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Hartford Wolf Pack 1pt out of playoff spot now

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3 hours ago, HartfordHadIt said:

Even I have to admit those numbers seem more realistic than 2,495.

It's depressing but that's what happens when school is cancelled on the day of the "School Day Game". I couldn't make it because I had to work, but the family went. I am to see that they only announced 2495, which still seems high, than announcing all the tickets they had sold for today's game. My wife said that she heard one of the building's employees talking to the sales reps about how many vouchers they needed to print for the kids that couldn't make it, and they said it was around 5000. That's a huge loss but I'm glad to hear they're going to stop be able to come to another game sometime for free. I would like to know if those vouchers account for all the tickets that were sold to the schools, or if that's the amount that didn't ask for a reimbursement. I figure a few of the schools would just want their money back because of this situation.

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