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Malloy wants another $100-M for XL Center, EAGLES coming to XL Center

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Governor Malloy will propose $100 million for downtown Hartford’s XL Center in the state’s capital improvement budget.

Just announced, The Eagles are coming to the XL Center on October 6th, tickets going on sale in a few days.

Like I keep saying, everything keeps happening all at once, there is something going on.

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There is something really big going on in Hartford, everything is happening all at once, such as:

  1. new baseball stadium that opened recently
  2. new soccer stadium coming
  3. new soccer team coming
  4. State approves $40 million for XL Center
  5. recently mentioned that XL Center going up for sale this year
  6. new Travel Center opening in next 3 months
  7. new restaurant recently opened at XL Center
  8. Aetna decided to keep Headquarters in Hartford
  9. last year, Governor and Mayor ask Islanders to move here
  10. new UConn campus recently opened in Hartford
  11. DMV will be handing out new Whalers license plates very soon
  12. Jeff Jacobs, who was at Courant for decades, jumps overnight to 8 local newspapers
  13. XL Center starts partnership with Lyft
  14. East Hartford outlet construction suddenly and strangely halted construction, days after official Ground Breaking
  15. popular Busway going to be added to East of river
  16. new casino in East Windsor, after movie theatre sat vacant there for 15 years
  17. My-TV 9 makes deal to air UConn Hockey games
  18. Hurricanes decide to start wearing Whalers jerseys during game
  19. Governor Malloy proposes another $100 Million for the XL Center
  20. The Eagles, biggest American band of the 20th Century, schedules XL Center date


... all of the above has happened in the past 3 months... folks, something BIG is going on.

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As many of you know, Vince Gill who is with The Eagles now, is a diehard hockey fan, and we are expecting him to wear a Whalers jersey on stage in Hartford on October 6th, as he has worn numerous hockey jerseys in the past.



vincegillEDM (1).jpeg


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