary is they don’t see any prospect of making a deal for a new building on terms that make sense. And based on my experience up there, I understand why they’ve taken that position.”

As you’d imagine, the Flames are looking for a portion of the arena to be paid by taxpayers. Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi is unwilling to cough up a significant amount of public **nds without eventually getting the money back.

If a potential ownership group in Seattle is willing to fork out $650 million for an expansion team, what could Edwards fetch from someone who wants to move an established team to Houston, Quebec, or anywhere else?


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Soooooooooo, you have an article for just about every team in the NHL that is moving to Hartford, which team(s) are not going to move????

Holy crap!! Frenchy is not hurting himself, he's making my head hurt!!!!

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